...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Jeninioooo needs a holiday!!

Not that i'm not liking my life right now...i have a great job..a cool social life and i love my bed!! muhahahha!! but i need some sunshine maynnnn!! its too cold for mee!! i finished my bottle of liquid sunshine btw...probably need more!!! but yes its soo cold!! i don't care where i go...i just wanna go somewhere warm and do absolutely NOTHING!!! :D well..thats a lie... but just fun and relaxxing stuff... 
i'll proably regret the boiling hot weather choice when i get there, but when ur cold, u really dont worry about stuff like that!! That humid sticky weather feelin.. the mosquitos...ughhh!! we jus forget that untill we feel it again lol! oh man i remember the amazing feelin of sitting in front of a fan and eating iceys to cool off :D
Jeninioooo needs a holiday people!! make it happen 4her? xD

Birthday Hoodrat!

It's my girls birthday today..i'm takin it easy today, jus gna chill wid her n the other hoodrat later... :D i say hoodrat coz this girl owns the biggest collection of addidas hoodys i know! lol! jus a shout out to her... i love u so much..i've known u since i was like 14 when u was the producer and i was the Dj! we jus became friends walking home right?? lol...lets never dig up that cd we made...even if i find it, i'll never give it to u!! lolll!! love and hugs  B xx

I love these guys

i've known these guys since i was 16!! My 1st retail job was at GAME in croydon and although there were many that came and left this work place.. Daniel, Sekky and Sabrina ( and Georgeous whos not in the pic :( ) were the ones that i stayed really good friends with..each one was special and awesome!! Out of the lil group..i was the 1st to leave the job but i did stay in touch as much as possible.. Unique and ridiculously cool people like them don't grow on trees..and to meet them all in 1 place whiles i grew to be the person i am today...i feel so grateful these people value my friendship too :)
Azlan-Sekky-Mimi Panda-Georgous...Nothing but love for you all xxx



Looks very healthy and green right? And yea, that's what I had for dinner today..and some sardines n olive oil.. I'm tryna eat healthier..I've kinda decided that since it takes 28 days to break a habit..and febuary is exactly 28 days..ima try to eat like this everyday... What made me decide that ur thinking? Well all sorts of things..wen I hung out wid bam n rohan, they were both actually on a diet!! Like no carbs n less dairy etc!! And they r dudes!! So ima jump in on that and see for myself! Ive done detoxs and stuff but I want a whole lifestyle change it actually work for me..and like every girl says..I wanna lose weight!! Lol! My my experiment will be starting officially 1st of feb..letting uno now if u want to copy me..might be more encouraging for u to stick to it too if u know I'm on it :p trust me..it's no easier for me than it is for u! Lol!

Faith- deliberate confidence...

Church is something that am new to..and to some people I.e my sister lyn..I find it quite hard to explain why I like it so much... This isn't like the stereotype kinda church service I always had..it's so much more laid back and easier to understand than any that I have ever been!! I really enjoyed the service this morning..I took the liberty to record some of it so u guys can understand the kinda talks I learn from..like I said previously..I'm still exploring religion..but so far I'm very drawn to the positive energy my church gives me..
The speaker mentioned faith and it's meanings.. Faith..something I am learning to have and understand properly.. Still a noob to it :D he was also talking about gods authority to use his powers..uno when miracles happen...He mentionda a ex marine soldier suffering from the cartilage from his knees that has gone, causing his bones to grind against eachother and everyday he has pan there..he put his hands up to be prayed for in church..the marine guy emailed them the day after saying that all the pain has gone..and to prove it, he jumped and landed on his knees..and he felt no pain...He talked about his daughter also who couldn't breathe coz she swallowed a coin..and she was about 1 yrs old so it was really hard to get the coin out with ordinary equipment...
Have a listen to the recording i did... it's on the right hand side of my blog with the same the title "faith-deliberate confidence" let me know what u guys think :)


I had alot of plans yesterday, dinners to go to, people to catch up with but i'm only one person haha, I tried to do it all but it proved difficult so I just stuck to the most important ones...
Every yr me and a group of friends from GAME (my old workplace) who's birthdays land in jan do a lil get together to meet up n celebrate! And this yr it was at cosmos.. Now u already know I ate dinner at home so I wasn't going for the food..n this place was a buffet place so they didn't let me in to the restuarant initially..but uno me..ima hustler :p and the manager finally agreed I can go in n sit wid my friends as long as I didnt eat anything!! :D this place is awesome!! So much food!! I had a great night catching up with everyone and it was funny..George, dan and sekky were secretly feeding me desserts hahahhaha!! I had fun! Next time if I'm hungry, I'm sure to go there n pay the £15 entry..I'll be asian n bring a lunch box too hahahhahahahahahaaa!!! :D


