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Jump into a One Piece!!!

Hey Guys and Dollz!!! 
Last year, I came across an awesome line of clothing called OnePiece!! Now for all my anime heads out there, its got nothing to do with the Japanese manga and anime... Its actually a Norwegian brand of Onesies but for adults!!! Now when i was in uni, i had the same wishes for there to be a jumpsuit onsies that you can just snuggle into and feel comfortable, like you haven't even left the house yet!! And FINALLY, the Brand OnePiece was born in 2007 in Norway and eventually 2010- brought to the UK and U.S market!! I am so excited to get myself one!!
Now i have seen a mixed reaction to the public of the lifestyle brand itself.. is it cool, is it lame..is it just pure laziness to put on a hoody and sweat pants separately?!! My conclusion... It doesn't hurt to own a OnePiece for those extra cold and lazy days, think how 'Dress down Fridays' will be like in your office?!! To some extent, wouldn't it be cool to not be taken too seriously, or take anyone seriously when your rockin an almost Tellitubby outfit on the last working day of the week?!!

Everyday i'm shufflin!! :D

And how about partying in one of these jumpsuits?? Think student freshers mentality...When life was all about starting something new and partying non stop and basicially making some of the best memories of your life in your half child/half adult street wear?!!!

For me, some of those days where i feel like life is just too short to care what everyone else thinks...i would jump into my OnePiece and jus ( as my homeboi like to say) "ANG ABOUT!!" I think everyone should own one, old or young!! I remember when i was 20, i wanted my 21st birthday to be about fun and not growing up, but being young at heart... I did have the idea to have a onsies party back then when everyone one would come in a onsies and just have the most awesome party with me!! I only wished that the OnePiece was avalible to us back then...Sigh.. never mind.. There is ALWAYS my 24th birthday party ROCK BASHH!!!! :D 

check out the current collection at www.onepiece.com and honestly, if you see your favourite design, colour and size available, grab it.. because these legendary jumpsuits sell out so quick, you would be suprised the growing popularity and attention it will be recieving in the next upcoming years!!

love n peaceee xxxx


Scarf it UP!!!

I dunno about you guys..but i have been super freezing this past week because London has a very temperamental weather forecast!! I mean one minute its raining, then the sun is out, then its raining again..then its super wndy and raining!! I have been caught off guard a couple of times but still... The most annoy part about this weather is not the rain..but the cold!!! ITS SUMMERRR!!! O_o
And some of you might think its weird but i'm rockin scarves this summer!!! My humble and awesome mommy vuongy made me this awesome thick and long scarf a few days ago and i loveee it!! Who needs topshop £18 scarves when you have moms awesome skills.. It makes me think of her everytime i wear it and how much she loves me :) xxx


Make Inner *You* Happy..

Sandy island sunset in Grenada 08
We all get our moments of highs and lows in our lives.. all the time, even if you say you're awesome all the time, sometimes we crash and would hate for everyone else to know about it...

When i feel alittle low, i don't like to tell everyone about it, i don't want people to worry about me, there was always this one line back in 2008 that my bestfriend from uni said to me.. "everyone has problems, and yours shouldn't be more important than anyone elses.." sounds alil harsh but i love him for saying that to me because it make me think of all the worst off things people everywhere in the world are suffering with, why should my problems be bigger than anyone elses?? After that day in Malaysia, i never wanted people to worry about me, feel sorry for me, or make out like my problems are bigger..they really aren't! I picture children in Africa starving and fighting poverty and still smiling and singing because they live the simple and humble life they were given day by day... So you know what i do to make myself happier??
Babysitting newborn Daniyal 2 weeks ago (apparently i'm the 1st person he doesn't cry with!)
1. Well i try to up my good deeds a day...giving my bus seat, helping people carry their prams down the stairs, giving people my time to listen to them and offering the best advice i possibly can are all lil things that make me feel i contribute to my community and am influencing someone out there in the right way...
I went to my childhood park and put on my favourite relax music :)
2. If you feel emotionally upset, listen to music you want to listen to...be it happy or sad, chilled or heavy metal...close your eyes..visualize a memory of peace and really put yourself in the music as if you were reading a book and imagining the whole story...

