...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Some of the new friends i made this weekend. They were very nice and kind!! i did hang out with a couple from different groups but they were my main herd.. Basically i do have a group i'm normally with every weds..but non of them came to this weekend, just me..so i got merged into a younger, more my age group of people to do discussions with.. I was quite shy to everyone..didn't dance when the party started nor did i want to drink..still i enjoyed my experience there..


The weekend that changed me spiritually..

I'm not going to go into details about this weekend..i already did about my shock of having a dude for a room mate O_o but i experienced something amazing here...I learnt so much and i think it brought me closer to realising that God...is real...and.. he does actually answer prayers... realtalk if you are an atheist, thats you opinon and i wont judge or challenge that...i don't think you can ever really explain God in terms of science... Something super natural cannot be explained by a natural explaination of how and why it works... i do believe that it is all something you learn when you experience it..in here ( hand on heart..)


Chichester beach..reflection on my life..

I never would have thought I would go to one of these weekend trips..sometimes you just can't go through life feeling like this is it..that there is nothing more to it.. I've heard some amazing stories today so far..i've met some really nice people...and as for the whole 'my room mates a dude O_o' it was the laughing story of the weekend, everyone found it hilarious! Course i kept the room and he moved out to stay with another guy in our group...phew!! I quite like my own company so i was happy that i didn't have to share my room for the rest of the weekend!
One of the highlights were being front row seated throughout the talks and singing... I've never sat in front before..i'm ususally all the way at the back where no one can see me!!! but because my group leader likes the front, she reserved our seats there...I took in everythingg... I learnt so much about the holy spirits and what and how they do things... i took in the worship music aswell... i was standing right in front of the singers and staring at them!! lol!! like i've never stared at them like i did before.. was kinda mesmerised at how good they were...singing from the heart... maybe i might have made them feel abit uncomfortable O_o they were awesome tho!

Take me away..

Hey guys! Guess what? I drove all the way to Chichester by myself this evening!! That's like 70miles away from London! Although route counter on my car said 90 summink miles, I dnt actually believe that! Took me 2.5hrs to get here! I'm here to spend the weekend for the remaining talks from the alpha course I started back in jan.. Lemme jus say something..the drive here was abit scary...it was soo dark!! And I did get used to it, that's why I was pushin 100mph on cruise control..man I love my car!! Soon as I got here I had dinner, socialised for abit, found my room n then took a shower n sat in bed to read..I do have a room mate actually and she left her stuff here before I even got my key so I was really waiting for Patsy to walk in..
Drum roll please.....
PATSY IS A DUDE!!! Loooool! I couldn't stop laughing n I was dissing his name coz they dnt normally mix a girl wid a dude to share rooms n my while hall way is full of girls!! I did find it weird when he walked in but ehh..it's just for 2 nights we'll be roommates.. N he didn't seem like a weirdo..he's Irish and has a happy cheery accent and hes got a gf so im confident he wont be a dickhead like some dudes i know lol! Anyways..I'm gna go to bed now..
Probably get the rooms changed in the morning!!

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FB thinks im a Lesbian?!!?! O_o

Uno how u get the ad'z on the side of ur fb homepage.. i got sum Lesbian T-shirt website on mines today!! and i was so ermmm..baffled?!! 1stly... theres a website dedicated to just t-shirts for lesbians to wear to state that they are gay?! and 2ndly.. THAT IT WAS ADVERTISED TO ME!!! O_o Jeezzzeee i know my sis said i dressed like a lesbian once upon a time but they ddnt have to assume!! :'( lol! it's cool...i have nothing against gay people, i have awesome gay friends!! but lets set the record straight.. ermm..i'm STRAIGHT!! xD

Uno what, i browsed their website briefly... yep.. SuperGay instead of SuperDry tee'z O_o sorry but i am i SuperDry fan only! :p Oh but check what i found on their site....
Like i don't get it... What has 'I killed Jenny' got to do with being a Lesbian?!!!
If i get an angry mobb of lesbanimz (hi5 if u knew that was from 'Friends' lol!) come and try to kill me, i would understand that the badge represents my death...other than that..i have no clue about it?!! M ight just have to purchase one and wear it to see what reactions i get n Soho!! O_o

Baby Jeniniooo days..My Childhood...