We ate Singapore rice noodles together..then some fruit..and then we played a few games!! Lol!! Picture this..I played peekaboo wid her and she laughed sooooooo hard..I mean to the point where she couldn't balance n contain herself..that she was benning up on her knees on the floor cry laughing!! I mean she's 1and a half!! And she's bare crackin up like I would if Russell peters told a racist joke about Asians!! Lol..she's so cute! Damn I'm lucky to be a blood aunt to her xx

I have so much fun wid mah nigga lil ren!! :D

don't get it twisted...renee is my blood niece...and my fam is very mixed...i'm the last person who could actually be racist!! :D

Dress shopping!!

Ok who here is a hardcore friends fan like me?!! Remember the episode where Monica brings Rachael and Phoebe to this discount wedding dress shop and they hunt for the perfect dress for Monica?? Well I re-lived that episode this morning!! Lol!! My bestfriend is getting married so I came with to help with the search..u can get up o 80% off a dress and this particular designer does this sale event once a yr..there were sooo many beautiful dresses!! I got soo excited haha!! But this is a new experience for me..women everywhere holding on to tons n tons of dresses!! I won't mention wether a dress was purchased or not but we all had alot of fun today!! :D


lil renee at dim sum

Jus went thru my pics...and this was just too cute..I actually took this pick on my friends fone and he found it very difficult to delete xD awww
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The ugliest fruit I have ever seen!

Ur thinking from the sign behind that this is called the ugli fruit..but its not!! The big green yellow fruit behind is called ugli fruit.. This weird thing is called buddha hands..smells citrusy!! But man its uglyyy!!
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Jam wid sam!

I didn't plan on anyfin much this evening, but I ended up linkin Sammi for a catch up..we went vinyl..it's a really cool bar wid graffiti art on the Walls, sofas, chandeliers and a few sick dj's bangin out oldskool beats..we gt sum food n some cocktails (which we both struggled to finish >_<) n had a real gud old jam n catch up.. Really like hangin wid this gurl..even tho wen I 1st met her, I was abit intimidated by her :p it's quite funny, we both felt unapproachable to eachother on 1st impressions!! xD guess it's 1 of then things u learn to get better at as u get olda :p sammi'z awesome x


Chimney sweep!

Just painted my nails this awesome metallic grey colour by butters London..I really like it but need to accessorise with a gun metal ring or sumfin :)

Super smoothies!!

Today I was at stokey and it was really good to see my friend Nathan there!! He decided to make a super smoothie for everyone!! We put mango, banana, acai berries, lime, oranges, blood oranges n apple juice! :D it was awesome!!


After my course meeting ended..I met up with bam and rohan..and yes standard we went afters!! I know it was cold today but we're weird like that..if it's hot, u'll prob find bam at the sauna O_o was actually his idea to go for ice cream!!
I got to try mango mischief today..bam's favourite..it was aweeeesome!!!!
I did tk pics of everyone but I'm gna allow it coz we all look ruff n tired lol! 
Jammed at mines later to bang out some anime.. :D 

The alpha course..week 1

I started the alpha course today.. If you've ever asked that question 'what is the meaning of life?' and been determined to find some answer in your own voice..well that's where I am in life at the moment...I'm fed up of listening the everyone elses opinions and views n advice..for so many yrs I've questioned and wondered and I'm doing lil things I can this yr to find my answers before my questions change..

This course is for atheists n people who r like me..just curious if god is really out there..

Today was just introductions..I'll be doing this for about 10weeks..and will definately be blogging about my views and experience.. One thing I really liked about this church was the singing...I sneaked a pic but as u can tell..it was non traditional church music :) awesome!!

Tunes i am loving...

I don't care what people say about her..but i think Nicki Minaj is sick...With all her songs, her flow is ridiculous... and i'm loving her new single unreleased yet "Moment for life" ft drake...

I would normally uploaded to video for u guys but its not even out yet...and i been waiting for weeks for it to come out so i can blog about it but hey..got impatient..

But i mean im not all about lastest music out etc..i like stuff thats been out ages ago too..n i'm still hot on "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa... Kanye's "Monsters" remix.. and i'm loving every Bruno Mar Tune on his album...

