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Off off n away!!

Hey guys n dollz!!
I'm at the airport now, jus sending any lastmin emails, loose ends with work, finances and important stuff that if I dnt remember to do now, my head will explode with anxiety lol!!! So I think I've done it all nw...I haven't slept because my flight is so early in the morning! 5am!!! I no!!! Crazy early n left my house at 2.30am!!
I'm takin a 10day (I think!) Vacation with my cousin and friends...everyone says I need or deserve it....depending who u r...u might be right haha!!
Mentally this is weird, 1st time I'm going away and I dnt physically want to leave the uk and home and work!! That's probably why my boss said 'go!!!' Even more so!! :s
Sigh so...u probably wanna know where I'm going...going to Turkey... Stayin at a resort called Kusadasi... Never been there before so I hope it will actually turn into something I enjoy...I'm in great company so I'm sure I will... I will try to get access to internet, I wud have to anyways to check my emails..but if I can post something on my blog, I will...other than that, 10ish day isn't that long the hear from me again!!
Gonna be a few of the chicas n chicos that I will miss!!
Love love love to u all xxx
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We got a Pedicure!! :D

Monday I had the most awesome day...I did all my office stuff for work n when I finished, met up my bestfriend and we went for a girly pedicure treatment!! Hahaha! We never do stuff like this, and this beautiful mani n pedi place was just in brixton, my home town! It was soo nice! Like it tickled the hell outta both of us, giggling non stop whiles they polishes our feet n massaged them...was a real nice experience, espesh with a girl friend! Was had lunch afterwards n then went to watch the movie 'bridesmaids' which was a must see with my bestiies coz she's getting married nx summer!! It was hilarious n I think dude or dudette shud def go see it!! :D
Later on we had some viet food :) and icecream...then went to go jam with me down south home gurls B and D!! We were sayin... I am really happy with my circle of good n close friends... Like its perfect, I dnt need anymore...I'm so happy with the people in my life right now...I've got the ride or die chicks left and I love it :)
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Life is Peachy!

At the moment, i think life for me is quite peachy! I mean im human and i have my ups and downs... But having said that, when you have a good day, you all of a sudden remember why you should be happy today and most days!! 
I had a good day guys!! I had a lovely day off work where i did not feel rushed at all... I woke up late :D i chilled with my mom and caught up.. Had lunch with my younger sister.. Met my old college friend up in the late afternoon and had a frappe and caught up before he went back up to bristol to party it up for his birthday... Then i met up my other friend up in westfields and had a really fun evening over dinner and a hilarious movie!! I had a really fun and awesome day and even tho i have to get up really early to go church to cook and serve brunch, i'm still really relaxed and happy about it!! maybe its because its voluntary, thats why i dnt stress on it... rather than waking up and being obliged to be at work for authority..not freewill but a slave to makin money to survive... hmmmm... abit too deep for a saturday night blog post.. lol!!

Anyways i'm sure alot of people in LONDON had a good day today because the weather was really nice!! like for once this week, a day without sunshine patches and hard rain on the same day!! How confusing is it to decide what to wear right?!!! lol!

Goodnight awesome people!! :) xxx


Banh Cuon baby

Yea once in awhile, I post pictures of food I eat! Haha! I think its an oriental thing because Dr Nakamatsu took pictures of food he ate everyday for 37yrs or so and still counting! He got a noble prize for it!!
This is Banh Cuon, one of my favourite vietnamese homecooked dishes.. Its basically rice flour steamed pancakes with a savoury filling inside of shallots, prawns, pork mince, black sea fugus n seasoning. I have it with coriander and crisp shalots and 'nuon mam' dressing..
There is a lot of work and time put into it makin them... But ahh it soo good!! This is why I can never become a vegetarian!! I love traditional foods a lot!! :)

I would recommend a good viet restaurant for u guys to go try, but I have not found one that makes the perfect Pho Ga yet...I will let ya'll know when I do!! :)
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Summer Cleaning!!

Melon, Negipoo and Grape being Sillayyy! :D

know it was friday night but i did go for a after work thing with a few friends..went home early coz weather was bad and i really didn't wanna take night bus home by myself (bad past experience!)

anyways me and my roomie got home around the same time and we propa summer cleaned both our wardrobes, rooms and just everything!! Feels soooooo GOOD to have a nice and fresh tidy living space!! 

