...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



This made me laugh!

maybe its because i understand her, but this girl makes me laugh.. just thought i'd share the smiles :)
its a stereotype on hong kong people!!

Snow took over London!

On the 1st day of virgin snow, i love the irony of my name being covered by myself 1stly and no1 else to get the joke outta the way.. so yes.. my name is snow...and its snowing O_o  mind u, it mostly happens with people who normally refer to me in my chinese or viet name.. if u know me-stay with J..we good!! :D

Jus want to give a quick shout out to Trish for passing her driving test yesterday and did it in the nick of time b4 it snowed..they wuda cancelled her test f it did and they cancelld it previously coz her examiner was sick and they forgot to inform her O_o driving examiners gotta be the 2nd most hated people in london after traffic wardens!! don't u think?? anywaysss she dropped my gorgeous smiley niece Renee off at mines and has an awesome new short haircut!! i LOVE!! Its crazy coz my cousin just got her hair cut super short too...ladies, shoudn't we be keeping hair on to keep warm..not chopping it off?!? :p jus kidding..they both look awesome!!
And i would just also like to point out that this yr, my road is properly gritted!! wooooo hooooo!! hopefully it is possible to drive without slipping and slidding, and asking strangers to help push ur car outta a dip in the road... P.s.. that silver car in the pc is my courtesy car...don't ask what happend to my baby...coz it breaks my heart being reminded >_< just know i'll get her back soon ( i can't decide if my car is a her or a he...john said my car has a big willy O_o) lookin all pretty and awesome again :D

BTW guys... Goooooooooood morning!! I'm happy its snowinggg!! just wsh i was bk in school to have some snow fights!! heheh.i joke coz im really poorly right now..TLC plzz :D


Quote of the day

In his of her life,
each person can take one of two attitudes:
to build or to plant.
Builders may take years over their tasks,
but one day they will finish what they are doing.
Then they will stop, hemmed in by their own walls.
Life becomes meaningless
once the building is finished.
Those who plant suffer the storms
and the seasons and rarely rest.
Unlike a building, a garden never stops growing.
And by it's constant demands
on the gardeners attentions,
it makes of the gardener's life a great adventure.

suppp ya'll

hey guys.. i know i usually write something everyday but yesterday i wsnt feelin too good...lets just call it a bad day, i wasn't well and i wasn't in the best of spirits... :(

I'm having time off work...so i've just been trying to recover and rest...im even trying meditation...my head has been cloudy and noisy..and i just need to practice to empty out all my thoughts...just have nothing inside..in order to gain something good out of it... and it worked :)
Thinking with clarity now...

:) i hope anyone who is feeling poorly gets better soon xxx


Thought of the day- How much i love my niece!!

Last week, i didn't see my niece at all..and i guess her presence was missed because my brother ( her daddy) made a fake renee sitting in the living room, replaced my hello kitty... O_o it was so weird but cute i guess...oh how that little rascal makes me proud to be her aunty jeniniooo :)


Check this video out!! I like the legoish effect on this video!! kinda cool, makes me wanna smash them to pieces ahahahhahahha!!! i do like the bass on it n the songs growing on me considering i hardly party anymore (feelin old? :p) i can definately see it being a club banger tho!!


catch up with SHABBAA!!

I got to catch up with my really good friend sabrina today after work!! gosh its been ages since we met up n spent time together!! This girl is propa down to earth and in alot of ways, just like me!! I've always gotten along better with guy friends than girls because dudes r just more chilled n laid bk...and this girl is like a dude hahaha!! well..excepts shes very pretty!! I am so happy for her and her new love in her life, i love knowing that everything is all working out for the people i care about... We jus had some wine and watched some 'how i met your mother'-which as i mentioned b4, is awesome!! and although it wasn't for hours, it was really nice just to catch up and share the jokes we used to have with eachother xD
This isn't a great picture to show how pretty she is but hey, it's just to show how much fun i have when im with her!! :D x

Massage when i needed it..

My friend carl newbury gave me a massage today...like i said before, i wasn't feel at my best and i had some painful backache for some reason so he sorted me out with a free massage :) He is probably one of the best masseuses that i know..not that i get massages all the time but after it, the pain all when... its probably to do with me standing all day, walking and being in the cold...or down to me just not feeling too well... but i felt a whole lot better afterwards... i would definately recommend his work to u guys if u ever need a massage!!
He does chair massage in store whole food market in high st kensington every weekend..but he has his own clinic too..

i picked up his card if any one ever wanted to try for themselves :)

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Taking care of me...