My homezzz BAM keeps on leveled on the soca/ bashment scene...he made me a new car cd which i know is gonna be awesome...

I actually like all sorts of genres of music..i have my rock n indie stuff i like too..as well as hip hop, dancehall n funky house..

I've never givin heavy metal and house n trance a propa chance..not gonna lie... i'm feelin grime..but i'm not that into it...u couldn't get me to name 1 single grime artist...does kano count?? :p maybe i'll be converted by peter 1 day... :p


time for a hair cut??

hair startin to get hippiest...have not had a hair cut since april 2010!!
chop or grow it people??

"yezzzz i like it..i lika juizeee.."

Nothing exciting happened today... alot of rude and miserable people today..

1 woman was jus non stop sayin " its juice yes? juice..for drinkin.. juice..yes i like juice..i drink..yes..what is this...yes..juice... O_o"
and i was like... tryna explain that it was superfoods juice powder..did she care?? noooo!! she jus kept saying "juice!!" to the point when she took her 2nd sample and not lookin at me...i said to her " you're really not listening to me are u? like, you're just here to tke free samples..i could be giving you poison and you wouldn't care because its free" and uno what... she wasn't even listening to me...just.... yep you've guessed it.. "yezzz..i like juiceee.." O_o 

another was like.."what iz thiz ..yes i'm listening" and then pickin up and readin other products staring at the floor..n i felt to say..."..and also madam..i'm a mouse..i'll shit in your tea!!" because i know she wasn't even listening to me yet she asked me bout my products O_o people r weird these days!!

Hey Hey Hey!!

Good mornin awesome people!!!
I got my rest and now i ready to go bk to work!! well i wouldn't mind another day off :p but i guess i'll tk it easy tonight and not stay up too late!!

Im going High St Kensington today!! I got some friends there so it would be good to catch up with them again...

I dress really boring for work, but i try to wear stuff im comfortable in rather than the whole pencil skirt look n shoes...i travel alot so it isn't ideal for me :s


Best hot chocolate everrrrrr!!

This is really funny but after I left apple store, I forgot where I parked my car..I was like walkin around for like 30mins going everywhere!! I did loosely arrange to meet up with a friend this evening but figured its getting late n i'm all trampy n hooded up, i don't meet ppl up look like this-4real it was my day off from lookin polished n bang on point :p..but guess what..it was crazy wen i found out aswell but he called n we found out we was in the exact same area!! like 1 road away!! Apparently his new gym was here..actually i walked past it 5 times lookin for my car!! How crazy is that tho?!! Twas meant to beeee! Lol!!
So after I found my car, I dumped my mac n bags in it and went for a drink wid my mate..we went to this awesome place which is like a cinema/bar/cafe place in soho..and he introduced me to the most amazing hot chocolate ever!! It had baileys in it too!! :D
I would tell u where it is but I don't want overcrowding so msg me if u actually do wanna find this place :p

Anyways it was really nice catchin up wid my awesome friend..he's so awesome at everything, best of luck to him when he starts his boy group...hes overwhelmingly talented n everything he told me just made me go wow coz hes a hippy too! Had to say stop coz I wanna absorb all this spiritual knowledge like a student so I can remember everything... :p 

I had a cool day off today..at home now..gna really chill out with satisfaction for the rest of the night :D

Good night lovely peoples!! x

I <3 Apple and Apple <3's me

So I've left my guitar at the music shop to collect another day, I needed to get a few bits n bobs from central n since my friend dan dan brought it up that I don't visit him at work, I decided I will...plus he worked in Apple's new flagship store, I've never been so it was gna b cool!!

Dan dan gave me a tour around the building and wowww it is amazing!! Like I would so go there to jus hang out n just be in that piece of architecture jus coz I appreciate it that much more now!!

Dan dan's awesome, he sorted me out with a brand new white iphone 3gs since mines was abit batterd n the bk was kinda cracked..got to swap it over for a new 1 (p.s mines in warranty so dnt think u can go n do the same :p) apparently u can't buy white iphones anymore, jus for the genius bar..so I feel lucky havin a white one still :)

And he tidied up my mac abit and gave him some new feet so it'll stop sliding around :p

Thank u dan dan..ur amazing!! :)
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Bored of resting O_o

I am suppose to be in bed all day to rest... I don't exactly sound like the voice of good health lately..n i gotta inject enthusiasm and energy into people everyday with my job so why am i so bored of resting??? I can be soo lazy and do it like a dudeee xD but i wanna go out n do sumfin!! I gonna go to the music shop and get my guitar restrung...thats a start :)

I've been itching to get back to practice...and it really feels like its been agess since i last had a whole day off work!! make the most of it :D

Random memory...
When i was in the back of Sec chans car with Jay and Greg singing "Hit me baby one more time" LOOOOOLL!!
and when greg said the same "how i met your mother' lines as me...

