...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



A walk home..

Detoxing my life... a phrase i've mentioned to a couple of people now.. spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.. 
I was in central london with my younger sis and we both opted to walk home instead of taking the bus... it is quite a walk but the whole effect of just soaking up the beauty of the city i was born in was refreshing and i haven't done that in a long time... it was tranquil and peaceful..i felt like it was therapy for the soul..
I only took a few snaps with my hipstamatic for the blog but really..if you spend so much time try to capture a beautiful image through a lens..you lose out on the whole beauty of the scenery itself through your eyes...
Hope you guys enjoy the pictures..i hope everyone has an awesome new yrs eve tomo x

Mexican vinyl

This place called vinyl was quite cool actually..me and my friend came jus by pure curiousity and it was awesome! Its a bar/restaurant... nice atmosphere, nice chilled decor..they do happy hour halfpriced cocktails from 5-9pm everyday so we sampled some of their original sounding cocktails...very nice..very unique..its wasn't even expensive!
we ordered a snack to share..some tortilla chip with all the salsa, sour cream and guacamole with cheese n cajun chicken topping.. man it was huge!! between 2 people, we couldn't even finish it n it cost like £6.50?? and it was really really nice!! i dno if the picture does it justice but it was like a mountain of food!! lol!
it worth a visit if you feel to try something new..its dead cheap and nice anyways!! :)

Xmas season foods..

Here are jus a few snaps of the kinda foods i had around christmas that i didnt find time to upload..
Went for a 3 course fine dining dinner with my family and without even ordering any dessert..i got given this chocolate yule log..im so glad i did try it tho..it was so amazing!!
The is chinese hot pot... all the raw foods are places around a steel bowl of broth and whatever you want to eat..you put into the broth for a few minutes and then fish it out and eat it.. it's usually mainly seafood and fresh leafy greens and shitaki mushrooms...we had like silken tofu,seasoned tofu, different flavoured fish balls, squid, king prawns, vietnamese nom salad..
This is thinly sliced rolls of beef..same thing, u dip it into the broth to cook it abit and then eat it straight away...it was so tender and yummy.. ay.. food glorious food huh?!!



A few moments of silence each day reminds us of who we are..beings of peace..
It reminds us of our purpose in life, that we are God's children and that our task is to live together with respect, tolerance, dignity and trust..

learn to meditate people...


Freshly made dumplings

Gow Jee dumpling..yummy steamed and then lightly grilled...
one of my moms specialties :)

The Grinch

When u think of the grinch, you think of a mean, green, christmas hating machine...but i love him coz hes just like that on the outside...as much as he tries to hide that caring side of him...he eventually shows his heart and love and gets accepted by the village he tried to ruin christmas for..

I love the Grinch!!
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My favourite scene from the movie hero...
flying snow is my gyal :D
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True storiezz :D


Just having some fun with the destroyer Renee!! we played with tons of her new toys!! This was 1 of them that i got her..built a moet castle!! lol!!

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xmas eve

So i actually did go and make my own mulled wine :D used sugar, cinnamon sticks, orange peel n juice, cloves, bay leaf and plenty of freshly grated nutmeg!! it was awesome!!

Last night me and ma sis just curled up by the tree n watched loads of christmas Friends episodes, drinkin mulled wine, we had cookie dough ice cream n jus chillaxd!! I slept like a baby!!! :D

Christmas with the princess

This christmas was cute...it all revolved around one person...one lil person... princess Renee :)


Christmas eve lunch!!