3. Reading is a great escape too... anything you are interested in, pick up that book even if you're not a reader...I am currently reading a book given to me called "The mystery of the crystal skulls" and i love it so far! :)

4. You do know that i am a person that doesn't spend much money on myself...but making the inner Jeniniooo happy... maybe i will buy something i've always wanted..spend alittle hard earned cash on yourself if u don't already... I recently bought myself a few hoodies from SuperDry...and i don't normally spend that much on myself... i'm a real cheapskate when it comes to clothes... :p and i also bought myself some WeSC headphones!! ( i'll show u guys later, i love them!) and do you know how i KNOW its unusual for me to spend that much money on myself?? *drum roll...* My bank locked my card because they thought someone had stolen it and using it fraudulently!! LOL!! like there is minimal cash movement in my bank statements i tell ya...most goes to rent and essential expenses!!!
5. I have my days when i feel uglyyyyy! we all have alil crash like i said... when you do, try to pamper yourself... take a bath..wash your hair, use all the expensive stuff you have...buy expensive stuff you know your skin will love, put some make up on etc etc etc... I put on a homemade mask, research on new beauty tricks, products, regimes and advice and it really does make you feel better...

5.5. Eat energizing and healthy foods.. makin a super power smoothie, go on a detox and exercise!! everyones knows that happy hormones are released when you are active and nourishing your body with good, wholesome, nutrient dense foods :)
love love loveee.. hey dudes..don't deny it...you love it too!! lol!!
6. Oh and this is the most important one... :p watch your favorite sitcoms ahahaa :D I'm a 'How i met your mother' fan and a 'Sex and the City' fan too!! currently my favorite guilty pleasures... And i am a number one friends fan, but my box set is useless with a laptop what doesn't wanna play dvds... :s need take it to apple to get it fixed :(

ok so i hope this has helped...if it didn't help you, then it certainly helped me..even just writing it down so with my terrible memory at 60- i'll know what i did in my 20's to keep my stress wrinkles at bay and slap on some expensive old lady products n pull out my friends box set :D Oh and i hope you know that when i hit menopause..it will be the end...i have the gift of youth for now... but menopause is my Mr Hyde transformations... observe...
see what i mean \(>_<)"/


good luck and plz leave comments of what you would like me to write next xxx


The Broken-and-Laughed-at Heart...

Remember i said was gonna discuss relationships at some point in my blog... we'll this is my 1st post...
I know this subject has been gone over time after time after time again to everyone and anyone... But somehow, another person who has something to say about it always make you feel like you are not alone...

So what do i mean by broken and played? well there are so many reason why relationships don't work out, wether it be you have different interests, the love faded, one or both have changed, or you simply weren't compatible and the fights got too much? I think the saddess reason is that of unfaithfulness...

As a girl,  i will refer to only guys but if you're a guy reading this, refer to it vice versa...
So he cheated on you, broke your heart..and shattered it to pieces...and its hit you so hard because suddenly, eating, sleeping, working, even getting out of bed is difficult... and i know, its hard to have to try and piece your exterior back together just to try to make appear normal at work or infront of normal people... We all know break ups are tough..but being lied to and cheated on is even tougher... I can't only imagine how you girls must feel.. i know 1st hand how it feels too...

Ladies, the stages of emotions you go through are always the same.. at 1st we feel sad, sort of pity yourself, and you kinda of deny the whole thing is actually happening..you start to feel anger, maybe blame a few people or things, get depressed because of your realization of everything and eventually acceptance of the whole ordeal...i know it feeels like you can never trust and love again...but if you can love someone in your family or an animal or a child, then think about it.. it is possible for you to love another again...

In order for you guys to trust me...and relate with me, i had to tell you that i've been there before too right?? And i honestly have... My heart took a beating...actually, it took on more than that, it got smashed into pieces, stepped on, swept back up- chewed on and spat out again.. and i truely was the fool who got played...it was and thinking about it now, still is one of the hardest things i had ever had to go through... Yet im still standing and guess what... i'm more awesome than i have ever been now...
My advice...
1.Stay true to yourself... if you played the fool, learn from it and make yourself know that you are a new and improved version of yourself than you were yesterday..
2. Find yourself again..I personally don't think trying to find a rebound and getting straight back into another relationship is the best solution... So many lose themselves and merge into the partner they are with, being on your own is great for you ( not saying its easy but if u needa abit of help, your friends are always a great distraction)

3. Learn to love yourself again... i've said this to countless people ( especially to people who don't understand why i am not in a relationship!) If you don't have love inside for yourself- not anyone else- you (inner Jeniniooo) if you dislike and judge yourself.. that kind of negative energy is not good to pass on to other people... If i have no love for myself, then how can i truely love anyone else? Think about it guys... so many people who go into a relationship with fears and insecurities *over love* the other person because of the lack of love inside..can you see how destructive that relationship can be? That fear of him cheating, that fear of not being attractive to him, that fear of losing him, eventually that fear of him getting sick of your fears... That is totally unhealthy and should be avoided if you realise that you are or can be like that...