I'm soo buzzin with happiness i'm not tired!! I got a few more things to sort out tomo in terms of paper works but with things checked off to do mostly done, i can go on vacation with alil less stress now!!

I'm usually not so organised because i can't throw anything away.. I THREW ALOTTT away today! shoes, cd's, books, clothes, skincare, make up, accessories, old technology and just stuff i would never use really!! Both me and Melon are lil messy when it comes to clothes!! haha! don't judge!! I'm getting into the good habits now... My speech to her the other day was literally:-

" If you can't achieve the small goals, what makes you think you can achieve the bigger ones??"

and that applies to everything!! Reflect on that guys..it could be diets, studies, work down to something small like taking your suppliments everyday or doing laundry every sunday!! :D

Good Luck guys!! xxx


Food Poisoning!!

It's not me..It's my roommate!! She told me lastnight whiles she was at work that she keeps throwing up and she thinks she has food poisoning!! So i woke this morning to her running to the washroom and immediately searched my half awoken brain for remedies to help her cope with it...

I have alway known ginger to help with the feeling of Nausea so i got up and made her a mega starbucks mug size of ginger tea mixed with fresh ginger, a whole lemon and a teaspoon of manuka honey... I'm not sure wether that will help but i hope it does... Sipping it slowly will hopefully help ease the stomach and the feeling of nausea...

Drinking plenty of fluids that are clear... but again, slowly because you will probably throw it all back up if you drink too fast!!

Another home remedy that helps with alot of things is Apple Cider Vinegar.. In this case, if taken whiles having food poisoning, could help to make you feel better within the next half an hour... I am actually going to purchase some today because im out of it so i could give my roommate some.
Guys i'm just letting you know these things just incase you or someone you know gets it.. It's good to share the knowledge to the younger generation so they can try to get better without taking antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs...

Other things that will help are activated charcoal tablets (binds toxins in the stomach and mops it up so you don't absorb much of them), drinking Colloidal silver might help (its a safe and natural antibiotic thats super safe to use for everywhere and everything. It kills bacteria, viruses and fungal and so much more germs and it just tastes like regular water!!) or taking probiotics if you have the runs (especially the strain saccharomyces bolardi which will help with diarrhoea..
Hope this post was helpful!
Good luck guys and dollz xx

Summer tunes 2011 for sure!!

Hey you guys must know that im not a huge party animal but i must try to party at least once a month just to balance out the energy i needa shook it out when i hear awesome tune!! haha!! I so wanna battle my friend Sam on the dance game on her kinetic xbox 360... soo fun and shes had practiceee!!

Anyways uno when summer comes, there are always a few hits that sorta become that song that makes you think of that time, and that years... well i bet you any money these 3 song will be ones of them... When i hear them, i just wanna skank it out and thats weird coz i already feel too old to party!! lol jkz!! i have so much antioxidants in me i dont think i'll ever feel like i cant keep up with the kids of this day and age!! haha!!

So check out what i'm gonna be putting on repeat if you ever sit in my car or see my drive past this summer :D

Its abit of a dirty song actually...one of them 'hungry boys' songs for them horny dudes :D but i really love the whole tune!!its says jump n party like its the end of the world to me!! :D

You guys know i loveeeeeeeee Nicki Minaj!!! She is sooo awesome, her flow is ridiculous and i just think shes so iconic..like the female eminiem.. and i've never really liked female rappers untill she stepped up the game :D If you're new to Nickis music, youtube Monsters by kanye west and fast forward to her verses..she just makes everyone of of them big named rappers look stupid!! :D

I just love the beats fast and my basss down lowww!! haha...

Guys if you don't like my music taste... Errmmmm.. So what??! haha!! I love all kinds of music and these are the ultimate party tunes this summer trust me...and i don't watch the music scene religiously!! enjoy xxx

Countries i never knew existed!

Just a quick post to say i am always so amazed at the typa audience around the world i find stumbling onto my blog!! how does it happen... I don't normally check my blog stats but todays one caught my eye!! I don't even know where Azerbaijan is!!?!! Do you guys?? I'm not gonna google it, but can someone email me and let me know?!! its amazing and i own a world atlas, globe and the app on my iphone!! lol!! Go on, some be a wise ass and make me look stupid :D 


My Bestfriend is better than your Bestfriend!!!