I forgot my headphones today..which sucked coz I'm so used to having 
my music playin whiles the city around me bussles with energy!! But it 
was ok..gave me a chance to really soak up the atmosphere of Christmas 
eve!! I was at Camden today, a place that's always electric with 
people n it was even more so today!! It was actually nice be out on a 
London Xmas eve!! :)
I got to have Christmas lunch with the staff today!! And I was 
soooooooo shocked that they prepared such a big meal for everyone!! 
The turkey looked good!! They had all the trimmings-risotto, mash, 
sweet potato mash (that was awesome!) all the veg and fresh creamy 
gravy n cranberry sauce!! They even had nut loaf for the vegans and an 
amazing apple pie for dessert!! As u can imagine..I was fed well!! :D 
and u wonder why I say I love work!! Lol :p
On my way home I soaked in the propa Christmas spirit.. Brixton was 
buzzing!! Hundreds f people doing their last min shopping..we had 
Christmas steel pans drumming music like we should be in the 
carribbean! Carol singers and guys dressed up in furry animal suits to 
raise money for charities!! It was just a beautiful russling n 
bussling Christmas energy on my way home..it's very nice to feel the 
positive energy in everyone today!!

Good Morning!! It's Christmas eve!!!

There's only 1 day untill christmas!! everyone excited??? I am kinda but kinda not at the sametime too... i was suppose to be spending my holiday season 4000miles away but plans changed so i'm here...workin and doin what i gotta do..its cool tho...alota people actually happy im spending it here...and i get to be with my family too so thats awesome i guess :)

I know this sounds crazy, if u were given the choice, would u work christmas eve?? mosta u prob say.. no...u'll be kickin it bk watching christmas films n chillin n preparing for xmas day right?? well i figured i didn't have to, but i could do with a nice big fat payslip nx week..plus i do love my job more when i'm workin with an awesome team of people!! lol!! so i'm working today...not till late or anything..just till mid afternoon..then i'll head bk home :)

I really haven't watched any christmas tv yet..like i remember when i was lil, me and lyn used to jus be watchin loads of awesome movies and it made us so happy to jus curl up under the tree and listen to christmas songs in our pj's :) I did however watch santa clause 1,2 and 3 with my love already earlier last month so i guess thats my xmas fix..hey, i even watched cinderella 1 and 2!! :D yeaaaa maynnn we took it bk to the old skool!! lol!!

I'm super craving some mulled wine!! :p i had some lastweek in camden lock market and it was amazing!! must get a good recipe today and attempt it myself later on!! :D i really wouldn't mind gettin drunk on that stuff!! :p any suggestions??

Sooooooo what is everyone else up to today?? it'll be nice to know!! :D

coconut waterrrrr!!

coconut water is high in eletrolytes and potassium.. so good for u..and this is my favourite


Jeniniooo the gangstaa LMAO!!!

Me and my homie Mendoza acting like we were 16 again! LOL nah i did not carry a gun on me wen i was 16..p.s its not a real gun so dnt freak out on me ere!! We both talked and sumwhat dressed quite 'ghetto' bk in the dayz but we were discussing how it made us un approachable bk then n abit anti social lookin but it wasn't really who we were...because I'm awesomely nice and in my art n design class bk in college-i was one of the most bubbly and creative students there..but u'd only know that if u were in my class or in the design department..mendoza was the same!! Bopped around like an idiot american baller,well he is a baller anywayz but the thought still made him cringe lol.. like he was too cool for skool..but really he's an awesome friend-a nice lil mamas boy really hahahhaa!!

Do u think I look evil? Like ima pop a cap in yo ass if u don't give me mah money right noww!!! Lol!!
This is just to show that people judge me by the cover a lot..n I dnt mind, hey-thats not a bad thing..but u shud always try to take a 2nd look n find out coz a lot of the times..its just an appearance..that person inside cud be really awesome :)

Just to be clear...from time to time wen i'm not botherd, i wud dress abit thuggd out because the clothes r comfy..uno..tracksuits n tees and a cap if my hairs a mess...it don't mean ima "rude gurl" or anyfin... jus pure laziness and comfort :D This pic was jus for fun..Jeniniooo the gangstaa hahahahha!! posing like 'im ardddd!!' lol!!

O_o pads for men?!!!

Me and my younger sis noticed this hidden completely away from ur 
usual bodycare section at the supermarket..in fact, it was the side 
aisle of the alcohol section!!
We laughhhhhhhhed so much because the box actually said as a a point 
of sale "extra discreet masculine box" it's basically a sanny pad for 
men!!look at the illustration!! XD
N these are the full on nappies for adults :D never seen them in my 
life in a supermarket!! I know, some random post about tena lady 
products!! Haha!!

