...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



FROM Capricorn to Aquarius!! O_o

Yesterday i just had a crazy discovery... That im actually an Aquarius rather than a Capricorn!! Like OMG thats pretty big news to me since all my life i thought one thing to myself and now i'm something different!! Tell you how it started..

I was ready to sleep whiles my sister was tryna get me to play iphone scrabble O_o when she said  that she thinks star signs are actually really accurate..and for her to say that- i was abit shocked... she's an atheist and a real science geek..like everything needs hard edvidence for her to believe in... and she said she actually believes she is a true Gemini!! But my response was 'yea ima capricorn but i really think its me at all..like they put so many different decriptions of how u are like that theres bound to be one thing right about u.. correct??

WELL... she said maybe you are at the end of the capricorn sign..you might be the one after that..which is aquarius... now..my birthday is 16th jan...to be an Aquarius i'd have to be born from 21st jan onwards... never the less..she read the stuff for that sign out to me.. I quote...

"Special note for Aquarians: With the new Millennium heralding the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, at this time, ready or not, your sign is regarded as the zodiac's leader. You are the trendsetter for the future and because of this high responsibility, many under born your sign will be undergoing at this time, as we approach the Millennium, the pressure of personal change (particularly in your values and what makes you content and happy). Yours has always been a philanthropic sign. Now more than ever these qualities will be highlighted.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along. They are 'mind oriented' individuals, whose thoughts never stop tick-tocking over. Because of their high focus on intellectual exploration, many inventors, eccentrics and highly original trailblazers are born under this sign. Their intense ability to live on many mental levels, holds both pain and pleasure for Aquarians. For example, in the American Hall of Fame there are more Aquarians than any other sign, yet statistics reveal that in mental institutions there are more Aquarians than any other sign too. Many extremes can surround this sign and these extremes can take them to both heaven and hell.

But in everyday terms, most Aquarians are extremely humanitarian and often involved in social programs that assist others. They can also be objective in judgement, for they never let their emotions get in the way. Outgoing and amiable, Aquarians attract friends wherever they go and those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving loyalty.

Aquarians are the zodiac's most mysterious and unusual people - and no two are anything alike. Those born under this sign - ruled by innovative and non-conformist Uranus - march to the beat of their own drum. They see life in a different way. Others quite frequently think their habits and ideas are eccentric or crazy in some way, but it is this uniqueness that makes them so special. The Aquarian mind is extremely quick and they never seem to stop thinking (it is interesting to note that many born under this sign suffer from insomnia.) Aquarians usually have strong political, environmental or social beliefs. But whether it is a relationship, career or cause - Aquarians are happiest when they have "something" to believe in and nurture."

Like..This is me all over... how crazy is that!!


A quiet place..

This garden looks peaceful huh? ..I'm always lookin for a quiet place to reflect n be deep in thought..UNO mediate n that..think I found another one nw :)

Random but cool!

This is soo random! But my friend at camden was pushin trays of fruit into some machine..I was like WTF u doin faithe?! He was dehydrating the fruit so that u can eat them dried instead.. He sed he made some yday and gave me a bag to try!! It had strawberries, apples n bananas! Quite nice actually! Apparently it tks 8hrs to dehydrate the fruit..good way of preserving ur fruit if they gna go off soon!

Good morning!! (in my time ok xD)

Hey guys! i eventually fell asleep an hr or so after...anyone whos gna see me soon..DON'T DISS ME WID THE PANDA LOOK!! hahhahah :D

I'm just here wiv my sis..i feel more relaxed with her than i do when i'm alone... and thing is..i'm not lookin to return home untill i feel i can speak to my dad... We had a fight whiles i was driving yday and he started yellin goin on like hes knew everything...and me being the driver wasn't havin it...i yelled back..like i know i shouldn't..but he almost made me crash coz kept confusing me with his amazing point to roads skillz O_o anywayz.. i was thinkin last night..'hes an old man..always wants to be right..just let him be..forgive n forget and never have him sit in my passenger seat again!!!' :D

for the mean time...ima freeloader :D x

Can't sleep..

Finding it abit hard to sleep right now..I'm staying with my sister n her bf's place because it's close to work..sleepin on the couch..I'm really happy to have spent the evening with them..but when it came to sleeping..my mind won't switch off..thinkin of so many things and they are all just so random..maybe some of my thoughts are abit uneasy.. Sigh...
I took a pic from where I'm layin now..this apartment is really beautiful..I could get used to being a guest here more often :p
Anyways I'll try get some zzzz'z.. Night awesome peoples x


Bungee jumping? shall i?