"When i get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead!!"  barney stinsen

You guys if u don't watch that show... see that L on ur forehead...means ur a loser xD lol


Heyy ya'll! I'm still half asleep really...stupid bb woke me up!! but since m up...

Last night after alota drivin around...was all gt bk to samz n jus chilld..we all shook it out on the dance game i told u bout b4...lol..ayyy it is sickk so dnt knock it till u've tried it..watch me in daa club xDDD haha!!n den later on decided to cook the food we bought earlier...i think we made bbq and fried chicken..rice and sauce and fried plantain... :)

4real tho, i was sooo tired yday from gettin home late from thai sq, then wakin up early for brighton..n inbetween answerin a late night call ANDDD feelin abit sick from the rose..i jus think it was coz i didnt eaat b4 i drank..  anywayz dem chickz kept catchin me driftin off in the car, on the bed..bare timezzz haha..not cute!!!!

In fact..its my day off today..i'm gna lay in abit longer :D


Cruisin wid d gurlz

Jus jammin in my gurlz car...feel so chilled!! We goin to pick up 1 more chica then head to her yard to cook n prepare a dinner!! :D excited!!!

Hope everyone elses sunday is goin well x
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Jeniniooo is badass on the highway now!! :D

I just came from Brighton!! It's my 1st time ever driving on the motorway and i feel sooo goood knowing that i can and will drive safely and know my ins and outs of traveling out of london :)

Like i know to some, motorway is easy but i rather learn the propa ways myself so that i don't obstruct anyone...I Banged out 6 hours of pass Plus lessons today from early this morning... Took a few pictures by the sea to prove it :p

BTW... I actually LOVE CRUISE CONTROL!!!! :D

Dinner with Jess and Co Then late night jam at Samz

Friday evening, i got dragged out by Jessy and her fiance.. They were with her cousin and her sis and her bf... so naturally i'd feelin like a spare tyre in that crowd..but i didn't really..her cousin Ranny(?) was really funny... After dinner i squeezed everyone into my car and we went bk to jessys for ice cream...long debates about religion and lawyer case studies took place O_o i got alil bored so i started playing with rannys leftover ice cream... :D
hahahhaha awesome huh? :p

Afterwards, i left to head out to see my 2 gurlz....we got playin this awesome xbox 360 dance game hahaha...gosh with practice...i'm be a pro at dancin wid attitude xD Heres a pic of wen me n bushy dance battled and i won :p Think it was our 2nd match... was soooo fun!!!! Yo..my days r random... but never the less..they tend to always be awesome!! :D

Me and Gabz Joint Bday karaoke..

So Gabz and i have days apart from our bday, and he organised a lil karoake party this sat for us and our friends... Was at this nice lil vietnamese cafe called Cafe VN..near farringdon stn... It was actually really fun!! My gurl Sabrina came just to see me ( big Love :D) and she jammed with me thee for abit too b4 leavin early to catch her train.. Still.. I can't believe i stayed till the end of it... We were havin a lil team singing competition..and for sound reason..them guys think that i can sing... I SOOOO CAN'T!! But they did make out like i was good and in tune compared to the opposing team!! haha! Go team Gabz n vincent!! xD

My home gurls sec chan n linda showed up in the end..and the plan was to go thai sq later on..but i sooooo did not want to go!! and awesomely..so didn't sec chan :D so we dropped everyone at the club and we had our own lil ghetto party jammin in Trafalgar sq wid a bottle of rose, phone music and a box of 20 Mcnuggets to share hahahahhaa!!! It was awesome!! and soon enough...vincent, linda, greg and jay joined us :D

I didnt take any pics that night so heres a pic of me and my hing dai Gabz who turned 25 couple of days ago!! :) We were at one of Chi nights special foam parties..hence why i'm soaked!! xD


Doesn't my head looks square in this pic?