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Reflecting on the love...

For the past few days that i have been out n about working and seeing alot of people i know and love...and i have really started to notice the love being sent to me...

i know..confused?? well for example... a lady i've know as a health fanatic for years as a customer saw me the other day and thanked me graciously for introducing her to the elite range i promote, swearing by how amazing it makes her feel and her spreading the word..i was very honoured when she told me she made a prayer to god to look after me and protect me..and that nothing bad will come my way aslong as she thinks of me...like its random but wow...she doesn't even know me and she's thought so much of me to do that..

also, a random woman overheard me talking to a friend about an accident i had and suddenly came over to give me a hug and some comforting words and then a small book called 'ultimate questions'..it was very nice of her but it was very random...

i've recieved texts from people showing they wanna be as good of a friend to me as i would to them.. random bb msg like "Jen you are amazing" (jesss!! xD) like its random..msgs, txts, workmate..people that dnt even know me...maybe it's the christmas spirit or those crystals i carry around in my bra are actually working alot stronger n drawing in positive and loving people towards me...i dunnoo..whatever it is...i'm aknowledging it and it makes me feel grateful...very fortunate...very blessed..and makes me want to share my love to everyone too... haha- yea i'm starting to sound all hippyish and peace signs and flowers kinda talk :p but honestly...thank you for the love..the caring parts within you all...

man i wish i was just the nicest person in the world!! still got alot of awesomeness to learn 1st...
Quote of the day...

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.. It's something we're all not born with..but we all have to capability to learn...



So this dinner party has kicked off...its not really my friends and my siblings vi and lyn arent home yet so i don't feel to socialise without them at present...haha..why u'd think im updating my blog now instead of being with the people???
I didn't have everything on the table to offer, my sis jus made my plate up for me..
Im not used to eating roasts but ray, my sisters boyfriend put alot of effort into this beef joint and i have to say, it was really gooood!! In christmas times..i do have my favourite festive foods...i love parsnips!! i make the best honey roasted parsnips..these lot today didn't even cook it properly...watch in christmas eve..i get cooking happy myself :D

I love stuffing!! it has to be crunchy n golden outside and soft inside..again..my own way of makin it is the best!! :p

I'm soooo looking forward to cooking my christmas dinner...Everyone objected to turkey this yr (which sucks coz i actually like it) so we gna be doin abit of a mish mash...i'll keep ya posted :)


I've been working every single day since last sat and coz i've been putting in the longer hours to make some extra cash..i've literally been takin it easy and chillin at home with the fam!!

Today i had a super duper shake for breakfast that i put tons of superfoods in there!! i've dosed up on wheatgrass and barleygrass juice also so i was flying today!! lol.. high off the good kinda green u cud say :p i went to work in nutri- my old workplace n i was worked to my bones because alota people still went to me for help..i did it almost all day helpin everyone untill i got fed up of the pushy customers n jus sed "uno what, i dont work here no more so really, i'm doing u a favour" and walked off :D some people seriously walk around like their farts don't stink!! stupseeeeeeee!!!

One of my besties has flown back home to sweden today!! :( i kept sayin i'ma miss her and i really did today...yea im gna see her in the new yr but i guess i got accustomed to the silly and funny things we get up to when together...aiii if ur readin this melon- bring me back somefin awesome!! :D

Theres a big dinner party at my house tonight...update ya later about it ;)


I <3 this necklace!! :D

Took this pic coz i noticed i seem to take more pics of other people and things rather than myself..i'm not always photogenic so i avoid if possible but i guess im not camera shy.. gosh i look tired in here!! gonna put a nice facial mask on, curl up in bed and watch sumfin funny!!! don't worry, i wont use a clay one to freeze my face!! xD

Goodnight peoplez xx

Work & chill monday!!

