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My Bucket List

Definition of a Bucketlist: In plain english..Thing i wanna do before i leave this world and go to heaven (well i hope so anyways!) ^__^ 
Living in the present and not in the past.. Look to the future but don't get too ahead of yourself either... There are a number of things that i have always wanted to do in my life... You never know which day will be your last right... Some might be unachievable but its the dream the dreamer dreams that matters right?? :p I've mentioned having a bucketlist a few times on this blog but i've never written it all down before... So here it is... Don't laugh!! >___<

Oh btw, it's veryyyyy long so listen to some piano music whiles you read...One of my all time favourites- First Love by Utada Hikaru. ^___^

 My Bucket List
Own a picture blog collection of people from all around the world holding a sign saying "I <3 Jeniniooo" (Please be apart of my dream..Click here  to part of my collection)

Watch the sunrise with someone on a rooftop.

Star gaze whiles there is a full moon laying on the rooftop of a car. 

Learn to ride a horse.

See a total eclipse of the moon. 

Design a product that makes an impact.

Visit at least 5 of Frank Gehrys Buildings he designed. (1 so far)

Meet Ron Aran or own one of his designs.

Visit all 7 continents.

Eat Pho in Vietnam. 

Be like spiderman and be awesome at rock climbing.

Live in a different country for at least six months.

Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Be seranaded in song.

Go to a Greek/Egyptian wedding.

Buy a homeless person a full meal. 

Clock all the final fantasys series from 7 onwards.

Kiss someone i love under a mistletoe.

Paint something on canvas.

Run through a field of sunflowers.

Read the whole bible. 

Witness someone i love be changed by Christ.

Host a Slumber party

Stay at the executive suite of a 5* hotel and go all out on room service!

Give someone a genuine autograph

Visit the NY planetarium and star gaze

Stay at the Ritz in NYC and visit toy store (home alone style :D)

See a metor shower with my own eyes

See a shooting star with my own eyes

witness the Aurora sky (Northern lights)

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Meditate under a waterfall.

Master drifting like in Inital D.

Get my portrait painted by a street artist.

Throw a drink in someones face.

Telepathically communicate with a dog.

Visit Niagra Falls

Be hypnotized.

Own a Pug or a brown toy poodle (omg so cute!!). 

Knit something wearable.

Be a bridesmaid.

Become a maid of honour.

See Aura colours in people 

Invest in the stock market.

Pass on a family heirloom to my child.

Publish a book i wrote myself.

Master the acoustic guitar.

Ride in a limo.

Complete a journal.

Hi5 someone of high authority (like the prime minister or a court judge!)

Buy flowers for someone for no reason at all. 

Milk a cow.

Become a vegetarian for 6 months

Get in a taxi and yell, "follow that car!"

Be awesome at poker.

Ride a Camel.

Go to China and live in a shaolin temple for months of intensive training.

Trek the great wall of China.

Go to Mexico and visit the Ancient Mayan Pyramids.

Travel from A-Z of countries around the world.

Watch a world class football match live.

Survive a Hurricane.

Star gaze in the Sahara Desert.
Climb the Eiffel Tower.

Let off a sky lantern with a bunch of friends.

Go to carnival at Rio De Janeiro.

Work on a cruise ship for a year to save up.

Explore the Grand Canyon.

Ermm.. Go to Amsterdam to eat a space cake! >_< 

Visit a castle.

Witness a miracle

Become pro at using a DSLR camera.

Attach a padlock to a love bridge in Florence Italy.

Go fishing and catch a huge fish for dinner!

Scuba dive independantly.

Explore from south up to north of Vietnam.

Have a star named after me.

See the Christ Redeemer in Brasil.

Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Fly first class somewhere.

Learn how to snowboard/ ski

Sky dive off a plane.

Bungee jump off a ridiculous height

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Asia

Be someones date for a prom/dance.

Collect something unique.

Make a time capsule of 10 years.

Opened a time capsule after 10years.

Fire a gun or rifle.

Work for nothing in a third world country to help improve their quality of life.

Go travelling for a year and come back a changed person.

Adopt a child 

Run a marathon.

Sit in a coffee house in New York with my friends.


Set up my own charity.

Go on a helicopter.

Go Hiking in the rain forest.

Sell a painting of my owns for more that £500.

See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.

Visit the Stonehenges.

Visit the Egyptian Pyramids.

Get Married to a man who loves humanity,speaks kindness and makes me laugh!

Have a Baby (assuming i'm a pro at parenting with my adopted darlings^__^).

Make the front page of the newspaper.

Slow dance in the rain.

Live in Japan. 

Spend Christmas with all my cousins around the world in one place.

Go camping and make a log fire.

Have a 10 year anniversary celebration with the love of my life.

Live in Cambodia


Anonymous said...

LOVE. I pray that you will achieve your dreams and much more of what God has in store for you!

Unknown said...

Thank you!!! ^___^