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Sunday night innn

Hey pplzz.. So i really didnt eat anyfin all day...i dunno..was just havin one of those no appetite days...i no..shock horror since i talk about food so much right?!?!!! i had my 1st meal at 8pm n it was kinda jus like..put sumfin in my mouth so i dnt pass out kinda meal... 

anywayss..X FACTOR!! uno they were miming that charity song right...like the sounding was so wrong.. n that last person to stay in b4 the sing off...me and mah bro was actually like..wagnor wagnor!!! and wen he sed wagnor we both were like YESSSSSS!!! lol...honestly dnt take it so seriously...ppl got money to waste to piss simon cowell off then let them...if u really care that much...then vote right?? 
I DIDDDD however was screaming take it to deadlockkkk wen louie  had to vote...coz i feel like cher may have used some crocodile tears to get more sympathy... paiji is like a big ball of sunshine...i know he wont win but he deserved a fair vote... :(

Yup.. x factor is my guilty pleasure on the weekends..so is this!!

i'm not a huge fan on candy and all things sweet..but this chocolate is dayummmm gudddd!!!! probably 1 of the healthiest chocolates too since its got raw cacao nibs in it ( thats raw chocolate) try it.. :D

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