Going to my doctor isn't something i enjoy..if i could solve it myself, i would prefer to not see one..but i needed to this time... but its not all bad.. one thing i like about going i that i get to visit my childhood again.. I was born and raised in Vauxhall... and i loved it there!! so many kids and my primary school was huge!! I used to do christmas plays in that place, run around n explore the haunted rooftop..play hide and seek with my friends and play football with the boys in there!!  I lived here till i was 10yrs old...oh how i did not want to move because i missed my friends... lol.. Tell you a secret... I used to write letters to my bestfriend in primary school instead...i dno why we never met up or used the phone!! And i remember sending her some easter eggs..and then she sent me backa  £2 coin saying 'i didn't know what you would like, so here, u can buy it yourself..' lol!! thinking back, it was kinda silly because its only a 10mins bus ride away..but i guess being brought up in vauxhall...it was rare we stepped outta that area...i never took the bus or tube to any area without my family!!
I also went back to my old house... where i used to live...There a little park next to it and this place..it makes me so happy..its my happy place in the hussle and bussle of London... So many memories here... Its where i learnt how to ride my 1st bike..where used to draw in chalk on the ground..ran for the ice cream van..hopped skipped jump everywhere and had an adventure everyday...as a kid...i'm so happy i was brought up here rather than Brixton...
This bad boy i hope..will always be here...it used to look like a mountain or a turtle i would climb up!! I really liked spending time in this lil park...no matter where i head to in life..i think i'll always come back to visit this place...Its probably my..'if i run away and no one can find me..this will be the place i'll be at' kinda place lol!! Uno when life gets all abit too complicated...abit too stressful...abit too much..and abit too hard.... taking a break to only think of the happiest childhood memories you own is sometimes a really good way to shut down the negative energies overflowing your mind...


Worship Central

I went to this worship gig at the HMV Forum. It was like really awesome songs sung by this christian band. The music is like plain white Ts, the fray, Snow patrol and coldplay... I really liked it!
I felt all so happy being in that environment.
I filmed one of the performances on my iphone. Check it out..i really liked this song...

what do you think?


This was when we were at Brighton lol! Love it! X

Jeniniooo at the beach

Both me and Senia agreed that pebble beaches are better in the uk than sandy beaches..The sand just gets into places u don't want it to get to...not like u would strip down to a bikini in England!! O_o
We went on to the Pier but we didn't go on any rides or attractions because we couldn't agree on any to go on...i picked the scariest one so i knew the other 2 wouldn't make me go on it..p.s i was not fit enough to endure that amount of adrenaline lol!

What kind of boat never sinks? A FRIENDshipppp :)

Haha yea I got that from 'friends' too :p
A lil montage to show the kinda random fun we had..mostly just relaxing..which is what we all needed.. Senia found a heart shaped stone n wrote out names on it..that was cute :)

Brighton Beach Town

Those 2 crazy chicks got me to agree to driving to Brighton instead of sleeping in and recovering.. So yea..I drove them down there! My 1st time on the motorway since the pass plus test so I was actually so lame and proud of myself I took a pic of my car as soon as we arrived n parked up!! Lol!
To be honest, being at the beach was a good way of helping me recover..u don't get this kinda scenery by my bedroom window!


Caring is taking me to shisha!

I haven't been very well..not in the best of health n I've been getting alot of people worried about me lately.. :( particularly my bestfriend.. So she came over n forced fed me! O_o she brought me a sun flower to cheer me up too..her n Senia jammed with me whiles I half played with my niece and half felt like crap..
They took me to cafe naturals, promised me the best hot chocolate and most amazing shisha.. :) oh how it did cheer me up n unlike popular beliefs..smokin shisha made me feel better lol!!


Jeniniooo at Life Drawing..

 Me and my home boys went to a life drawing class... and yea..i suck!!! i havent done life drawing since i was 17... The good old days where we used to all laugh when our model- a fat, frumpy old man dropped his pants xD hahahahha we all couldn't stop laughing because yea, we were new to it and abit immature...

Now my friends went last week and i wanted to go but i was workin late...This time i wanted to go for sure...and i was praying that we'd get a female model to draw..coz lets face it...the female body is better to draw and look at..and male..not so much... and yesss we got a female model to draw! she was very pretty!! no homo :p
It was quick 2min poses at 1st then gradually increased...now i personally think my drawngs suck...i loked around and there was so true talents out there :s
These were my 10 min sketches... which is 5 times more time i had than before yet its still sucks.. i've kinda lost my touch..which is expected since i dont draw like i used to..i don't practice...
We had a 15min break so we went out to get a drink n food.. n when we came bk in, some peopple were drawing already..now this was my 1st time here, and i thought i had less time to draw her so i didnt take my time..n drew her fast with charcoal...then i realised it was like a 30min pose!! n by then, i was like..GOSH DARNIT!!! i coulda taken my time n drew a very beautiful picture... so i just drew her twice, the pencil sketch i made her skinnier for some reason...looks too cartoony...i need alot of practice...the teacher gave me some very good advice and tips, he kept reassuring me that i werent that bad... haha...well..theres always room for improvement! 
Drawing was relaxing...i took my mind off everything and just drew and it was nice to stop thinking and just get lost in my sketch book and studying a naked woman hahahahaaa!!
i'm sure the boys enjoyed it more this time...they had a fat old man last time xD