I wasn't feelin well at all today but I still lugged my ass to work in high st kensington today...I had aches n pains, I felt light headed, just didn't feel amazing at all today!! I went to sit down n the nicest staff here were soo sweet!! One made me a vitamin c drink, another went around all over the store to collect food samples for me so I wud feel better!! Just being very nice and concernd for me... I am touched!!! Kindness is not something we are born with...and I am always learning from other peoples kindness... :)
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Girls night in...

Needed to be in loving company today n its so cold that the best thing to do is have a girly night in... I went to my cousins...she made a great host!!! Cooked me and nermine a lovely dinner of salmon and veg, apple pie n icecream for desert!! and shisha or course from the shisha queen herself nermine!!!!
it was sooo cold we all tried wrappin up but nermines sleeping bag dress jus topped it..i could not stop laughing when she hopped around!!!

hope all have a great weekend...when its this cold...ima hibernate!!


Christmas is just around the corner!!

Look at the awesome Christmas displays n gifts stores are putting up!! I love exciting packaging designs as I come from a product design background..packaging was one of my favourite subjects!! Nerdd I no!! 'love and peace' everyone, u guys done ur Xmas shopping yet?

2 degrees as a high!!!

It is freezing cold outside, I felt sorry for the painter...I made him a cup of tea to warm himself up...he guy paints untill 4 so he hd a long way to go!! I dnt normally drink coffee coz I know it bad for u but this is when starbucks makes money outta me..the weather!! Grabbed a panini too since I'm at two place today n won't have time for lunch in between!! Hope u all have a nice day coz the sun is still shining!!

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Made it through the rain...Stood up once again...

I am glad some people love my company n presence as much as i love theirs... im only 22 but i do feel like i've come a long way this year alone!! my friends, my family n the people who surround me are amazing people!! I couldn't feel more blessed honestly!!  

After everything i've been through in life, i've learnt that not everything lasts forever.. That we are the creators of our own happiness..it's a buddist teaching that once you come accept that in all things..u can feel liberated n have peace n joy in tons of ways...i feel like it's always better to aknowledge the lessons you learn in life..my theory- mistakes become a gift once you allow them to make you a better person...

Since it's thanksgiving today( well an hr ago :p), i just want give thanks for everything that i have in life right now...I have had tough times...as cold as it is outside, i feel warm because i've gone past all that rain... not to say its over, good or bad experiences are sure to arise...i've still got a good amount of years to go through until i can truly feel i am wise!! :p

Happy Thanksgiving.. Here, i'm sharing a photograph taken by my favourite photograph Gilad Benari

Del Azziz with my swedish meatballs!!

Since i haven't seen my swedish meatball Negin for sooo long... i decided to make dinner plans with her and the melon!! xD I was abroad whiles it was their birthdays so i treated them to dinner at Del Azziz...
This is literally an amazing restaurant (thank u jess!x) my bestie took me, they do the most amazing burgerss!! 
it's mostly middle eastern food here but the burgers are amazing!! They serve it on a piece of wood and the portions r pretty big!! Their cocktails are amazing too!! The floor underneath us was glass and underneath that was lit up preserved ruins of like old architecture or sumfin??? 

I had a great night with them...catching up, sipping awesome cocktails and trying to stuff our faces without everything falling out of our burgers!! Course it wasn't just us 3, 2 of their friends were with us which i found a pleasure getting to know...gosh it was so funny today!! :)


They made me take a picture with this street sign because it has my chinese/vietnamese name O_o

Lunch with the melon :D

Went to this food market today where they sold different cusines from all over the world..from argentian steak burgers, Jamaican cusine, korean, thai to african food!! There was soo much to choose from but because it was sooo bitterly cold today, i just went with what melon decided to get, which was african veggie stuff with jeloff rice n salad..

She treated me to an amazing brownie aswell!! :D
This was what we had... It was nice but veryy filling!!

This place is on every thursday near great portland st stn... and there was some cool seating/art area around there so we messed about there too!! :p

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Good Morning Grey Cold Thursdayyyy!!!

Supppp Ya'lll!!
Don't ask me why i'm in such a good mood haha!! I did wake up with dry throat...n my mumma used her motherly instincts to make me a mug of pei pa kow..its like a cooling syrup hot drink thats good for when you are ill or going to get ill...it tastes amazinggg!! haha!!

I'm gonna work wid my melon today..thats another good reason to be happy :D
I dunno...just know that u have the power to make ur day turn from a crappy one to an awesome one!!!

