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Reebok Sports Club

So i worked at this impressive gym today and all i can say is WOWW!!! It's amazing!! uno the membership is like £100 odd per month!!  I can see why, it has every thing but on top of that it is literally amazing and luxurious!! My 2nd boss who is my bosses buisness partner is a close friend to the owner of this club and so he introduced me to all the important people i needed to know and hearing about the background info, i am impressed!! basically... they are ballin!! 

I was abit nervous being in an environment where i'm not used to, iron pumping giants all coming up to me asking me questions purely about how these product would benefit their physic..and i am not used to that..i look at it on a health and healing perspective, not a purely vain perspective..so it was weird for me... but i got the hang of it.. actually, i did very well...i felt like i was bringing awareness to these people's lives and informing them about how amazing their health could improve was a pleasure.. :)

This gym had a restaurant, bar, full size bball court, a pool, a spa, like 100s of cardio machines, a rock climbin wall, theres even an ice rink just outside of it!! Check out the pics!! 

So theres 3 floors to this huge ass sports club...im on the 1st floor view..
This was a view from my stand and the gym round right around like a ring on each floor...
This was the rock climbing wall right behind the stairs going to all 3 floors... ground floor was the spa and reception and restaurant..1st floor was lots of cardio, bball court, boxing ring, weights, studio rooms, stretching etc...and i cant remember what was on the 2nd floor but its just as big so u can imagine...theres like 8000 member here n they all friggin pay £120odd every month.. O_O
This is a view from ground floor of the sports club...its not actually ground level..its pretty high up...This is where i get all my fruits blended freshly made into juice so i really dnt have to make up my samples myself...Everyone was really nice...and best of all...my boss sorting me out so i can work out here for free wenever!! awesomeness!! Great kick start into my new health detox routine!! I'll be here tomo so i'll update on what else my small world mind is so amazed about!!! :p

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