...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Me...an example?

I've been some sort of mentor to 2 of my co workers as of recently... One has left but insisted we stay friends outside of work and one i see about once a week... Its weird but they both look to me for guidance and help in their lives... in what way? well alot of people have tried to understand why  fasted for 50 days... why i don't entertain in gossip... why im reading scripture on my lunch breaks... why im not interested in male attention or why im just boring and alil not so 'normal' in their eyes... lol! Well.. they might think ima loser but i think im awesome haha!! :p
So one of my co workers has confided in me about the signs and the messages he has been getting to change his ways and come back into the fathers arms... but it has been difficult... he shared of his internal battles with me... he said to me today " i want to be more like you..." i was quite happy that in some way, i've quietly set an example of Christ's light and somehow have drawn him closer to others who want to know him the way i do... I said to him " I've not tried to change or force myself to be someone else... i've put my full trust and life in his hands.. what you see in me.. who you want to be more like isn't me... its just the reflection of Christ in me.." I shared my trials and weakest moments in my life when i made my decision to give my life to God with him to help him understand it wasn't smooth sailings for me either... that who i am now is still a constant process of Christ in me clarifying who i'm meant to be...more like him...

I'm sharing this because i'm kinda scared.. i don't know how to guide others when i've needed so much help from others to get me here in the first place... What i feel is that i'm not perfect... The responsibility of ones growth in faith is in his own will to do so...Is it a responsibility i can handle? what if i fall and they fall with me? I have see the positive impacts i've had on the people i am surrounded by daily but what do i do next if they want more??? I'm still so new to this, i'm kinda just worried that in my examples...and my efforts to help that i'm not strong enough to have others lean on me... I mean about a year n a half ago i was just as lost and confused in life as they are now...

Thinking about it now... i'm just being selfish for thinking about not lending my hand when they wanna experience what i have... It's the most amazing gift i've ever recieved... unconditional love and someone that never gives up or lets go of me... 

I don't like to force or impose my beliefs onto anyone because of my own experience with people who have tried to do that to me... i think its so important that people come to faith by freewill and with a childlike faith.. like i did... I'm gonna pray on it and give it my all.. if it is needed... 

(As i mentioned before, i know my posts have been quite god reflected recently... i aint bible bashing.. its mainly the chapter in my life right now :) i aint ashamed haterz!!! :p 

Just a quiet mind note i wanted to share... Love Snow x


My goat!

Hey dudes and dudettes! I haven't blogged in awhle mainly due to my preferance of writing in my personal journal now... I'd bore u all anyways if i put it all on here, it's mostly about my journey with God and how much i think i'm changing... so here a post about my GOAT! lol! 
his name is gary the goat! :)

anyone remember the movie 'Don't mess with the Zohan'? I loved it, the jokes in that movie was constantly reused when i used to work in the nutri centre! alot of them involving that Zohan stole my goat and that he was a very good goat! lol! well... i found my goat!! Sure he didn't listen to me when i told him to lead me to town and find us some food but he did climb a tree and pose for the picture! :p 

Awhile ago i mentioned i was gonna go on a lil vacation, well i went to an island i renamed ' the lemon tree island' there was just so many lemon trees there and it was an incredible land of peace for me and my friends... plus the wild life there was just a bonus! more animals than people lol! :p

Easter Sunday

Hey guys and dolliez!
It's been over a week since my last post rightttt?!! Ahh today has been amazing!! I've been working everyday this week and finally got my sunday to celebrate EASTER!! :D I was abit dissapointed i couldn't attend a mass on good friday because of work but hey... back to today!! :D I stayed with my cousin lastnight so we both woke up and had pancakes for breakfast... Now traditionally my fast should be over by now... I could have had an epic breakfast... but i decided from the beginning to follow the orthodox time frame of fasting, which is like a week longer.. and on top of that i did break my fast for one event of 3 days so i'm gonna make up for that also.. my ersonal fast will end 10days later, 18th of april :) I made pancake with just water n flour, no butter, milk or eggs..not needed :)
After spending the afternoon resting with my cousin, i later attended 2 easter services... OMGosh i totally didnt expect the production i watched at Hillsong!! It was a moving performace of singing, animations, acting, ballet and street dance, rapping, amazing solos and a choir all delivering the beauty story of Jesus's life in exchange for our forgiveness... It was stunning and really got to the heart of me... I wish you all could have seen it or that there was a video of the whole thing for ya'll to see!! :D After that service, i ran on to my home church HTB for a more traditional talk about the significance of this day... the birth of hope.. another lovely message i took in as i took my communion in rememberance of my lord :) 
As you guys can see, i really don't care about being judge by the way i talk about my love for Jesus anymore.. i used to care about what people thought...because i used to judge those who were like me now.. I'm really happy that i found everlasting love and life in him... :D
I went to the bookshop afterwards and got some books..headed home to actually eat (since i only had that pancake this morning!) and uno what guys, i was suppose to go raving tonight!! Like i got invited out, then by a few more to the same club... I was gonna go after i ate...Easter used to mean time off work and partying because there was no work the next day... but it means soo much more to me now... I didn't go out in the end because celebrating in the word and being happy over the greatest miracle in history of mankind was fulfilling... not that i wouldn't have liked to see some of my friend tonight but it wasn't a big deal...I used to hate letting people down so i'd go even if i didnt feel like it... but i didn't feel like that today... clubbing is just clubbing, i'd probably just get unwanted attention and get annoyed in my stilettos O_o (palm to ur face if u think i'm lame... i'm not into boys right now so i can hold out on the partying, i'm too in love with a man named Jesus Christ to care about society's views of me! :p)

Have a blessed easter awesome people!! xxx