Here a song that made me jump around abit this morning...it kinda helps to just live in the NOW and enjoy every second as it comes sometimes...an amazing book i read about that was called "the power of now' by Eckhart Tolle.. was recommended to me by my 2nd portugese mother- isabel!! :)

2012 by jay sean and nicki minaj!!

TLC for Jess xxx

My bestie told me she was coming down with sumfin n she really can't afford to get ill since shes doing her final yr in uni.... so i popped by to her house to give her some suppliments to prevent her getting even more ill...hopefully it'll make her feel better so she can focus on her projects :) She my bestfriend so i gotta take care of the people i care about :)

It's been so long since i visited her house, her mom..me, jess n her younger sis ( who also is graced witht he same name as me) had somefin to eat...well mainly me n jen coz we both fin work n didnt eat anyfin..so we stuffed our faces with everyfin below :D

I know this is random but i painted my nails when i was at work lol!! used all the testers for the new Fall collection.. These nail varnishes cost £9.99 each!!  expensive right?? It's because this brand is the most chemical free n natural nail polish on the market... They have crazy names like ' Big smokes' 'Victoriann' 'Bumster' and 'All hail Mcqueen' :D I couldn't decide which one to use so i used all of them hahahaaa!! Check it out!! Looks crazy huh??

 Oh and the ring is from Mikey, got it on my jewelry allowance when i used to work there. x


Chillin wid mah fili'zz

Just chillin at my old workplace with fili family!! good timezz i had here... Listening to music...catchin up!! Makes this place worth goin back to coz i was here for 4 yrs before i up n left to do what i had to do...

I know...look at what we got up to O_o
We couldn't recognize ourselves!!! xD

Love these crazy manyaks!!

I'm invited to their work xmas party so yay!! something to look forward to!! Usually do have an awesome time!!

anywayz..this is 1 of the tunes we were chillin to

enjoy! x

My lunch

Thought I'd send a pic of my lunch before I tuck in since it looks so pretty!! Ermmm I ordered makeral teriaki with veg tempura bento and green tea! Bon apetiti!!

Bento lunch

I'm in Camden today!! N it's been awhile since I've had lunch of any
sort..so I'm at bento cafe japan in Camden..always walk past, never
been in so ima give it a try today!!

I love the sumo poster at the back!! Awesomeee!!

Think these are specials which look good but it's not like ima have a full on meal on my ones!! I ordered a lunchtime bento box n some green tea :)

It's funny coz they playing Japanese Christmas songs!! Same beats as the traditional ones, jus changed the language!! I wonder how Christmas is like in japan!?! My mom told me she didnt even know what christmas was untill she came to this country!! Well it's on my to do list!! :) x

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My favourite Sit-Com!!

you know how we all go through a phase of havin favourite tv shows n stuff u enjoy spendin time watching...well mines is "How i met your mother"!! I really think this show is genius!! i don't think i laugh as much as i do with any other show besides friends ( Hi6 if you're a friends fan!!)

My favourite character is Barney!!! He's crazy n i just can't help but recycle all his jokes and lines... His most famous one :" This is going to be LENGEN....wait for itt.................................DARYYY!!! LENGENDARYYYY!!! :D
I got my younger sis lyn hookd on this show aswell :D but then again she got me hooked on 'The big bang theory' its funny but i dnt think it beats how i met your mother... For those of u who's never given it a chance n seen it, u shud sooo try it!!

The lastest episode was sooooo funnnyy..it's had a twist on the LOST character Hurley..with lines in reference to that show..Awesomeee!!! Heres a link to that episode..about Thanksgiving..which is tomorrow!! I know we dont celebrate it in the UK but if its a recognised day to give thanks...why does it matter what part of the world you live in...giving thanks n being grateful is worth reflecting on!! :)

i watch all my sitcom from this site...save it coz u get new episodes everyweek..andddd if ur super bored...watch how i met your mother season 1-6 :D goood timezzzz!!


23 november 2010

I had a pretty full on day today, hench, the late blog post im doing now...I had an eye infection, so i ran around to different optometrists to sort it out..in the end, i paid a ridiculous amount of money to get it check and be told that i need to get these eye drop from boots!! I was real annoyed but never the less..i found out that my eye health was awesome! i rushed around to my office, rushed to reebok sports club again to do my thing...

it was a  nice evening... i wanted to start my new workout routine today but with my ex personal trainer boss with me, he said i should take some device he has to measure my day to day calorie burn for 2 weeks and not change a thing..in that effect, after, we would have a detail analysis of what i need to do to lose weight or improve my health overall..tellin me whats the cause etc... sooo ima get that device on thursday at my office...i gta wear it everyday doin what i do...even when i sleep!! so lets see how that goes..so therefore..i can't continue my new detox plan :( see told u i might fail miserable!!! hah!! nah..vincey boss told me this wud be the most effect way of personalising my routine to me and how my body works.. so we'll see huh... In the meantime, thats not to say ima compromise on my health... I'm still takin my suppliments, havin my 2 litres of water a day..havin my superfoods ( i like to practice what i preach!!) and not changin anyfin about my lifestyle or diet untill these 2 weeks are up... :D
After work, i had some Spanish Rioja wine and nuts my boss recommend to me..it was pretty good.. And during this time, it give me a chance to learn more about the business world i wanna enter..