Breezy'z talent and Kicks

I wouldn't call myself a big fan of Chris Brown..I don't fancy him nor do i praise his music... i think his hair is cool because i'm one to talk huh?!! the tattoos and the dancing is something all the solo males rnb artists r doing now so its no biggy..but i like his shoe collection hahahhaaa!! I stalk his shoes whles others stalk him!! anyways.. he performed on Good Morning America this morning their time- and he worn these awesome see thru kicks with wings on them!!

check it out..

I think he over did the auto tuning in todays performance..O_o
I also like that hes started rapping... is it just me but don't sound kinda like Kanye when he raps in 'Champion'??!!!! like the style and flow..its just Kanye that i hear..but its not bad... Oh and i've seen his art works...very expressive..so hes not one to hate if he got so much talent...

These are the kicks I was talkin about!!! I would wear with awesomely designed socks!! Hahahaa!!
I loveeee themm!!

My Minions

So the other day i spent the day with my side kicks Lyn n Noah aka mother n father (they damn well treat me like a child lately!!!) we went shopping, had sushi and watched an animated movie i haven't yet seen yet... 

Its called MegaMind.. and to be quite honest, i saw the posters before, it dd not appeal to me at all.. but hey they had it so i watched it... and OMGGGG it is sooooooo AWESOMEEEE!! LIKE SOOO FUNNNYYYYYYY!! My favourite character is MINION!! the fish!! ahaha..its megaminds bestfriend and sidekick..it was just hilarious!!

my favourite lines of the movie...

"i call it..black mambaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Good Luck!" "I will!" "That doesn't even make any sense." "I know" LOOOL XD

"Minion you fantastic fish you!!"

Never judge by the cover...Judge by their actions...

I'm pretty sure we all know we should never prejudge..but its quite human to do so, especially if you've been through something before that you judge it incase it turns out the same... right?? wether it be friends, lovers, situations or an experience.. But i think no matter what you have been through...no 2 situations or persons are exactly the same... and that personally..i think that prejudging is a hard not to do..its not fair to judge us by our covers, how we look etc..but by our actions... what you say or do or act..because that makes it reasonable on both sides... because we all know this... 'ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS..'

Well on another note, i'd like to share this video with u guys... on par with the same subject...its the Thai version of 'BRITAIN/AMERICA'S GOT TALENT'...i think she is amazing..her actions speak for themselves...her talent is singing and shes proved it..enjoy!


Someone like you...

I posted this video on my fb but i'm gna try to keep my wall clean so i'm reposting it on my blog...

I really like this song... its kinda sad and depressing...but she sounds a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! It does remind you about the times you've ever been hurt before... She conveys emotions in her voice and tone...the lyrics too but damn she can singgg!!! i love it!!

Like i said on my wall... i hear this song ages ago coz my gurl kept wanting us to hear it...and it didnt sound like something i'd like...but one day...i banged my head in her car lol and this song was playin on her cd..so i actually listened to it...its awesome :) x

Ever Thyne.. Ever Mine.. Ever Ours...

Ever felt like you were the luckiest person in the world...that you had it all...all from one person...
Ever held feelings of love so dear to your heart, that it makes life magically fall into place...
Ever trusted someone so much...that it no longer took any effort to have faith in them...
Ever loved someone so much...that the shear thought of being unfaithful..breaks your heart...
Ever felt like your memories of everything they ever said to you..all felt like it was just yesterday...
Ever did everything you could possibly do within yourself..to help that person feel happy..
Ever prayed and wished good things every night for them.. who you knew would do the same for you...
Thought you knew...
Ever felt paralyzed when the dark truths came out...shocked to the point where you feel sick...
Ever told yourself 'you are not alone' when that person is mentally a million miles away...makin you feel.....    utterly alone...
Ever felt all your dreams and plans turn into lies and betrayal...shattered and broken...
Ever cried yourself to sleep every night..to find that sleep was no longer an escape...
Ever wondered what reasons you gave them..to do something so cruel...
Ever replayed the lies over and over inside...to make sense of all that has been happening...
Ever put on a smile and front for the world and take off the mask filled with tears inside...
Ever wanna hide from reality...because its the dreams you want to live in..believe in...
Ever felt like the world as you knew it... all came crashin down...That was hailed on..
That you failed on...

finding someone... who thinks with their heart... loves with their soul... holds promises in their minds...

