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My Minions

So the other day i spent the day with my side kicks Lyn n Noah aka mother n father (they damn well treat me like a child lately!!!) we went shopping, had sushi and watched an animated movie i haven't yet seen yet... 

Its called MegaMind.. and to be quite honest, i saw the posters before, it dd not appeal to me at all.. but hey they had it so i watched it... and OMGGGG it is sooooooo AWESOMEEEE!! LIKE SOOO FUNNNYYYYYYY!! My favourite character is MINION!! the fish!! ahaha..its megaminds bestfriend and sidekick..it was just hilarious!!

my favourite lines of the movie...

"i call it..black mambaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Good Luck!" "I will!" "That doesn't even make any sense." "I know" LOOOL XD

"Minion you fantastic fish you!!"

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