I was talkin wid my gurlz the other day...sayin i wanna go bungee jumping...i just wanna try the propa thing...  yea its scary n dangerous but so is walkin down the street alone at night in my endz!!

Anyways....i got exciting news... I AM GOING TO DO IT!!! and very soon too!! In March to be precise :D It's a one woman experience...and my gurlz B and D are coming with..just for the moral support..even tho Di already told me shes gna be tryna put me off all the ay there, ever min and second tellin me not to do it... hahhaaa!!

Life is full of risks...every day is a blessing...I'm the kinda gurl that wants to have a fully lived life... in a positive and fun perspective... I've already done a load of things i've always wanted to do...

quad biking
scuba diving
sea walking
jet skiing
indoor sky diving
indoor snowboarding
drive a speed boat
ab seiling
rock climbing
zip wiring
go karting
Parachute Desending

Bungee is gna be...awesome!! Ultimately i wanna do a sky dive above the clouds... That space between the sky and the clouds is my favourite place of this earth... I could just live in it :D

Am i typical?

Just wondering lately...the stereotype about people and the reflection of that idea on myself... Ok 1stly...

Maybe i do look like typical viet/chink... My hair has gone through some colours and styling over the years... like i 1st coloured my hair when i was around 14.. and although typical to go for the blond when you are younger...a sign of rebelion- since oriental people associate that look with Triads.. i've opted to keep my hair bold and blonde in my 20's... I dunno.. It's blond because it is... because i'm not ready to grow up yet maybe... or i refuse to conform... Everyone in my family has always kept their hair dark... and don't get me wrong..i love my dark hair...but i know i will keep it like that when i'm abit more grown up...uno..have a family..find my feet firmly on the ground and just well..change!!

My ex used to not like my hair... he never wanted anyone to look at me or even talk to me...and thought if i wore make up, or got my hair did..or bought new clothes...that it should all be for him and no one else!! O_o and that really made me rebel!! Because i did these things for myself...nobody has the right to change who you are or want to be..i mean unless ur a killer or sumfin... O_o and i found that whenever i tried to change for someone else..it made me sad and it was temporary... :( That was a long time ago...and made me more determined to just be myself..work on myself and not to expect too much from anyone else...

So back to the typical thing... My look..hair, facial features, make up..my eyes are bigger..i'm not skinny..i've always had curves..i dno..i guess i look typical from 1st impressions..but i sure as hell dont give off that i am in my personality or just the way i am... i never grew up hangin out with 'my yellow pplz' i was brought up with a strong sibling relationship..and in a rough neighbourhood...My friends were all mixed... and i was abit of a tomboy in skool, i had no interest in kissing and dating!! :p

When i'm at work, i ALWAYSSS almost every day get asked where i'm from... Japan, Thailand, Filipino, China, i got Nepalese before... even black or latino mixed in O_o!! Are people blind?!!  like.. maybe i don't look typical viet/chink in features..and if i get the 'up n down' look from the dudes..it's "are you mixed race?" and over the years..don't laugh!! i realised its because i have wide hips, alil boobage and assage O_o oh please..not all oriental girls have flat asses and no chest!! its a poor stereotype!!!

Babys day outt!

My niece is so ridiculously cute! Shes going shopping with my mom so she packed her own handbag with a purse n toys n everyfin! By the time she got down the stairs, she grabbed a bucket and a musical laptop aswell..like she needed her essentials before heading out! Looooooool!! She had me in a laughing fit coz she was wave goodbye from my room, to down the stairs to outside like she's going off to an important business trip or sumfin! XD u gotta love her innocence! Oh renee when u get older u are so gonna be alil diva!! :D

Changin it up abit..

Ok so i was bored....and i really do want to take care of this blog and not start something i'll give up...remember i said that was one of my bad habits... I can see myself bloggin slower n less..haha...thats why i decided to juice it up abit..kick myself in the ass to use it abit more... i gave it a slight make over...