Ever wanted to dissappear...          
just so that even he....the one who broke you......

...could still be oblivious and happy...

(for all the guys and dolls...who relate to this poem...i'm everyones agony aunt...i share a hug..and a smile...a laugh and a cry...its not easy to be strong...but think of all the bigger issues out there in the world...and put your energy into all of that...at least you know...that you are good..and that i know you can be amazing...in time..and if all else...karma does the works for you...hopefully x)


Super moon!

Slapped By Jeniniooo!

To be honest some people deserve to be slapped!! And I'm glad I was the one to do it right where he deserved it!!
Aite I wouldn't say I'm a violent person..I've trained in Kung Fu for 4 yrs in my teens but I've only ever used it for self defence! Now tonight I did slap someone on the face HARD but only because he was disrespecting me!! N uno what, call me a bitch or hi5 me..it felt good! I shuda followed with a kick to the balls!! I wud gladly do it again when I see him..this time..WITH A PASSION!!!!


New Found love for this!

Haha!! Well if I get fat next time u see me, u'll know whyyy alleee!! :D

Krispy Kremes

Jammed with my home bois yday after work.. We drove to Krispy Kremes, the huge one! N I had a glamour doughnut! It was pretty haha! It basically tasted like a ribena doughnut O_o it was ok, original was better! We jus chilled after that, watched toy story 3 again n them lot were battling it out on SF4 which was expected ay O_o


An Awesome Jamage :D

Today was my day off..and pretty much slept in all day till 6 coz I actually cotched in my car from 3am till 7am with my home gurl Ley last night jus catching up n being our mad selves when we r together..only coz we both didn't have work the nx day.. So yea, had my beauty sleep then headed out to meet the chicas for 1 awesome jamage!
This was the shizzle! We had shisha at our lil place..n I love it when we have the fruit heads instead..it really makes all the difference :)
I got too much love for my cuz! N nermz is jus awesome! Everytime we together, it is just about great convoz n jokez :)
 Met my bestie n her cuz aswell today..n I've just found new love for Senia haha!! Like minded and totally cool! I think I love everyone in jess's fam! 4real they already see me as fam, so yeaz..I'm quarter Egyptian aiteeeee!!
 had an awesome time today! I'm happy I have awesome people in my life... People change and life changes people..n I of all people know this...but u jus alway gotta remember that that's just very human to do so...I live and love on the moment..live without expecting and u'll have more smiles n peace over the dramas u could create for urself.. Like I love these people..but if anyfin changes bout that, it's cool!!! That's life n I'd accept it with the awesome memories I've gained from them :) 

Treat Yo Home Gurl

My bestie is a chocoholic..me..not so much!! And we walked past this place in south kensington n she froze n dribbled LOOOL!! So I forced her to a treat!! Haha.. We hustled extra chocolate n raspberries :D it was so gooood..even for me- not a big sweet tooth chick!!

Space bound...

Nobody knows me I'm cold
Walk down this road all alone
It's noones fault but my own
It's the path I've chosen to go
Frozen as snow I show no emotion
Whatso ever so
Don't ask me why I have no love
For these muhfuckin hoez...

The ultimate come back to a total BIATCH!!!

Ok i jus wanted to share this because it made me pissed and laugh at the same time!! This dude made a come back video to this blonde chick who was over ranting and being racist on youtube... Now i agree with him..i wouldnt normally post sumfin or say sumfin about another person business..but BITCH took it to imitate ASIAN people n say unnecessary BS!!! Can't fend for ourselves?? are u kidding me??!! Our parents cook and help their children out because they care for us!! WE FRIGGIN MURDER UR GRADES ANY DAY BIATCH!!! And yes...i'ma civil person..but just because i've not had an awesome day today..i feel to comment on her behavior and vent!!



Me n jess walked past the v&a today after alpha n jus really appreciated how amazing that piece of arcitecture was..so we had a tourist moment!! xD lol sometimes u just gotta remember u live in one of the moat greatest cities in the world!!


To mark this day as a significant moment..
 memory of ones past...
a war that has ended...
a warrior who survived...
when good prevailed evil..
No one has to understand this but me...


Light Painting

Jeniniooooo.. This took 30secs!!
We decorated my baby Paris...Tried to do sumfin like the Clio advert i think?! plz correct me :p

JENINIOOO WINS!!! POWWW!! looool! Can you see my sword!!?!! I am just that AWESOMEEE xD hahahhahahaha

Jeniniooo infront of the Lens...

