...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



"I've been emailing you all your life..."

I just saw this very sweet advert from google chrome.. and i think its so amazing!!

Basically a father creates an email account and documents pictures, videos, events and messages n memories from the very 1st day his daughter was born..so that one day..she and him can look back at it...Like, how amazing is that?!! It's kinda like me that i write a blog so that one day i can look back at it and say.."wow my life really was quite an experience" when i'm 70!! :D

awww and at the end of the ad, he types "I've been emailing you all your life...once day we can look back at your life together..can't wait... Love Dad x"

Now i think i will do that for my child one day in the future...or get the husband to do it aswell so that we can give it to him/her on their 18th birthday.. :D that is love and dedication...i also believe that it will constantly remind you how much you love your family...

I love the fact that i still have loads of photos and videos of when me and my siblings were babies to toddlers and kids... my dad was big on home videos and always reminds me that no money in the world can buy these videos and photos :) 

OH P.S GUYS!! ITS FATHERS DAY IN ENGLAND THIS SUNDAY!! IF HE'S AS AWESOME AS MY DAD AND YOU LOVE HIM DEARLY... MAKE SURE HE KNOW THAT AND CELEBRATE IT BY MAKING HIM FEEL SPECIAL :D My dad hand delivered me from my mom and i was actually very difficult to concieve so they consider me a miracle child after my mom took lots of chinese medicine and medicinal herbs!! :D xxx

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