...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



yea the app sucks!!! can't reposition and align writing and rotate photos!! so basic yet it cant be done!! so i'll just try to blog the way i used to :)


Testing my Samsung blogging app!

Hey beautiful peoples! I'm gonna test my galaxy s3 n see if blogging is comfortable on this phone..
Check out the front camera (pic of me) and the back camera (flower)

Hello Hello!!

Hey guys and dollies!! it is very weird that i am back on my blog because i there are many times when i have started to write and then i delete the whole thing time and time again... i just don't like writing about myself... like... how did i even become like this? i love writingggg and in writing is where i express myself the best in!! I dunoo.... Its very weird!! But honestly..I'm back because i remember that the blog used to be about me... it then became a way you my readers to get inspired and get something out of it?? That i was no longer writing to remember events in mylife but it turned into a ' i learn as you learn sorta thing' lets see... this is the 2nd chapter of a girl named snow... :) watch this space :)