I'm kinda lucky i have 2 awesome experienced and knowledgeable role models as my bosses... I not only learn about health etc..but entrepreneurial skill and mind sets that i have already always had as a kid growing up... i learn so much sucess stories to way to going about an idea and skills to obtain... I'm only 22 and i do love my job..i hardly see it as a job to be honest...i'm investing my time into learning things no teacher or uni can teach me... and it is awesome!!! :D


Reebok Sports Club

So i worked at this impressive gym today and all i can say is WOWW!!! It's amazing!! uno the membership is like £100 odd per month!!  I can see why, it has every thing but on top of that it is literally amazing and luxurious!! My 2nd boss who is my bosses buisness partner is a close friend to the owner of this club and so he introduced me to all the important people i needed to know and hearing about the background info, i am impressed!! basically... they are ballin!! 

I was abit nervous being in an environment where i'm not used to, iron pumping giants all coming up to me asking me questions purely about how these product would benefit their physic..and i am not used to that..i look at it on a health and healing perspective, not a purely vain perspective..so it was weird for me... but i got the hang of it.. actually, i did very well...i felt like i was bringing awareness to these people's lives and informing them about how amazing their health could improve was a pleasure.. :)

This gym had a restaurant, bar, full size bball court, a pool, a spa, like 100s of cardio machines, a rock climbin wall, theres even an ice rink just outside of it!! Check out the pics!! 

So theres 3 floors to this huge ass sports club...im on the 1st floor view..
This was a view from my stand and the gym round right around like a ring on each floor...
This was the rock climbing wall right behind the stairs going to all 3 floors... ground floor was the spa and reception and restaurant..1st floor was lots of cardio, bball court, boxing ring, weights, studio rooms, stretching etc...and i cant remember what was on the 2nd floor but its just as big so u can imagine...theres like 8000 member here n they all friggin pay £120odd every month.. O_O
This is a view from ground floor of the sports club...its not actually ground level..its pretty high up...This is where i get all my fruits blended freshly made into juice so i really dnt have to make up my samples myself...Everyone was really nice...and best of all...my boss sorting me out so i can work out here for free wenever!! awesomeness!! Great kick start into my new health detox routine!! I'll be here tomo so i'll update on what else my small world mind is so amazed about!!! :p

Clumsy ol me!!!

I have an awesome friend who sent me a sample of this green tea called Do Matcha to try because she said it's amazing and people r goin crazy over it...soooo i thought i feel like tryin sumfin new right now...lemme see how good this bad boi really is!! ok..so that lil container in the pic...retails for £25.99!! OMGGG right?!!!  So lemme tell you why this tea is all the hype...

DoMatcha is a japanese green tea originating from Kyoto Japan that has amazing health benefit..the royals, zen monks n the samurai's all drank it apparently... It is basically the the youngest 3 leaves on the tops of the tea plants grounded to a veryyy fine powder..and i mean veryy fine..u'll know why later!! So coz its the whole leaf you're drinking, u get the benifits of better energy levels, antioxidants, makes u feel relaxed..boosts your metabolism by up to 40% if u drink it regularly..detoxes and overall..is 137 times more potent than regular steeped green tea.. pretty big claims they makin huh?? i do love my green tea so here goes..

She sent me a bamboo whisk and a stand for it aswell to make the tea the way its made traditionally...

So i wanted the proper version...i got my bamboo design mug out too hehe!! n i followed the recipe..