Whatchu guys think? my favourite colour is green!! It makes me happy...probably wy i love spring so much!! and true say spring is coming up so i thought lets give it abit of a make over theme n bring 2 n 2 together.. ^_^
any suggestions? i'ma complete noob at html stuff n website designin O_o

anyways, i'ma go to bed..well try... nite nite. 
love Jeniniooo x


How can we have Faith?

i've just come back from my church session..todays subject was about having faith... This was a really good evening for me...i asked myself lots of questions and i got alot out of todays talk... One of my favourite analogy was a child holding their fathers hand as they cross the road...putting their trust in their parent... the way you need to have faith in God and put your hand in his to guide you...

I remember alot of parts of this evening that made me feel at ease and sort of have some sort of clarity about 'faith'... They said you can't base your faith on your feelings..because feelings change everyday.. you could be happy in the morning, and feel like shit 5mins later...If you based it on your feelings alone..like you go church n feel good so u have faith in him..then wen ur day sucks later, you dont anymore..Faith in God is somefin else... He won't ever force his way into your life, the handle on the door is on your side, its up to you to open it if you want to let him in..

God's words and promises...
'I will come in'
'i am with you always'
'i give them eternal life'

In a Christians belief.. Faith is taking God's promises..and daring to believe them with deliberate confidence i think...
I think i want to invite God into my life... I mean what i learnt today is that God loves us regardless of our sins..the mere fact Jesus Died for us shows he can forgive us and wipe the slate clean.. I liked when the priest said ' being a Christian isn't about God creating all these rules for you... It's letting God have a relationship with you...' and i'm sure if you have and allow a relationship with God in your life...u'd kinda wanna be a better and more kinder, loving and awesome person...

I do think i have been basing my faith and trust on my feelings alone...and thats crazy coz its a battle to stick to them..my feelins change everyday.... i think if i can even begin to build strong faith that God is there and Jesus's legend was true...thats a steady beginning where maybe i can have faith and trust in other people in my life that i find difficult to do that with...

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog... I know i havent been talk to u much lately... kinda just been out n about randomly thinkin it aint worth tellin u about it coz u never seem to have an opinion anyways lol!!

But yea this week as u know, i've been workin 6days a week..kinda got me down right exhausted..but only when i wake up and finish work... right up from sat to monday after work i'd jam with my 2 home gurls B and D (D because u've always been a D rather than S to me :p) and i do have so much jokez with them...even one morning 1 of the kids stuck his foot in my neck..i was like.. O_o i so cant sleep with kids climbin n hittin me whiles i sleep...think i might be cool not to have children anytime soon...not ready for the sleepless nights n the crying O_O lol!

Monday i was at high st kensington, bumped into loadssa people i knew that day!! And i ended up chillin wid my rasta man nathan n hes boy who was actually obsessed with/..wait for it.... HELLO KITTY!! O_o anyways, it was odd but kinda cool...n no he was no homo.. :p

Tuesday i spent the whole day workin at fitness first in camden... i have to say...compared to Reebok Sports Club...this was soo not my idea place of work...but hey..smelly and odd people need love and nutrition aswell..n i actually bumped into an old colleague i used to work with there who actually tried to sign me up to the gym itself O_o no way!! haha... Had a jammage with sammi after at vinyl eatin sushi we got for free ;) and then anime night wid shinami kun... one piece is my favourite anime atm :)

Uno what blog..i got today off.. 4 days of a month is quite mad... n i shud do sumfin good today..but the weather is ewww...the only think i look forward to goin today is church later :) so yea..not much goin on wid me..but at least u'll never forget... or at least..the future me never forgets :) x



I'm really proud to work for This company..I only represent the Elite range..but I truly am passionate about what this 7 products can do for people.. :D and we just had a handdrawn signage put up because it's so popular now!! People need to know what they can do for them!! :D

soak up the calm...

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One of my favourite favourite foods of all time is plantain! It's like a banana but from a different kinda tree..anywayz it's kinda like u wud eat it instead of potatos..I like it steamed or pan fried with raw organic coconut oil to cook it with..probably the healthiest oil to cook with coz it dnt break down in high heat..sooo good mayn!! Some days..my niece renee fights for my plate of plantain..she 1st got addicted to it wen I fed it to her..it's the only food she doesn't get sick of or bored..what a shame..that 1yr old eats all the plantain in my house I actually had to hide 1 >_< so ashamed of that lol!!!