To be honest, i complained alot about having my pictures taken.. Whenever he took a photo of me, i would say.. eww i look retarded or i look fat or anyfin negative just so that he might delete it!! I had alot of pics taken O_o but here are a selected few he deemed ok to put up for our friends to see O_O and heres a few i liked..
I like the background im around.. feels like movement at the back and i'm just cut out n awkwardly placed smack bang in the middle! xD
This shot was my idea haha... i felt like Banksy or Marc Ecko bout to do a jump from the fed coz i got caught graffin or sumfin hahah!! I liked the background too..where there was a underground building under the street.. :p
Actually- man took this pic without me even knowing... i hurt my knee jumpin around n gettinover excited so i sat out to rest..ni was staring at that space ship style building infront for ages haha... i call this pic 'back against the world' loooooool!!!

London Awesomeness Photography

River Thames
Waterloo Bridge
ermmm just another cool shot by gregasaurr xD

Managed to get some of the shots we did sat night...We'll probably go do this again sum time and this time i hope i'll get some awesome shots from my own DSLR if it has battery this time!! :D


Posh Condoms O_o

I was jus doin my hair at the store I'm at right nw n I saw these on the make up counter right in front of me!! I thought it was teabags!! But they were fairtraid co2 neutral posh condoms!! What so that if u buy these, u will feel better for the workers who made them?!!? Or that u didn't contribute to the global warming when u use these?!! Who the helll thinks about taht when they are about to go do the bang bang?!! Surely it's.. 'no diseases n no baby'!! Stupid product for stupid people!!! O_o

Lady Muck!

Today's colour is lady muck! A sort of cool icy grey with abit of metallic! Really feelin this new colour!! It's part of the spring collection for 2011! Get it!!

The dog in u!

This is a candle I saw made for men so they feel manly about candles..lol! The packaging was awesome! Mainly coz it has a pic of a boxer which looks exactly like my dog Bruce!


Sunday evening...

So i had a long day today... worked from 12-9pm! I only really stayed back to make abit more ££ coz i was suppose to meet 1 of my close friends for dinner and wine at nine (LOL :p) but she didnt know i was workin today so she ordered food and stayed in with her husband which we call 'The TV!!!' O_O sunday tv isnt even that great.. lol... anywayz... its hard to get hold of this girl so there will be another date i guess... i got home thinking about the very deep discussions i was having with 1 of my collegues today stephen.. man that guy knows so much shit that i need to learn n understand that its blown me away to the point where in hungry for more knowledge... it was discussions about the world, society, government, scientific shit and more movements and stuff that i need to digest slowly...its shockin, saddening..and well..i need to know more to have an opinion on it...gonna youtube some documentaries... and maybe go jam at my gurls house in abit... i try to fit in productive day even after a long day at work...  have an lovely end to ur evening guys n dolls x

Lemon aid

I'm in such a charitable spirit today.. I wanted lemonade n how perfect was this wen it was for charity to buy this aswell!! At work I was also helping wholefoods raise money for their charity wholeplanet. My company pure-xp donated £200 worth of products to be given away in a raffle draw so I was shottin tickets for a £1 each like no tomorrow today! Was nice..hope I can do more to help in the lil ways I can..

Me on my 1s at church

Ok i was being abit loserish, sitting by myself and being anti social...all up on the top so i dont haf to talk to anyone i dont know... coz really i come to this place to learn and to better myself...not to socialise and be apart of a culture..i see thats what alot of people go for aswell..to see their friends and hang out... anyways... before the service started, it felt like a club O_o playin all sorts of r'nb n pop music of today... was slyin weird haha...  oh and the book im readin is called "The Shack" my bestfriend forcing me to read it coz apparently it is amazing...so thats why i had it...  


I came to church extra early today mostly to have a meeting with my bestfriend about a project we gonna be workin on together..but she took too long n bailed on me O_o so I'm here alone..I don't mind..gives me time to reflect n have time to talk to god.. Sitting on top alone..quite cool actually..jus reading my book n im gna get breakfast in abit..

Light painting n photography

Last night me n my friend Greg went out to do some late night photography..it was random but this shouldn't surprise u right, I get up to the most random things.. Anywayz we drove up to Waterloo n began from there.. I ended the night getting bigggg bruises on my knees..don't ask, I'm not proud of it!! xD we had loadsa fun actually! Can't wait to see the pictures coz we did alot of cool shots!! And to everyone else, we mustav looked crazy doing what we were doing haha!!