Today i'm had a long but enjoyable day!! i was working but i got to catch up with some familiar faces, customers who know me, funny people, hang with my tibetan crew, like athough i put in alot of hours today, time went by so fast coz i was having fun!! i got to eat the most amazing pies ever for free, i literally got fed very well whiles working and doing what i do best..being Miss Elite and showcasing the elite products!! :D I'm workin at the same place tomo so i'm in a good mood for tomo!! :)

It's started to snow again today!! forreal its weird to have a white christmas in London of all places..but i hope it doesn't get too heavy...at least not to the point where i cannot drive my baby paris around :s ( oh btw..i named my car Paris lol! don't hate..uno u like it too... xD)

Later today my bestie came around with her fiance to chill out with me and we exchanged gifts..and we both really went all out with the wrapping and ribbons n decorating of the gifts!! lol..whatchu expect...we were both always the 2 top highrollers in our design course back in college :p

I love this picture!!! i let her try on 1 of my gowns and because it was so long..she stood on a stool lol!! Imagine it was normal for women to be taller than men LMAO!! cutest couple ever!! x


Christmas tree

Everyone still put up their trees this yr?

here's mines that I decorated all by myself..yep..no1 wanted to help me, just sat and watched..and really, I don't normally do the decorating..

Soo whatchu think of my tree?!! Bought all the lights and decorations myself..and I dno why, but blue and silver was a theme I pictured instantly..I opted for artifical tree because I am kinda against being part of killing trees..it's the most saddest thing at the end of the year to see 5 or 6 dead Christmas trees at each end of my road..I just think it's horrific!! :( if u want the fresh pine smell, use an oil burner n get a few drops of forest pine essential oil in some water..if anything, it's more fragrant that way!!


Annoying look.. O_o

One thing that really bugs me is this look of jeans and shoes/boots!! Gosh isn't it unattractive?! The jeans are baggy but short so they hang straight!! And then u have the bulky shoe boots and it just looks so old man/ yuck! This boy was very young aswell but I'm pretty sure his mother dressed him!! Guys, if u wear baggy jeans..it need the crease up abit at the bottom or folded..and with a hot pair of sneaks..if u wanna wear shoes with ur jeans..make them more slim fit on the bottom..not skinny..I'm not a fan of skinny jeans on guys really O_o

Yea..totally random but if ur my friend, dnt ever let me see u rockin this look..I'll murder u!!

Thanks Thupten!

Today for lunch my friend Thupten treated me to butternut squash soup and bread..weathers really cold so soup was perfect and it tastes really good!! My friends r so nice to me!! :D

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Totally random

I know, who da hell has a favourite water??!! water is water right??!!
I have my own special 8 level water filter system called santevia which is the most alkalising mineral water ever..but wen im out, i do buy water..and although expensive.i like the taste this Fiji water xD it's all the way from Fiji c'mon!! xD

The Silence

I actually love this song by alexandra.. it's so powerful and emotional and she looks so amazing in this video!! I dislike silence.. how you feel and whats on your mind makes me a better friend if you share it through body language or by talking..

Share your worries with me and i'll halve them.. Share your happiness with me and i'll double it for u..


Xmas shopping!

Ok I only really bought presents for one person and she's the smallest 
being I love..that's right..my rascal niece ReneĆ©!! And err yea..I 
went all out..all that stuff from harrods was for the lil 1..and I 
have to say..they are super awesome gifts!!

And this mofo here was the 1 I went shopping with..he hooked me up 
with some discount so I couldn't really complain! Legoman is actually 
a pretty sick dancer, in fact..he's awesome!! ..although me n him 
fought like cats n dogs since young,he's actually like a brother to me 
n it's all love really!!

Coz I'm evil..I might just have to expose and mention that u can find 
him dancing ridiculously gay in alexandra burkes video 'start without 
you' xD sorry geekface, old news but had to be done on here! :D

Guess who's back :)

Sup ya'll!!
It has been weeks since i've gotten back onto my blog and its weird, almost every thought or thing i did i wanted to write about but i resisted because i really needed a break of thinking too much.

I've been doing alot of meditation n physical exercise lately and i do feel tons better.. :)

I really do miss writing so hopefully, i don't bore u people with my random thoughts n doings.