Price tag

I love this tune... I'm proud she a brit reppin us worldwide.. I'm chillin wid my gurls right nw...havin so much jokez!! hope everyone has an awesome weekend xxx


YOOOO!! Uno what...my life isn't even that interesting right now to write about lol!! i was gna write bout yday, i worked at 2 different locations and then went to have dinner with a friend but how lame is tht to read right?!?!! like everyone works and eats afterwards!! And straight up today..im workin till 8 this evening and probably do sumfin random afterwards! lameeeee!! but hey..its saturday and i dont even think of it as party night anymore..coz i work both days on the weekend O_o

Saturday at high st kensington is sorta reuniting with the other reps day...i see alot of familar faces in this place...but at the same time..my company has done this big deal with this company so i have to be on point and bascially keep it sweet to the managers...greattt!! oh oh if u feel crappy today in london because its cold and drizzling... look at this pic..it'll make u feel better ;)


shout out

Just wanna big up my awesome rasta man Nathan... ur just toooooo awesome to put in words... too kind, too real..too down to earth... he basically gave me a lift last night and wouldn't leave me untill i knew exactly where my friend was to meet me... like..im used to travelling at night on my 1s..but coz hes got such a big heart..he wouldn't take " get out my face n go home" for an answer lol! sat on the road with me till i got through to my friend.. :) hi10 my man...people like u need recognition and hi5's constantly!! :D x

Planet organic

I'm at islington today, it's quiet now so I'm havin an early lunch before it gets busier..colddd today huh?? The manager here gave me discount on food..never eaten here before but it's quite nice actually!

Scorpion vodka!

So cool innit?!! I'm at my friends house and I saw this n I was like wowwww!! The scorpion is actually edible and is suppose to be detoxifying!! But weird..vodka would be toxicating your body whiles the scorpion is detoxing..so does it just cancel out as jus a weird drink that does nothing to u?? Oh well it looks cool anyways!! Us Vietnamese have snake versions of this back home!! Sumfin on my to do list..drink snake liqueur! :p


Remember that burn I got from pressing bushys hair? It's feelin and lookin raww! Ouch :(


Appetite gone... :(

Apart from the dim sum i had around 4pm with my parents..i've had nothing to eat...kinda weird.. lately everyday food is the last thing on my mind...honestly im not tryna starve myself..i wanna eat my greens and tofu but hunger doesnt strike... plus i cant take certain suppliments if i dont have food 1st... what could it be? am i unwell? maybe its stress or exhaustion? good thing is i noticed it, so i am not developing an eating disorder!! i should start makin breakfast shakes if i carry on like this... or carry a sachet or 2 in my bag!!



Just had to shout out to the team i've stuck by since i was about 8-9 yrs old..when i 1st learnt about and how to play football!! i was more passionate about it bk in the days...i was a lil tomboy, played when i could and for birthdays, i'd ask for an arsenal tee all the time..well..hoped for one lol

The boys played an awesome game against Barcelona today..so proud of my team!!! I know footie creates segregation but alil healthy competition in sports isn't too bad...


Jennifer Hudson looks amazing!!

Ok the hair is abit nicki...but lot of them are going that way...she looks soo beautiful and she still sounds amazing!! inspiration..i wish i could transform myself like that...would i look any different if i lost a ridiculous amount of weight??

In Chinatown atm..with my parents..thought I'd treat them to dim sum since it's so rare I have a day off x

Matt nail laquer!!

This nail laquer is amazing!! My ultimate favourite of all now!! It turns any nail colour matt and it just looks awesome n so different!! Girls u won't regret it..costs like £14.99 but it's so worth it! It's like free from nasty chemicals aswell!

Just click on the title of this post to go to the link i've put down for ya'll.. seriously its the best nail laquer everrrrr!!!  if u live in london...i got mines from Wholefood Market Beauty section :)

15th Feb 2011

So yesterday i worked at tottenham court rd next to habitat and then soho afterwards...I usually work two locations a day so i'm starting to get abit worn out easier..i lug a suitcase around where ever i go n that sucks!! Anyways i had a great day at work, everyone is so nice to me its abit overwhelming!!

After work i did have dinner plans with a friend...and whles waiting, i popped into topshop to visit the old gang up in there... i have worked in this store like 3 times leaving and coming bk... lol... so i made alot of friends here i guess.. ahhh it was so good to see everyone...and ha ha haaa they all wear pink tshirts now!! awhhh it was so good to see everyone that made workin there a pleasure!!
It was a nice atmosphere..

and i had the sushi's which were awesome and the calamari...which..i've had better to be honest!! but still..it was so nice..sushi is suppose to healthy but in my opinon, its white rice and that refined and not good for you...plus the rice vinegar has sugar...i guess its healthier than a lasagna but hey...it was the only food i ate for the day ( i was running on superfoods drinks and hemp protein drink given to me earlier) the apetite..im losing it and i really dnt want to :( like i said earlier...think its the mental block i have thats messing up my chi!)