When we were about 17yrs old!!
Hahahahhahahaaa, what a title right?? we'll... it's kinda true!! Lemme explain...

1stly, i kinda don't believe in bestfriends anymore..yet somehow, i sorta have one!! A long time ago i used to try to find the perfect friendship in another girl... I used to treat my 'bestfriend' like family yet what had always happened was that i would get hurt that they don't value me the way i value them, i'd get hurt if she doesn't come to my birthday celebration or something stupid like that... Sorta like a relationship actually where you expect too much... It's happened too many times for me to sit back and think ' oh i'll just find someone else to replace you' i gave up on the whole idea of a bestfriend all together... It's hard enough trying to have a relationship and make time for a partner, why would you want to create more expectations and obligations to a friend??

My 22nd bday treat from her..
The way i see my relationship with my bestfriend is sorta the way i want my future relationship to be with my husband... Where we support and help eachother, don't constantly have to see eachother to function...I don't expect anything from her, i accept the good and the flaws in her... and whenever we do get together, its amazing and we always have a good time even just washing up the dishes together in church!!
Our random drive to brighton beach with senia
Jessy has always been there for me and i never knew it!! When i had problems with 'friends that were suppose to be my closest ones' from school and when my supposed bestfriend didn't apprieciate my support.. she was always there to give me advice, she was a great friend and all in all, i didn't realise that we were so simular and shared alot of the same beliefs, we both kicked ASS in college with me getting top grades and her coming 2nd :D  WE didn't hang out or meet up too often but when we did, it was like just yesterday we saw eachother, no chemistry lost! So both of us thought if we were to have a bestfriend..surely it would be someone you turn to and feel comfort and support from without the expectation of anything in return... so there you go.. thats how i found my bestfriend!! :D and she is super awesomeness!!

oh but we both think our younger sisters are our bestfriends...we grew up with them...pretty cool how similar we are! i love it!! lol!
We did it Friends style and i messed about in a wedding gown with her lol!!
The reason for this post is because i'm just so proud of her! She's achieved a top grade for her degree as a interior designer and shes getting married next year to the love of her life!! i'm so happy for her!! I get to be a bridesmaid and it's just gonna be exciting to be apart of the biggest celebration of her life...

Oh yea, i found an awesome blog for wedding inspirations...might help you cut the costs alil bit :)

Jess if you're reading this... One day when i'm as lucky as you....you plan my wedding, u'd be better prepared the 2nd time round :D xxx

Fathers day was family LOVE day!!

Traditionally, I usually don't remember fathers day... I usually forget it as a holiday to give thanks to my daddy but since last year, family has meant so much more to me... and i still remember my daddy moaning saying why he doesn't recieves flowers and cards on fathers day but my mom does lo!! well it's because it mom and she gave us life and she shouwed us love!!

Never the Least, my dad actually really loves me.. in fact... If my siblings read this, they dnt even have to pretend but they know that i am his favourite..(he told me in secret all my life!) haha!! Its kinda true and i think its got to do with the fact that i was hand delivered by him out of my mom... and that i looked like him and i was a dark m******ker like him despite being named 'Snow' lol!! i dno, i was hands on and liked tomboyish things so i got along with my dad...

Today i went to church in the morning to volunteer at the cafe and cook and serve and clean up after breakfast service there... got my bestie to help out as her 1st time at my church too lol!! she loved it!! So she drove me home so i can drive half my family to chinatown for a family dim sum gathering for my daddyo!! It was weird.. 1st time the whole family is together.. all my siblings, even my sisters bf and my niece..AND my immigrant of a roommate came along too :D lol!! It was sooo awesome!!! like my family is small but for the 1st time ever, it felt big!!

dim sum was awesome! i got to make my room mate try everything on the table n she loved it!! After , everyone split up to do their own thing, parents went to gamble (i know..so bad right?? O_o") bro took his daughter sumwhere, older sis n her bf went chinese supermarket n me, melon n my younger sis Lyn just killed time because i wasn't about to drive home soo sson when it took me forever to find my parking spot!!! drivers u understand me right??? lol!!

anyways after exploring chinatown like a tourist to show melon whats what, my grou n my old sis n her bf went to a dessert house cafe because they were going on about ice cream cakes lol! The picture above was the mango ice cream cake ( which was mines n it was soooo awesomee!!) n the strawberry ice cream cake melon ordered!