I haven't been in contact or communicating with alot of people lately but im good, im oki, just needed me time n liquid sunshine n some awesomeness :D

Btw i changed my blog address because i wanted to avoid stalkerish crazy chicks i know O_o


:D I hope my writing has been missed!! xxx


Happy Birthday Bro!!!

For my beloved brothers birthday today, he picked an awesome restaurant called Busaba Eat-thai.. With my siblings, my cousin and a big group of awesome people who love my bro enough to be there for his 25th..i had an awesome night..Food as u will see below is amazing....restaurant looks nice and atomosphere was electric!! Heres a few pics of the food to get u salivating :D
Thai chicken green curry.
Pandan Chicken and Prawn pomelo ( that i didnt like so much)
Butternut squash chicken and the best calamari ever!! Literally...our table had like 5 bowls of them!!
Chok Chai chicken salad (my dish..was alil too spicy lol!)
And the ever beloved birthday boy stuffing his face..who i kept stealin food from..  xp
Thank u for such a lovely evening bro.. love u x


The best toilet signs i have ever seen... O_o

Male... xD
Female!! Double LMAO!!

It took a few of us some time to work out what was what..but it diffinately made me laughhhhhh!! :D


Puppy eyes..

Is this not the cutest look in the world??? My niece isn't very well...and she just woke up in this pic...n all she could do was stare at me with those big brown eyes of innocence!! This 16 monther makes me 1 proud auntie Jeniniooo!! x


As promised!!

I got myself some liquid sunshine today!! it tastes awesome!! and its perfect coz 1 tablespoon is 5000iu's!! I definately recommend this coz it tastes like fruit squash! So go out n get urself some vitamin D please people.. love and more love x


Thought of the day..Vitamin D and love! :D

Hey ya'll... i know alota people have gotten used to me writing something everyday..and judging from the recent feedback i've been getting...i am pleased that alot of people enjoy my random rants a few times a day.. :D

And i know i haven't been blogging much at all..i know i don't have to post something everyday but i did get accustomed to it and i also enjoyed it.. but on another note...i am going to have abit of a blogging pause this week... please don't get concerned or anything, i am oki :) i just to spend some time focusing on other aspects of my life..everyone needs a balance right??

I do try to be as good of an influence to others as i am on myself...and i know i'm not perfect or anything...i mess up too..and i am always trying to better myself and not let yesterday ruin today...

my health hasn't been at its best...silly coz i should be taking medicine and suppliments my company gives me...but to be honest, i have not been looking after myself very well...it's like i know what i have to do to get well but im just not strong enough to do it.... a saying i recently been saying to myself..

You need to lose yourself.. to find yourself again...

And on another note...some great advice from my love, as we don't get enough sun in this country..it can really affect your mood...the majority of us are Vitamin D deficient and natural sunlight shud normally make u feel happy because it feed us vitamin D when it touches our skin... alot of us feel abit under the weather sometimes because od SAD..no i don't mean ur sad... Seasonal Affective Disorder... make sure u get at least 2,500iu's-5000iu's of vitamin D in u everyday..and you're sure to start feeling better again...i'll go in on this one with u guys...this one i'ma go out n purchase and do it myself..i promise :)

I will be back soon!! sending love and light to everyone x


Name twin!! well actually we sorta do look alike!! O_o

Me and a very good friend of mines caught up over dinner at west coast. It wasn't even that expensive but the portion they gave me was huge!! cudn't finish it >_<
It was really nice catching up with my fellow name buddy (vietnamese name twin)...it really has been a long time and this girl has been nothing but a pleasure to get to know over the past couple of years..and i am superrrrrrrr happy for her in life!! :D I feel so honoured to be apart of it!! 

Although i was full, i know this girl looks at desserts b4 food..i knew she wanted dessert!! I got an apple pie and she got a chocolate brownie sundae and i swear, all i saw was cream and 2 flakes!! O_o
After dinner, just spent quality time with her and her husband at their house and i had the best time just looking at their wedding videos i never got to see!! nothing but love on this blog xxx