So dinner!! i went to Capetown Fish Market.


Yez I told u I was an angel! After my date, I drove to my friends house coz I promised I would colour her hair..this gurl has a whole lotta hair no joke..and it's actually reallllly bushy and afroish!! And I had to colour it, blow-dry and press it straight!

U can't really see the proper colour it came out to be but it was there really nice honey brown..I used bleach powder to lift the colour more since her hair is naturally very dark..

The pics kinda scary innit..looks like the ring!! Hahahaa...what I friend I am..I was doing her hair till 2.30am and I had work in the morning on top of that! But she has got the longest afro hair I have ever seen..it's gorgeous! All natural..when I see her hair..makes me not wanna cut mines..

Oh my battle scars..burnt my arm as I was pressing her hair with my gHDs :(

Valentines day outcome?

Quite a few of my readers wondered what i got up to on the day of lurveeeee.... REALLY??!! i mean REALLY!!! lol!!

ok..i worked till 12-8pm.. my last place was high st kensington..where the sold valentines crap to the max!! women buying strawberrys and chocolates.. men grabbing the last minute flowers and wine and candles.. ( i'm standing there like... "ahhh i know what ur plans are tonight...international try to GET LAID DAY?!!"

Anyways i did refuse all the dates asked of this day...apart from one... my cousin Mivan!! Her bf is away and i hadn't see her in awhile so she was my hot date for valentines...and uno what...so much fun!! wanna know what else i did after the date.... :p noo clear ur dirty heads out..ima angel!! read on..

Day Off.. ahhhhhhhhh :D

People Peopleeeee!! I'm still in bed and i loveeeeeeeeee it!!! I have been working 6 days a weeks this whole month and most of jan so my days off feel awesome!!! The weathers nice today aswell..sunshine is beaming in :)

I dont like to plan out everything to detail with my days, it always changes and i think i've mastered the art of not creating expectations and obligations to people now.. if someone cancels something they planned with me, i'll be like cool...and go off to do something else.. and im aactually laid back about it...

So latelyyyyyy.. I SUCK AT BLOGGING!!! and i think i do know why....mentally something is bothering me...and i think untill i can find clarity within...i'll get my mojo back...hmmm... jeniniooo needs a holiday and she damn well is gna take one far far away!!


"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together." 
 Vesta Kelly

Change my hair colour??

I've rocked this look for end of 2009 and most of 2010...it isn't the most easy to maintain colour at all...should i change it completely?? i've decided to let my hair grow...but i still dno bout the colour?? should i go warm or cool tones?

Lame ol Me..

Ok now people who usually write a blog writes because their life is awesome and theres always sumfin new and exciting to share... me... naaaaaahhh!! I'm so lame!! These days i am just constantly working and making sometime in the evenings to do a few here n theres like meet a friend etc... but lately all i do is JAMMMMM!!! i've jammed with bushy, diana, jessy, peter, shannon, johnell and even my cuz mivan in the past week or so..just doing nuffin exciting really...i think these people r awesome...but my life is kinda gettin abit boring now no? maybe i should make a video of me tryna sing to spice up the blog abit HAHAHAHAAA!! eyy...might just be an idea... xD

The Green Hornet

Don't even stop to think, it was hilarious and just super duper awesome!! This movie was originally done as a show with bruce lee being the asian sidekick...but then the show got canceled and i am so happy they made it into a funny comedy movie aswell... and my fellow yellow playin kano is Jay Chow!! He an awesome singer!! he was the main character in the intial D movie aswell...I happy that he moviin it up in hollywood now...hes ridiculously talented! :D people go what this movie, its a great laugh!!


I watched this movie last week with my friend. To be honest, the guy at the ice cream stand kept goin on how good it was...but it looked predictable...never the less..we went ahead n watched it..in 3d.. i have to say it did get me laughing abit...but it was too predictable...