Alot of people lose their self confidence after they have be cheated on... Wether it be feeling unattractive, feeling unapproachable, just not being able to shine like you once did... Well i just wanna let you know that you shouldn't shun yourself from the world just because of one idiot who doesn't know what hes lost!! Nobody really knows why people cheat, maybe its because they are very insecure and are abit lost themselves...or they get a thrill out of it...but you should never feel like your not good enough...use this time to better yourself and redefine what the perfect you is :) and remember, its nothing you did that was wrong, honestly...and as much as he tries to blame you for what he did. Just bare this in mind- if Halle Berry can get cheated on anyone can get cheated on right!!! :p

I'm normally used to being there for a friend one to one if this ever happened, i'm so sorry if this post really sucks >_< ...
Believe me, there are alot of dogs out there, but you will find the right person in good time, maybe this is only me but the universe gives you what you want (certainly God only wants the best for his children...) but i mean you can only do YOUR HALF of the relationship, do your best with your half and if it doesn't work out, you've done your best-know it, miss it, squash it and let go...Use the time you're not wasting on a dead end relationship to heal yourself do things you enjoy.. L.O.V.E Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F and don't ever let anyone tell you n make you think that you are 'almost perfect' ( yep, been there too *sigh!*) always know that nobody is perfect (this excludes you oh Creator if you're reading too :p), but you define perfection..my imperfections are anothers perfections... ;)
Heres a song for you guys...you're all f*kin perfect to me xxx

"what kind of genius would let perfection go.."


I saw the most unusual flower growing near my great aunts house.. someone tell me what is called...

Mei Xue and Jai Mei ( Favourite aunty n niece!!)

my princess... lol i get so many people asking or thinkin she is my daughter... my NIECE is 2yrs old now..she had her birthday on the 8th aug and she every bit the diva i predicted she was gonna be...at least she speaks chinese :p

My Blonde Pony

Me and my friend nathan finished work one time and went to chill out somewhere close ( i made my rasta man wait for me to finish coz i used to always wait for him so we could catch up!) When to a place called Walthamstow marsh, and beyond the river, greenery and bushes, we got to a place ful of horses and ponys!! that was soo awesome!! And this one was my favourite, his hair was so blonde like mines!! so i did him a favour and braided his fringe so that he can see better.. It was so long it covered his eyes :( I gave him a lil quiff too.. awesome right?? :p

Vegan Feast

I went to this awesome vegan restaurant on soho st with my friend Ben. I was pretty shocked how nice the food was aswell!! Forgive me, i cant remember what is called but its right next to the hari kishna restaurant haha ( i actually walked into that one 1st and the portions were hue! might try that place another time!!) its like £2.00 for small bowls and £4 for large ones, i think!! and we got like 6 small ones to share, and you can pretty muuch choose any thing they make and stuff it onto the lil bowls!
So we ate real healthy that day, so to balance it out with some bad, we went for shisha later haha :p love it!! 

The Mountains...

On sundays, i spend it unquestionably all the time with my home girls B and Sam...One of my ffavourite things we do toether is going to Sam's mountains..Its alil bit of her discovery of peace and a reminder of God's presence when you need the quiet air to hear him...

We do abit of hiking, jogging and just soak in the beauty of natural..its like a forest in a very hill up land ( thats why its called sam's mountain!!)

I always say sunday is God day and if im not at church volunteering or at the mountains reflecting on him, i would be trying to read and reflect on the bible... I'm still very new to it all, its only been 8 months..but i definately will never turn my back on God again...
Sam, J'nioo n B
I've alway had trouble praying... i never knew how to speak like those in church and use the right words in order to sound like a prayer... but then i read this and it made me feel better:-

"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your father, Who is unseen, Then your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep blabbling on like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him."Matt 6:6

J'ninooo- Constantly trying to be more like him.. the Lord..in all his forms and religions..


"It's not how high you build your dream that makes a difference, but how high your faith can climb. It's not how much you accomplish but how many lives you touch."
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Party Rock!

 I have been sooo lazy to upload photos from my camera from the vacation...i'm jus onna keep it short because i have soooooo many other things to share on my blog!!! I went with my beautiful cousin and her bestfriend.. i had a great time, we did party quite a abit.. we always had dinner at the same restaurant because they looked after us there and gave us discounts..it was called the Mona Lisa... and then after, we would always go Dream Boys which was a bar for abit of music and a cocktail..then we would go to Sunday hotel for shisha! good routine we had going there, people knew us by name by the end of it! :D
There was the perfect party company because we are not the typa girls that look for attention and look for dudes.. We can party sober and really get nto the music just because we all love to dance and shook it out to good tunes!! I got to be dj and stepped into the dj booth and played some awesome tunes one night...I don't party that much in london so it was a good chaange of routine :)
with all that said n done...lets move on to the more awesome things i've done n wanna talk about since i've been back :) xxx