 I love my family so much!! when i don't see them, i miss them alot... I never grew up with loadsa friends, my siblings were my bestfriends :) oh and mama was my home boy!! lol!

hope everyone has an awesome fathers day!! Let me know how you spent yours and what you did for your daddy ay??


Killin time in apple..

Hey guys.. I'm just in Apple store right now... actually.. i've had a few problems with my mac lately so i wanted to get it checked out in case my baby dies on me and all my life is lost for good!! Gosh i need to invest in a super terrabyte external harddrive!!

So it seems to be all good and workin now..the people in this store are sooo nice!! one guy carried my work suitcase for me whiles walkin me to my appointment at the genius bar!! :) 

So let me update on my day... I worked in wigmore st today, to be honest i'm pretty terrified of the manaer there because he is emotionless and quite hitler scary because he gives me the vibes that he hates me... :s but everyones says thats just him..and actually..he was quite nice to me today..maybe coz i didn't dare leave the shop floor coz he might get pissed or sumfin!! 

The weather was nice today...quite warm and sunny and i had my lunch in the park...finished early today so i walked to the apple store to get my mac fixed!  and ermm yea, thats it.. pretty boring huh? thats why i dnt blog about work or anyfin no more...my job isn't exciting other than if i meet an extraordinary character!!


The Tao of Jeniniooo...

Today... I woke up really early....For a day off work, that not normal for me, but it was forced because i had a teaching of buddism at a temple to go to this morning...

I got there around 9ish am... and it was a whole day thing actually..longer than the hours i work per day!!

Where do i even begin!!?!
The master taught us about many aspects of the faith... Zen and Tao and the Truth were words used alot today... 
We started by meditating.. then teaching us the basics of Buddism and the origin of it... The reasons why candles and offerin fruits and burning incense is an integral part of the religion...
It not really a religion but a way of life to be exact... Buddists are peaceful people, they believe in loving the world the way God created it, not killing anything and being filled with light and wisdom to make the world a better place... Its the positive energies within them that they believe can create peace and love that this world has forgotten and so badly needs to be remember again...
I was sorta baptisted into the Buddism today actually... Totally unaware that was going to happen when i said i wanted to come and learn!! It's called 'Recieving Tao' where you pray to the Matreya buddha, look at the lit candle above him as the master monk blesses you and opens your third eye.. i repeated a mandarin statement that i had no idea what i was saying but i suppose its probably stating i will not do bad things and do and be only good and kind... I still have some books to read that they gave me on my new buddist goodie bag lol!! Oh and the fruit on the shrine that was offered to the Buddhas and prayed on, they gave them out at the end.. The master monk gave me an apple for Peace and an organe for health.. Whchi still need to eat to ain my super powers :D

Oh and this is my lil certificate of when and where i got baptised.. see you are not allowed to know about the 3 treasures of recieving Tao if you are not baptised... Because it would not work..Thats what i learnt anyways... but yea guys... I'm pretty glad i did go to this...I learnt alot and i like that Buddists believe in Christ aswell... They are not conflicting people... They just teach a very healthy and peaceful way of life to the world...

OH YEAHH!! I forgot to say...because i have recieved Tao (baptised) they say i am officially struck off from going Hell in the afterlife so they only way is up to heaven :D how nice is that to know huh?? either way...i aim only to do very good things for God..for this world..and for the people i love...I hope i can become a better and more kinder and wiser people from now on... :)

Buddism... Confused??

Hey guyz!!
Heres a thinker.. What is Buddism?? I know its a religion... I know a basic knowledge about it to be fair.. But only because its in my culture...

Ok heres what i know... I know that there is a shrine in my house... i know that in CNY, we pray to it and i know how Buddha and the laughing Buddha looks like... i know its a peaceful religion, i know we have monks.. i know its nice and not conflicting... but any more to that?? No...

Like i've mentioned, i have never been forced to grow up with a religion, my parents were never strict on that because they weren't brought up like that aswell.. Like they were as in household cultures back home, but not the way the real buddists do it.. So i'm so confused what it really is all about...

My older sisters bf's mom is a strict and practising Buddist.. Which influences my sis bf and my older sis herself... She knows im interested in learning new things at the moment so she invited me to a temple to learn about Buddism.. In ENGLISH!! :D which btw, is very rare in the uk... so i had to go.. because i wont get another chance like this in awhile... I'm curious... I can't form an opinion unless i've gained knowledge on it... and from what i've heard... Buddism teachngs are very nice... wanna know my experience... Watch this space.. I'm gonna blog in my next post my experience.. x


Relationship advice..

