...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



The Team Talk!

So today i went to church and i was really inspired by the talk given by Ben.. hes not a pastor or anything, just someone who is really passionate about God! And he was talking about recieving a team talk just before you go out into the game, the pitch, the world...  Like when you team leader gives you encouraging words and you get all pumped up to do your best when you break huddle! lol... he talk was sooo inspirational!! I loved it sooo much!! I won't go into it too much, because alot was based on scripture and examples lead by God talking to Joshua, Jesus talking to his diciples,  Paul speaking to the Ephesians... but he was pretty much telling us that if you want to make a difference in the world, what are you waiting for..why wait for others to do it... Be the movement and lead by being the example to everyone else!! I am pretty much the only Christian at my workplace.. in uni... i am 1 of 2 in my class of 90 odd people.. ( thank God i found a sister inmy class now... it has made life alot nicer knowing someone understands my way of life!) but i guess i am not making much of a movement in terms of preaching etc... I kinda don't want to be some bible basher to people because when i wasn't a christian.. i really hated those people lol!! But in my day to day life... there are things that i can do more to show that i am a child of God... to be a reflection of Christ.. Just things like serve others in your work, school and home life... show them what a real christian is suppose to be like when you life is filled with the love of the king of kings... :)

I really do try to be a nice person in general... and much of the time, i do it without realising... Sure i get taken advantaged of... and yeah people treat me bad because im too nice... but im finding the balance... i might justify cutting people out my life if after given a year, they still haven't changed their ways or have apologised or had any reflection or remorse... need i waste my energy on people like that... they drain me lol!!

So yeah.. this is my mini team talk... sharing is caring.... be the best that u can be and show the world how truely awesome you can be towards mankind.. and if ur actually some selfish, mean and bitter and negative bastard person naturally... CHANGE! That is all.


Happy Spring!

I know i look young... i kinda do it to myself  without realising because thats how i feel comfortable inside... I like wearing mens sweaters because they are loose and comfortable... it does make me look like a tramp but i'm a student..i don't really care anymore lol!  I do loveeeeeeeee this snap back though... it was my friends and he gave it to me as a birthday gift about 2 years ago because i kept trying to steal it!! :p I don't really know what happened to him... we were always good friends so maybe when he got a girlfriend..he cut me out... mehh... story of my life..i expect it when i have dudes as friends! moving on :)

Because its the start of spring, i wanted to take a moment to remind you all of new beginnings... Spring is when the snow melts, the flowers start to bloom.. the trees grow back their leaves and its warmer and sunnier again!! and we get more day light... ahhhhh.. isn't it just nice?!!
So no its not a the beginning of the year but u can still start a new habit only because the new life around us and sunlight just makes us more happy!! Starting a new fitness regime... well u can run outside...its not too cold anymore...new colours to your wardrobe, new room furniture and clean your room out of junk...new make up, new accessories.. new hair colour... ( hmmm should i change my hair colour..or at least get a hair cuttt!!!??) or it could be start a new beginning with a friendship or a relationship... if you have had enough time to mull over it and both parties are better than who they were before you fell out/broke up... why ot give it a try? Orrrr... get yourself out on the dating scene and try something new!!! speed dating? getting set up? go to a bar... orr sign up to a dating website!! HEY DON'T JUDGE lol.. i did it once! :p

Happy spring people!!

Milano... Firenze and Venice... Here i come..

I going to ITALY next week!! I am soooo excited!!! Its a trip organised by my school... we will be in milan for a week visiting the various design studios we all so admire in the world. Some of the biggest icons of design originated from Milan such as Lambohgini, Masaratti, Beretta, Alessi, Balatti etc and its an honor to get to see them on the inside for the first time in my life! I actually am pretty lucky, i entered a competition to get some of the costs for the trip funded and i was one of the winners! so its even better! :) After Milan, me and some of my friends will be going to visit Firenze and Venice also... just to make the most of this beautiful country... I have been to italy before.. and it was so lovely i know i will love every moment of it! The best part is that now... I loveeeeeee coffeee!! I've become quite a connoisseur about coffee too lol... so i can't wait to enjoy the coffee in italy... ahh the little things in life can make us so joyful.. amazing coffee!! :)

I'm going to donate blood!

 sharing is caring right?? :)
So my awesome friend Chris Espin convinced me to go donate a pint or so of my blood... and honestly, i have mulling over it for months and he was gonna do it regardless but he finally convinced me to do it with him!! I'm really scared lol!! Because i'm really scared of needles and i think i might feel weak and pass out but i wanna do this to help others... I mean maybe i can help save lives this way... But i'm planning on doing it after i've finished using my brain for the term.. so next friday is last day of term...i will go donate that day!! i'm really scared but God give me strength and bravery ... would be my first time doing it..and hopefully i'll get over it and do it more regularly... but the thought still makes me dizzy lol!!!

Update/ Deadline over for the term!

After an intensive 2 months of project work, i finally submitted it and got to sleep like normal hours!!! but its weird, i haven't gotten back to normal.. its been two months of working day and night and staying awake as much as i can just to do my best in this project... and even then i don't think i actually did my best... the best ideas come to me towards the end of the project so rush rush rush as usual!! I am just so happy to have finished... i didn't do the project to the extent that i aimed to for myself but apparently i hid it well and it wasn't too noticeable during my presentation of the project!! I can probably say that i definitely didn't do as well as i did in my last two projects but honestly this was a much harder, technical project that i challenged myself with so as long as i pass and don't have to fail... i'm happy!! ( well... not really.. i aim high so nothing lower than a B then i'm really happy lol! if i did get lower than a B, i will work harder next term for sure!)

So what am i doing now? I really lack a proper social life!! Like i remember an ex boyfriend never having time because of his studies and its so true!! Especially if you are not dragging your feet in this course and actually want to do your best... I literally have no time for a relationship even if it presented itself to me.. just the wrong timing for my lifestyle now... I remember back when i really did mess up with my studies because of relationships and it just proves to me now its not worth the hassle, i don't have enough skills to balance even my good friendships now :( since i submitted my major project, i've only met up 1 friend, spent a whole day at church, went to one gathering and one sleepover! and even through all that i'm still doing assignment work and worrying about what i need to complete... workaholic much right??

OMG SOOO TIRED!!! zzzzzzzz goodnight beautiful people xxx