Oh how i loved this scene where the lanterns fill the night skies..the reflections on the water of it and all...that is something i would one day love to experience... all for me... haha...imagine being proposed to in that style...gosh that scene brought out the romantic in me :p


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My breakfast lunch n dinner

I haven't been demonstrating my hwlthy eating in my blog recently, but i have been honestly..a few daya off the wagon but I'm still keeping it up! Had a detox salad n some fruit

Free roses

Camden went around handing out free roses to people to encourage them to write a love poem n submit it to win a prize..my lil Italian ninja fabio was doin it..awww he's such a romantic hahhaha!! Personally..I do love flowers..my favourite are jasmines n camellia

Makes me sick

It's pretty but valentines is soo not cool!! It's a day for secret admirers to have the courage to show their feelings..I got love for my friends and family..love for alot of people but I the pure thought of valentines date makes me feel queasy!! Think I've grown out of that bs! Lol x

Do I look like a prostitute??

Ok I got a make over the other day n I was just not used to seeing such heavy makeup on myself, I was freakin out about lookin like a hoebag!! No 1 sed it looked too much but it did feel too much to me...I slowly wiped it off throughout the day!! :D

Facial,massage,manicure and makeover

I went for a relax treatment day at kensington Skincare clinic..I felt restored with my batteries charged...

Feed me taichon!!

So my captain n I did abit of cookin the other day..I hadn't eaten all day n it was near 9pm so I woulda had anyfin to stop me feelin abit light headed..we made bolognese..with a kick!! Bare in mind, I skipped out on my diet again!! Man I'm sucking a keeping my bad habits at bay! But I haven't got an appetite anymore..it's weird..that's why even salad fills me up, wasn't hungry in the 1st place!! This guys got me hooked on to watchin one piece..its badddd!!!

party like..like its the end of the worldd

I didn't expect to party that night but the sweet bass in my car hype me and the lil gang i had bk in there up..so we were ready to rock it out!! Despite being in work clothes, it didn't ruin my party mood...i bought shots for the boys n girls..fed them with alcohol whereever possible...i stuck to my redbull...gotta drive safe right!! and yea omgg i had sooo much fun joking about with rany and simone! i really dont care how i dance n act when im having fun...we go harddd till our legs r jelly the day after!! and im so glad everyone enjoyed themselves!! :D

Arabian night

Ok my regular blog updates sucked last week! It sucks this week...for some reason I just couldn't keep up with it n the amount of work n things I got up to!! Well there's always back loggin...not that it is at allll interesting!! I've become super lame n boring lately!!

So I think this was on a weekend..went to del azziz in southwark...man beautiful restaurant!! Me n my arabz had the whole top floor..food n drinks were awesome n I broke my diet for jessy!! I had some carbz!! I just was doin so well!! Haha...ahh life is short, it was only 1 day..(Emmm maybe not!) Anywayz it was my bestfriends cousins bday, I had a lot of fun n jokez with them all!:D
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Ok i haven't been bloggin for like..5 days or so..thats because i've been super busy!! like even to just to quickly update..i havent had like a break n when i do, bloggin isn't the 1st thing that comes to mind!! i'm gna fill u lot up with whats been up!


Saturday night baby!!!

Just had a very epic saturday!! Tell ya bout it tomo..it is 4am now and i ahven't been on my blog all day coz i've soooo busy!!
Heres a very tired jeniniooo...just took this pic so ya no i'ma alive, well and still..ridiculously awesome!! :D
Haha... well i try ta be!! Gonna take a shower quickly, hop into ben and get about 4 hours sleep! i gotta be up early for work!! And a new location aswell.. Muswell Hill?? I'll journey plan that in abit.. Good night/morning pplz!! xxxx


Day 4!

Ok so who thought I would flop after the 1st day? This is my lunch..seabass n veg.. And no I don't get hungry..at all!! It's weird!!
I'm working at westbourne grove today!! New account!! It look very chilled n relaxed n really nice inside!! Jus 1 bad point..more names to remember!!!! Thank god they wear name badges!! :D

Cute shoes & even cuter harujuku lovers!!

Window display from harrods I saw..like those shoes look good enough to eat!! I am a shoe freak btw..I have tons but I tend to not wear alot of them coz I'm looking for people to break into them for me xD that's the worst part..someone with size 5feet plz wear my amazing collection of shoes for a week?? Ima size 4 n I can't stand shoes that cut the back of my foot :s
P.s I've hot one of those harujuku lovers..my bestie got her for me coz apparently we look alike!! So racist innit!! Lol x