I'm gonna start creating posts about that subject that makes people feel overly happy and deepy torn apart... I'm better at being your agony aunt in person but some things i share n feel, i feel everyone should hear even if they decided to secretly read this blog... :) its perfectly fine :) as long as you go away from this page learning and takin in something u could use to enhance your own lives :) watch this spaces guyz n dollz! xxx

skincare as of now!!!

Good skin doesn't happen overnight...

Ok alot of people have been asking me how and what i use for my skin to be so clear and soft at the moment... Trust me, i have bad skin days aswell... But what i'm doing right, i plan to stick to for a good while.. :)

Skincare products i use now:
1. Dr Hauschka Cleasning cream
2. Dr Hauschka Facial toner
3. Jasons Cocoa Butter

yep, no special serums, oils or creams, just simple products that work... Which leads me to my supplements and diet..

Supplements i take every morning:
1. Glisodin Elite
2. HA Elite
3. PluShinzo3
4. Wheatgrass Elite
5. Higher Nature MSM

I drink at least 2 litres of water a day... i used to find that hard to do now, its so easy i love water!! I don't drink any coffee or teas..if i do, its rare!! and i try to have 2 out of 3 healthy meals a day if not 1 out of 2 if i fail to eat more than twice a day!! And food wise, i eat more vegetarian foods than i do meats and dairy... simple because its not what i would prefer to make myself unless its already in my face (i.e moms cooking or at a restaurant!!)
Hope it helps!!

Good Luck!! xxx

Food Inc!

Hey guys!
So I'm tryna get into the habit of eating breakfast! I noticed that when I don't make breakfast, my room mate doesn't eat at all untill about 6pm! N I gave her a lecture about that, its so bad for u because it makes u crave the wrong kinds of food and slows your metabolism right down... So I have to set a good example to her really!

Today I made a breakfast smoothie of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla whey protein, banana, apples, raw almond butter, chia seeds and probiotic natural yogurt, acerola powder and mineral water... Filled us both up and give the right kinda nutrients we both need throughout the day...

I started educating my room mate about natural heath basically...and when people say they wanna start eating healthy, they usually half hearted about it...because they would still think its ok to treat yourself to a macdonalds once a week or so..I used to be like that untill I realised it not jus the calorie content u shud worry about, but the chemically modified ingredients in it that are detrimental to your health...

I watched Food Inc awhile ago and it really did change my perspective about food... My room mates watching it now and she's learning so much too...I wouldn't force anyone to watch anything they dnt want to, same way I dnt force changes to people habits (unless you're my parents!) But I do recommend this movie coz ammonia cleansed meat fillers in your burgers can't be good for u now can it?!
Good luck guy x
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The Best D.i.Y Face mask!!

One of my favourite mottos is "Sharing is Caring!!" :D that why i felt to tell all my dudes and dudettes about my favourite homemade mask remedy!

1stly, one thing u gotta know about me... I quite passionate about skincare and natural beauty products.. i dunno, I've worked in the natural health industry for about 6 years now so you can imagine right!! Anyways, one thing i was always really good at was giving people advice on what to use for their skin types and what foods and active ingredients help with what... Customers would remember me and thank me later about how my advice has benefitted them! :D makes me happy :D

So i wanna share one of my favourite masks that i love and so should you once you tried it! And its retty inexpensive!!
drum rolll plz.....


Thats right, make ur breakfast and put a tablespoon of it on your face whiles you're at it!! LOL! Jus leave it to dry and when it has, wash off... it does calm redness, moisturise, re hydrates and is very soothing and healing!! 

Whiles at work, i'm always recommending my home beauty tips to customers and its been lovely to see them come back and thanking me for my lil random tips!! I take no credit for it tho, what i learn from others, i pass on if i think its awesome n this mask was one of them!! One girl had acne n rosacea n she tried it with added porridge oats n she was amazed!! :D acne went n redness went down n her skin was so soft!!

I STILL solely believe true skincare comes from within... Healing foods, water and quality supplementation will help you more n the long run! so don't just eat crap n buy expensive creams!!

Good Luck!! :) x


Alton Towers with the best gang of friends...

