...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Take all of me...

"I love you
All of my hope is in you
Jesus Christ
Take my life
Take all of me..."

My favourite day..Sunday...I still call this day God day on the most part...traditional meet ups with friends will always change and family don't always gather together today either but reflecting upon the lord and praying for all those around me if I couldn't do it everyday, I'd always want to dedicate this day to make sure I do... Today I didn't go to my normal morning service...for those of u who are unaware, I decided to give my life to Christ and become one of his followers (can I get an amen?! ^_^ lol)...I made it official with vows and a scary full on water baptism (it was on big screen in from of hundreds ok!>_<) That happened a couple of months ago and honestly...i've never lloked back...i've had so many blessings since :)... ANYWAYZ I went to check out the 4.30pm service to scope out what it's like because next week I am getting my confirmation service held during that time! Kinda feels like a miracle in itself to look at myself and see how far ive come in this journey...in short...I've learnt the reason why I was born... :) So it's only a big deal to me that this next thing I'm about to do makes me no longer afraid to show my identity in Jesus Christ...confirming this baby!! :D
Oh but I was gonna say today was a o.m.g moment of a service!! I completely forgot that a worship band from hillsongs united in Australia were coming to lead worship for us today and wow was it amazing!! The main singer Darlene Zschech...u probably have no idea who she is aswell right?! I didn't know either...but she's written and sang many of the greatest worship songs of our time...namely 'shout to the lord' I remember singing that song when I was in high school and like 12yrs old!! And that was her song she wrote and sang! Was so amazing for her to speak to us and share her wisdom and advice...I was so touched by the spirit i wish u all coulda been with me!! I was with my good friend Carolina tho, so happy we both shared this experience together...and will also share our confirmations together :) 

Some people reading this might dread that I'm becoming more Christian (seriously that stereotype needs a revamp!!!)...I remember so many wanted to stop me or hinder my goals of exploring my search for the meanings of life...and I know some of u might feel like I've changed too much to be good friends with u (scared I'll preach to u yea? That I'm dull and boring now? That I'm less fun and bubbly?! That I might judge what u say and do from now on?? >_< non of which is true...I'm the opposite of all that and dnt forget...im awesome!! ) ... well i wouldn't blame my religion at all...im just growing up and maturing in my rights and wrongs. If anything..if ur not my brother in Christ, remember u r still my brother in humanity... So remember that I love you..all u muffins!! ^_^



It's been a long time since I've received flowers and to recieve them whiles I'm unwell serves it's purpose much better than if I was healthy and able to go out to enjoy nature... These made me feel so happy!! ^_^ it's true that we weren't made to be so separated from nature so to have a plant in my room really makes me feel a whole lot better than if I didn't have them here...lilies and iris's in the colours I love..i think all girls love flowers...so even a just a buttercup would have made me happy! :p I really am blessed tho :)


Thanksgiving dinner!

(my custom made apron-i'm the queen of the kitchen! :p)
Happy Thanksgiving my sweet potatoes!!! 
I for one don't define this holiday limited to just the states... The 1st line from Wikipedia defines thanks giving as 

"Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year.[1][2] Thanks are traditionally directed towards God, accompanied with feasting and prayer."

 I am taught to give thanks for everything i have in my life daily...and just for once..I wanted to remind my family how thankful i am for them... As much as me and my siblings fight here and there, we have the odd falling out, we can't forget that we are family...we shouldn't try to see everyone else as the enermy because blood IS thicker than any other you bond you gain in life... 
I set myself up to the task of cooking up a feast for my family today! i actually felt super ill today, had a voice that was rough and going, a head that was banging and a fever that pissed me off all morning... non the less, i looked at the date and november 24th was here!! Totally needed to make my lazy ass useful, i was just wasting away feeling ill (mind over matter innit :p)... did my shopping and prep'd the food..and i invited all my siblings, our partners and special cousin of course and we had a wonderful meal together!! I made a huge roast chicken with all the trimmings (Turkey is abit harder to find free range or organic and not frozen!!) and a hearty pumpkin pie! :)
Uno how food always bring people together...i loved that the people i care about were all at my table yday, and yea i know xmas is about a month away but some of the people i love won't be around during that time so i'm just thankful that they were with me today...

I honestly wore myself out abit and didnt really take time to take a proper picture for my blog... and everyone was just so hungry they didnt even wait to start carving that bird!!O_o


Say Goodbye to Old ties...

I've recently had alot on my mind about old ties, friendships and relationships...and how they have affected the way we are to this present day... I take holy communion every month at my church as a sacrament the lord has asked of us to do so in rememberance of him... We usually confess and ask for forgiveness before we take holy communion and everytime i would ask for the forgiveness of my sins, the forgiveness of sins of others and the strength to forgive others that have wronged me that i still find hard to forgive... I don't know why...as much as i try to not let the wrongs of other towards me get at me...well dammit it does and it does take me awhile to really forgive and not feel emotions that would say otherwise... 

Someone told me that it is ok not to forget what these people have done to me...rather than hold pain/grudges towards them...squash it and let it go...and really by trying to not forget, reminding yourself to forgive and remember what they did...well..u eventually forget with no negative feelings attached.... I for one have definately let the people who have hurt me-hurt me more simply by ignoring the problem and when those people float back up in my life...the associated hurt comes back...and what can u do but be back in that place right??? which is whyyyy.... *drum roll* to say goodbye to old ties is the remember and think of them...let out the hurt and anger...and then say 'i forgive you' in your heart... As much days as it takes till it really is goodbye mentally, emotionally and physically..(well u probably wouldn't care so much even if u bumped into them if you've gotten to that point!!) Some people are able to remain friends after true forgiveness...depending on the situations of course..and some simply can't because we don't forget dispite the freedom of forgiveness...

just thought i'd share a mind note worth pondering on... what do you think guys and dollies??