LOL i know thats a random question but this pic makes me look like i got a square haircut or head shape no? This is an old shoot but i never saw the pics for them... haha.. CRINGE!!! I will never do modelling again..it's just not me!! I'll keep the pictures coz its memories but i really don't think i got the guts to work the camera again..unless it requires me to look moody..not sexy!! xD

jenni on a good day ;p.JPG

Peter actually named this file the title of the post..not impressed O_o
but this picture is actually sick!! it made me laught so much!! xD
I love pugs!!

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Big baby!!!

Just for jokez...Bam thought it would be funny to sit on me!!! O_o
I'm actually half his size!! O_o


I went with peter n john for desserts today...it was johns treat to me and it was awesome!!! This was called coco magic.. next time i will be tryin johns recomendation..the mango one... :) The place is actually amazing tho!!

Yum chaaa

The teas to choose from...

the amazing sandwiches!!  even the tea pot was cool, i'd never used one before..the cup separates on the bottom!! I came here wid sammi, definately will b returning!! :)
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The amazing new era..

Im in love... Just look at it...
i think this cap has more meaning to it...it was never meant to be mines..and it a sign of a great bond and alot of love...i can't express how mad i feel that its mines now...
 and yes it is staying in the box untill i wear it out...i'm reppin Thugnificent all the way!! (private joke :p)


They were so yummy but i still can't finish them all!!

And the card was so cute..my only card but it was awesome!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA!! xD p.s i can't believe bez wrote chinese for me!! awww..u got it right but ur handwriting is terrible xP haha. sa'll love really xx

Elvira's so sweet, she let me choose what i wanted..i got this natural perfume of tunisian jasmines coz its my favourite flower scent.. its actually amamzing..i wud go bk to tunisia, jus for the jasmines!!

My friend margret who takes me the church with her got me these books..the fragrant pharmacy because she knew how much i loved jasmines LOL!! thoughtful and awesome still :)

What birthday would it be without a lucky red pocket from the D and the M..

guess it wwas lucky money...it never allowed me to spend it!! :D

Shisha wid da Topshop circle!!

Here are just a few photos from the shisha gathering we had on the evening of my birthday...it was fun!! so good to see and be with all the best people to jam wid.. :)

This is the last of my whole birthday thing and its taken me friggin ages to get all the pics and finally blog about it... from the start of this blog, all i've wanted to do was to write down how i feel and what i did so that i would never forget..i didnt even wanna leave any details out!! this week had been so amazing!!

Oh and thank you to the topshop gang for the cupcakes and card.. LOL.. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A TRIADS GF!!! XD!!



The Church...Amazing!!

I can't remember if i have even mentioned it on my blog lately..but im curious about God...i'm exploring and searching right now...i want to know and learn more.. So since the new yr, every sunday, i've been going to church and then later on, seeing my islam sisters and cotching wid them and learning a few things about their faith too...

This church had an amazing aura to it...i loved the music and the set up and layout...i got prayers did for my by the reverend blessin me on my bday...and i got free breakfast!! :D i'm thinking of starting the Alpha course..to learn more.. whatchu think?

The Club.. it was LEGEND-w8 4 it...DARY!!

I really do feel like i've grown out of clubbing...but its not to say i wouldn't enjoy it..with the right company...u cud b in the shittiest club but still have an awesome night!! and my this instance...it was all about the company!!

My bestie jessy drove us to holborn..met up a few of the other girls and got some liqueur down me at wethaspoons just b4 12 midnight and on the dot got me doin shots :s Gosh there was no way i was gna get drunk today!! no way!!!! We headed to the club Bar 101..it wasn't over glam, it was too expensive, entry was cheap, music was good, company was awesome.. i really had a ridculious amount of fun that night!!

Here r some pics!!
Me and the bashment queen nermine!

Sec chan (dance like no1s watchin) mican(mah cuz whos a diva queen) me jeniniooo (the one who jus wanna have fun n be silly) and bootlicious nermine!! xD

Hahahaa i honestly had too much jokez!

Tila and Omarion... hahaha nah thats what we call eachother if we wanna piss eachother off!!..omari came along aswell wid hes boys n topped up my lil party wid more bottles of champagne and wines xD like i said, i did not get drunk but i did abit of acting like we drunk so no 1 wud force me to ;) my french homiez..u guys were awesome! thank u!

and what made my night even better was that my old skool bashment chica Ley showed up in the end..she was the missing puzzle and she came!! i was sooo happy!! i really didn't expect much, and more people came than i expected..it jus made my day...it was an energetic and legendary night!! :D

I got home around 5ish am and got up for 11.30am to go church... :) and it jus got better and better :)