 So i had to whisk it up ..n like the bamboo curled out compared to when it was dry O_o i know that not interesting but ima loser so it does to me... :p
 I tried to make the green tea latte by adding some soya milk...i have to say...it wasn't half bad...it was actually really nice... but uno what..like an IDIOTT!! i had to go n split the whole pot all over the floor... O_O i noooooooo!! what a wasteeee!!!
I know i didn't pay for it but stilll...it went all over the floor, my slippers..my panda pj's ANDDD my abercrombie hoody!!! :'(  How clumbsy can i get huh?? i'm left with just abit under half a pot of that tea now...hmmmm... not the end of the world...everythings on quick wash mode...i hope it didn't stain!! >_<'

Still i enjoyed the tea...jus gna make sure i close that mofo properly next time..and hustle me another sample :p
goodnight pplz x


Sunday night innn

Hey pplzz.. So i really didnt eat anyfin all day...i dunno..was just havin one of those no appetite days...i no..shock horror since i talk about food so much right?!?!!! i had my 1st meal at 8pm n it was kinda jus like..put sumfin in my mouth so i dnt pass out kinda meal... 

anywayss..X FACTOR!! uno they were miming that charity song right...like the sounding was so wrong.. n that last person to stay in b4 the sing off...me and mah bro was actually like..wagnor wagnor!!! and wen he sed wagnor we both were like YESSSSSS!!! lol...honestly dnt take it so seriously...ppl got money to waste to piss simon cowell off then let them...if u really care that much...then vote right?? 
I DIDDDD however was screaming take it to deadlockkkk wen louie  had to vote...coz i feel like cher may have used some crocodile tears to get more sympathy... paiji is like a big ball of sunshine...i know he wont win but he deserved a fair vote... :(

Yup.. x factor is my guilty pleasure on the weekends..so is this!!

i'm not a huge fan on candy and all things sweet..but this chocolate is dayummmm gudddd!!!! probably 1 of the healthiest chocolates too since its got raw cacao nibs in it ( thats raw chocolate) try it.. :D

Sunday reflections...

Some words of reflection i'd like to share with you from my mentor in life.. Mr Coelho..

What make people weak? Their need for validation and recognition...

We are born with the fear of falling & the fear of loud
noises. All other fears are acquired...

The only power you have is the power of your decisions...

Tears are words that need to be written...

I'm proud of the scars in my soul. They remind me that I have an intense life...

It is Doubt that makes us grow because it forces us to look fearlessly at the many answers that exist to one question...

When life hits you hard, don't complain. Cry out loud, curse, but don't complain. You are not a victim...



ok i talk about food alot but we all gotta eat right?? I had an 'Innocent thai curry veggie pot' for lunch and right now, im eatin some homemade steamed dumpling buns...stuffin my face!!
i'm waiting for x factor to come on... yea...sorry haterz...i'm a fan and i dnt care if wagnor is still in!!

F f f reezziinggg!!!

Todaay I was at north london stoke newington n it is actually superrrr cold!! I can't wait to go home n hibernate!! This place is actually awesome...all the food n clothing stores around church st have authentic and unique look to them...
I actually got a free bus ride here...I didn't have money on my oyster card n the driver was nice n jus let me jump on...god bless u mr bus driver..I wuda been late for work :)
I might go out tonight, depending on what the chicas r sayin...but forreal I need a hot coco n some marshmallows right nw!!!! F f f freezzinnnnn!!!
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Revolutions bar

I went here for my 19th bday..got smashd n never ever went again!! but i'm gonna give my bro a lift to this bar tonight.. it's very unique coz they make their own flavoured vodkas..and lucky for me..someone took a shot for me that was the chilli flavoured one!! dodged that bullet!! check out the flavours!!
i only like vodka in cocktails now...allow shots!! but if i were to, the strawberry vanilla one sounds good!! :p

Vietnams national dish... Pho!!! My favourite!

It's yummy..chicken or beef..I prefer chicken but Mumma put beef on
mines :s oh well! Tastiest soup noodles ever!! Takes hours to get that
perfect pho..n it's all in the soup!! :D


couple of birthdays i forgot to mention since i started this blog... It was my older sister's birthday diana yesterday!! We celebrated it last sunday in a restaurant by the riverbank called Dim T..it was nice..i stole loads of fortune cookies!! LOADSSSS!!! :D Here are some pics from that!!
 This was the restaurant.

This was the view of tower bridge from where i was sitting inside.
And this was what i ordered..Me and a selected few other poorer people didnt get the set menu coz it cost too much!! so i jus ordered the sweet coconut rice noodles with chicken and a passionfruit lemonade!! it was nice and just aswell, i couldnt even finish it!! lucky i didnt get the set menu!! Hi5 poor people!! :D

It was my 2 brotherz n homiez John and peter's 21 and 22 bday this week too..happy birthday to them too!! But most importantly someone very special to me has their birthday coming up this weekend... :D :D :D excited!! i'm excited for everyone elses bday apart from my owns!! Happy birthday to anyones birthdays thats this month!! scorpio's r awesome!!

God, please delay that day when i get another yr older !! O_o
hehe x