I love theme parks!! And in ever town and country i go to, i can almost guarantee that i would have fun at a theme park because it was something i was deprived of as a child... My parents weren't very rich, and seeing as there are 4 of us, it would cost alot to take us to a theme park as a family!!

I remember one time all my cousins and our parents drove to windsor to Legoland... When my parents saw the entrance prices, they turned back and took us home whiles some of our cousins got to go regardless... I've never blamed them for it, i understand even more as i got older...money was tight...

The happiest memories of going on rides was when we all got abit taller and got wristbands for the amusement park in Southend beachfront...Those were my 1st memories of rollercoasters and probably awoken the adrenaline junkie in me! :) Oh and funfairs were things i looked forward to as a kid too!! but like i said, we never got to go on the rides as kids, my to be in the environment was a treat in itself!!

moving on...lol!! I went to Alton towers for the 1st time in my life recently and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! :D
Probably about 13-14 i went to Chessington, Thorpe park for the 1st times and ever since them, had been many more times because u can take train there..as i got older, car rides there with my cousins and friends... I'm 23 now.. and this time, me and my Topshop friend drove to Alton Towers.. A whooping 140 odd miles away from london!!! And oh yea... I was 1 of the 2 drivers delivering the group there!!

I had an awesome time!! It was actually suppose to be really bad rainy weather that day... but no it didn't hit us when we were there, it hit London hahahahahhaa!!! We had beautiful warm sunny weather!! and we all had sooo much fun!!! I went with the funniest group of friends i had made whiles my time in Topshop Oxford circus!! We all had nicknames too!!haha!
(Left to right) Des(only one without a nickname!);gingey/cookie aka Lyn; Jafar aka Mustafa, Triads GF aka Me O_o; Baloo aka Shaz; Elf aka jenny, Immigrant aka Julien and Meerkat aka Nikeel!!! :D 

I had so much fun! Love these guys!!

We all can.... :)

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending...


My boss recommend to me to get these 3 flower essences to take to help me cope with stress, relax and stay positive when things get all alil too much sometimes..I bought them today in Cambridge!! Flower remedies work on an emotional level and to be totally honest..I've never used them for anything in my life but I figured i'f give them a try! I will let u know if it does anything drastic to the way I feel lately..will keep in my handbag n take it often! Or if I wanna get tipsy coz there is quite a kick of alcohol in it!! Lol!


The invention of an amazing inventor...

Me and my niece being play cowboys

I'm not sure if i ever mentioned this on my blog but i studied product design in university... many reasons why i chose to take on this a my course... to fine tune my skills as an inventor...

I was born with a natural talent for being creative... i was very hands on and arty as a kid and i always dreamed big of doing everything and anything that looked interesting and fun! I loved cooking, and whiles every kid watched channel 1 and 3 after primary school.. i would flick to channel 2 and watch ready steady cook because it appealed to me more than cartoons ( not that id idnt watch cartoons, i loved them too!)

i would also want to paint, draw, become a hairdresser, shoe maker, jewelry designer, tattoo artist, fashion designer, pattern maker, a mechanic, build bikes and fix things ( like my dad!) make furniture for ikea, arcitect, interior designer, graphic designer, illutrator, game designer, animator..stuff like that... I was always indecisive about what i wanted to become...i wanted to do everything!!

Then i thought.. there must be one universal degree that can be applied to all thing involved in those things... an invertor!!

i picked product design because at the time, i figured.. it doesn't matter what i do, if the outcomes shows the improvement and a solution to the problem to the brief, then i would be happy that i can use my skills to make a better world and place for the people that live in it!

If the brief was to improve the lifestyle for someone with arthritis..it could come in the form of packaging ( simple to open and ergonomically designed) in fashion ( ease of putting on and off and wash and eight and comfort) in furniture, in application, in food, in interior spacial design, even down to the material i could create to solve the problem... Doesn't that sound awesome??

Lately i've been thinkin hard about my dreams... i used to want to work to be really sucessful and make loadsa money so my parent can have a good life... but i've realized money does not motivate me... money does not help me pursue happiness...  As much as i want to create and invent something and get rich from it... i would rather continue the paths that show people the side of me that really pushed me in the 1st place... Love...

Dr Nakamats is my inspiration...  Please watch this documentary about him and understand how i have come to see my motivations in life... This guy is my idol...i hope someday i can do great things with myself the way he did for this world :)


"I've been emailing you all your life..."

