...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Unexpected Photoshoot!

Hey guys and dolliez, been awhle since i've done a new feed sorta post so here goes..
I've been so busy lately..just had a million things to sort out and take on, by the time i get home, im out like a baby! Hardly had a social life i'm tellin u, if im not working, im at church, if im not a doing either im training, sorting out design work n courses, chill time is makin time for my friends or guilty pleasure nerdy stuff like watchin anime n reading mangas n drawing! I'm also constantly on a budget (i make the same money a student makes because i get taxed so much its ridiculous!) so yea...boring right? lol.. i don't really care, im not bored of being boring, i like it when people at work think ima loser!!lol! :D

ANYWAYZ this loser (me!) got sent on a mission from work to help out another club whiles i was on shift, following orders, i went, thinking i was gonna go to help do work that i know... ermmm no... it was a photoshoot for an ad or something!! O_o i was like 'u gotta be kidding me right?!' i sooo didn't wanna take part, but it was a group photo thng so it didnt seem too bad.i was like an extra or something- anyways, i did it thinking i could hide at the back so noone can see my face but they sent me to the front because of the stupid fluorecent orange top they made me wear!! all pride gone...epic embarassment n stitch up i thought (cringe if i ever see myself on some wall or ad) >_< I did however get paid CASH for selling my rights to the images of myself..and it was quite alot so it weren't all that bad because i didn't expect it! :) i dont even wanna tell u guys what ad it was so that u never find it  and point and laugh lol! why do u think i don't do youtube videos?!! because im confident i'd look like an idiot lol!! :D


Ugly personality!

This literally happened yesterday and i just wanted to vent writing it out, maybe some of you experienced something simular??
A friend i've known for about 3 months now confessed that he had a crush on me but would have never acted on it because my friendship was more valuable... I was pretty shocked because he has a gf for yearsss and this all of sudden made me feel like backing off because i dont wanna be someones temptation or the cause of relationships ending... does that make me sound arrogant?? like do u get the impression that i think i could if i wanted to by me saying that?? because i honestly don't, i just take precautions to protect peoples feelings... So my reply was precisely something like that...that i can try to not feel weird about him and squash it like it didn't even happen and that i saw him as a brother...and i got the most ugliest personality out of his reply to that!! I made the guy feel rejected somehow, he was saying 'if i wanted ANYTHING to happen i wouldn't have told u about my gf' or the fact that he was fond of me! saying IF he was EVER single, he'd like to think he could date me! O_o eww its like i never seen someone defend themselves from telling me they like me...how are you gonna feel rejected just because i dont feel the same, dude you have a gf- aren't you proving that you did want me to feel something more than friendship??! and to top it off, i got one msg after another like it was angry n pissed off.. i got this message after i'd apologise for wording it wrong, i used a phase he taught me P**** Beggar (PB) but i only used in a jokey way, no need to go so harsh with the caps and all, all i wanted to say was i wasn't ok with knowing this information, i'll try not to act weird, i'll just pray for u and ur gf more? thats literally what i said.. i got a reply of ' and i would have you know that if i was a P.B!! i would be an amazing P.B to have around because im not that bad looking. YOU would be lucky!' O_O like wow that was ugly... that was arrogance to the max... needless to say, i have decided to cut that friend outta my life... i am sure he said it outta anger or it was to protect his pride...but i no longer want to be friends with someone who has shown his true colours of ugliness inside!! I believe if you hang out with the wrong friends, they can lead you on the wrong paths in life... 

I don't think i'm more beautiful than alota girls... In fact, i've always thought the opposite...low self esteem or whatever you wanna call it, i'm just learning to accept compliments because it used to make people upset when i didn't accept them... I just believe you should be grateful and humble in your life and gifts you have been blessed with...looks, money, job, family, partners, friendships-learn you be grateful for them all...even if some do end and change, at least it happened right? :)

wow i feel so much better, i forgot how blogging was like therapy to me!!

Scarf braid hair

I got alot of compliments about how i did my hair in the last couple of days so i thought i'd share how i did it because it was soooooo simple yet everyone kept asking how i did it! I'm really NOT a trend setter guys, i just wear whatever i feel comfortable in.. you just get a silk scarf ( i have loads of them because i just love collecting printed scarves whenever i see a beautiful one, i buy them from different countries to topshop and market stalls!)  knot it on to your hair and then just braid it into your hair as you would a normal braid! secure with a hairband and ur good to go! sound like really retarded instructions right? because it was that easy!
My hair has gotten really long so its easy to do if you have alot of length to work with..but if you don't, wrap it like a alice band first and then braid it in so the scarf has shorter ends! I sound like one of those youtube beauty gurus don't i? lol!! An easy hairdo thats acceptably 'hippy' in spring/summer! :p Hope this was useful dolliez! ( sorry for the poor quality pictures, my mac webcam has had its hey dayz and is ageing gracefully :p ) xxx