Was at the airport getting a drink and I saw these smoothies with lil wooly hats!! It was just so cute I had to get one!! All the hats are knitted by elderly people and if u buy a smoothie, 25p is donated to age concern charity!! I put my wooly hat on my iPhone!! Haha!! In Prague, it needs it, so cold here!!


I kissed dating goodbye...

I've borrowed a book called 'i kissed dating goodbye' by Joshua Harris.. So far I'm on chapter 5... I just wanted to share my thought about Love and Relationships... After having a look at some of the stories in this book, I have to say it's really opened my eyes about the way our modern society views have changed about relationships...
This book talks about staying pure and viewing Love the way Gods wants us to love...it's written by a Christian so it channels alot of it's roots from the bible and how we should try to have a relationship when we are ready to commit to another for life... In many ways, I actually like the message it is sending out to us... I mean I've always had the view of saving ones purity for the person you marry one day...but I've never seen it in the eyes of a Christian to be honest... It's actually more than just saving yourself from getting hurt if it doesn't really work out... Most people get into relationships just to see what it's like to experience another person..mentally, physically and emotionally..but the thought of being ready to commit to that person forever isn't something we all take seriously..it's more like jut testing the waters and if it doesn't work out, on to the next uno...but do we really wanna keep wasting our efforts in energy consuming relationships when there isn't anything more to that? Same way would I really wanna be spending my Sunday's in church if I really didn't believe there was a living God?? I don't think so...
1stly is do believe in a holy trinity of God...that i dont even question anymore...and 2ndly I really don't believe in being in a relationship with someone that I can't picture myself spending the rest of my life with...I think I truly have kissed dating goodbye...if I'm with someone, it is with intention of patiently committing to be wedded one day to him...I wouldn't date if I wasn't sure or wanted to 'see how it goes'...
I love the idea of real love...I'm a hopeless romantic to be honest...and I find that this book helped me reenforce my beliefs about how I've always felt about romance and relationships...sure we learn from our past mistakes...but for your to learn from your mistakes, would you want to carry on having the same attitude towards relationships and love or view it from the teachings of a person who's love has never failed upon us?? Even if you are not religious I think it's still a matter of being open to the teachings and getting something out of it that counts..
I do honestly think this book is abit extreme and I don't completely agree with it...for example I think kissing and holding hands are ok in relationships of commitment...it's down to the individuals to make it work in a sensible manner...just don't let it lead y'all all to do da bang bang innit!! :p
I was talking to a friend and he told me the sensible girl who only ever had 1 boyfriend before him-well she put out after date number 2..and obviously after date number 3, they were no longer dating...it was just too easy for him...and it just goes to show how much self respect she had for herself really...yet she wanted a proper relationship with him...but her actions didn't help her manifest what she wanted... I dno... I guess this is a touchy subject to write about since it seems like I judge others for what their choices are in making relationships with people..but honestly guys...I don't judge anyone's choices..I'm no more a saint than anyone else...these is just my choices, we all aren't the same now are we??
With that, I think this post is getting abit complicated and long... I'll end on a famous quote Paul wrote to the people of Corinthians:-
"love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 12:4-8
I love you guys and dolls xxx

Thought of the day

I saw the message at clapham north tube station as I was heading to my friend Daniellas house...and it was really inspiring...applied to all of us...let's focus less on everyone's flaws and more so on their qualities...they usually out weight the negatives right? Well if they are aware of their flaws as negatives that is.. X


So fresh and so clean!

I don't write that much about my car but she is a very important person (yes person!) in my life... Squeaky clean and fully cleaned,flushed and tightened inside and out..you might cost me alot of money to maintain Paris...but I love you anyways... (yea I'm not obsessed with cars...I just love my car very very much to point where she needs a hi5 for being so awesome this year!!) \{^_^}/

Servicing Paris...

It's been a whole year since I started this blog...about the same time I 1st got my baby...I need it serviced per year as an agreement with VW so i went to the dealership this morning to get Paris a beauty treatment, colon cleanse and what not.. Haha!! They gave me this beauty instead as a courtesy car..her husband the GTI... 
Yea I wish!! Lol!! I wuda not brought him back!! Nah they gave me a Fox (I actually never knew they had such model!!) but it was a nice lil car to drive non the less!! ^_^ but I do miss all the lovely things Paris offered me daily when I drove her.. I'll get her back later anyways :)

My 1st pumpkin carving session!!

So happy Halloween guys and dolls!! For me, I like to think of this celebration as a reason to go back to your childhood, not try to be scared or look dead and zombified O_o so I carved my pumpkins in the celebration of super mario baby!! I just finished it lastnight..and as noone at home wanted to help me, I feel quite proud that I did these pieces on my own!! Lemme know what u think! ^_^ 
Itsaa me.. MARIOOO!!!
Goompa doompaa!!
I hope you liked it, as i said so before, why make halloween scary when you can make it fun?!! i'd love to see any of your pumpkin designs!! 

P.s I did carve them on my own, not copied from another person's website images..I only mention this because my ops manager didn't believe me when I said I did it myself :p lol!!

oh and im gonna attempt to make pumpkin pie with the flesh i painfully scooped out!! no point wasting all that beta carotene and fibre!! :p

My bad boi Pumpkin!

Got this awesome lumpy pumpkin at my local farmers Market a week ago because this year I actually wanted to try carving one myself...I've never done it before but I've seen people do some really creative designs on it so I figured I gotta try it myself!! I wanna do characters from super mario!! I just think it would be so cool!! Watch this space!!