I just saw this very sweet advert from google chrome.. and i think its so amazing!!

Basically a father creates an email account and documents pictures, videos, events and messages n memories from the very 1st day his daughter was born..so that one day..she and him can look back at it...Like, how amazing is that?!! It's kinda like me that i write a blog so that one day i can look back at it and say.."wow my life really was quite an experience" when i'm 70!! :D

awww and at the end of the ad, he types "I've been emailing you all your life...once day we can look back at your life together..can't wait... Love Dad x"

Now i think i will do that for my child one day in the future...or get the husband to do it aswell so that we can give it to him/her on their 18th birthday.. :D that is love and dedication...i also believe that it will constantly remind you how much you love your family...

I love the fact that i still have loads of photos and videos of when me and my siblings were babies to toddlers and kids... my dad was big on home videos and always reminds me that no money in the world can buy these videos and photos :) 

OH P.S GUYS!! ITS FATHERS DAY IN ENGLAND THIS SUNDAY!! IF HE'S AS AWESOME AS MY DAD AND YOU LOVE HIM DEARLY... MAKE SURE HE KNOW THAT AND CELEBRATE IT BY MAKING HIM FEEL SPECIAL :D My dad hand delivered me from my mom and i was actually very difficult to concieve so they consider me a miracle child after my mom took lots of chinese medicine and medicinal herbs!! :D xxx


Medicinal cookery

I was working in north london on sunday and somehow got talking to Dale Pinnock, a chef/nutritionist/herbalist! We had met before n spoken because he recognised me but I had no idea of his status! O_o

Anyways he was promoting his new book 'Medicinal Cookery' and made some yummy stuff from his recipes on the day! The guy was so laid back and nice and we really got along which was refreshing because he was very humble like me!! I got a signed copy of his book that day and I've been reading it religiously..like even on the tube lol!! Its really good!

Today I'm actually trying out his flu fighting soup! Jus waiting for it to cook now!! :D my room mates sick n had a fever aswell so I'm sure she wud get super better with this soup! I would encourage anyone to get a copy of his book coz u just don't understand how important the types of food that can save u from a lifetime of health disorders...trust me, its not even a diet book! So educational! :D. I got the book as a gift so I have to make good use of it. But yea guys...watch this space for Dale Pinnock! He's the next Gillian Mckeith!! :D
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Living with a friend..

Guys this is embarrassing...but I have never lived with anyone before...I am 23 yrs old and I have never moved away from my moms house...to be honest, I've never had a good enough reason to... I've had to share my room with my lil sis when I was younger..that's about it..I've been on countless vacations where I've had to live in the same accommodations for a few weeks max but never for long..

I know..I have been told I don't learn real responsibility untill I have to fend or myself.. :s how is it like living on your own? Is it lonely? I like living at my home, I don't have any restrictions..I have my freedom and I can take care of my parents when they need me..
I am currently allowing one of my good friends stay with me for a few weeks untill she can find herself somewhere more permanent..it has been fun n interesting so far living with another person in my own space..I'm definately never bored! :D

Mac galore!!

This was a scene where I found a row of people with macs in starbucks and all were hardly using them!! Like was it a fashion statement to be all sex and the city to carry ur heavy MacBook to a coffee place to use it?? I never bring my MacBook pro out!! It's too damn heavy!!

Phó Bô and Gow jee dumplings

I can never become a vegetarian...I can go on veg for months but I couldn't give up on meat completely simply because I love the traditional foods I grew up with.. Phó is my favourite food..my great aunt made the soup from the night before to the morning that I ate it! That is hourss of cooking so it was amazing! 
Then on the same day, my mom made these amazing dumplings n my room mate was in love with them!! I brought a whole plate up and she ate like 3/4s of it like that lol!! I weren't that hungry but they were so good!! :D


Havin a fab day with my melon!

I'm currently living with one of my home boyz Melon!! We had lunch in Brixton today! I never realised my home town was so awesome!! Like we needa hang out here more often! Only thing is I have been traumatised since lil going thru brixton and getting sleazy comments whiles I walk..that sadly hasn't changed but at least I won't go here alone :D I really wanna go here to buy my vegetables n fruit on a average morning n blend in!! We at Starbuck havin a frappe on a beautiful sunny day today!! I had a soy a strawberry frappe and she had a caramel coffee frappe!