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Make Inner *You* Happy..

Sandy island sunset in Grenada 08
We all get our moments of highs and lows in our lives.. all the time, even if you say you're awesome all the time, sometimes we crash and would hate for everyone else to know about it...

When i feel alittle low, i don't like to tell everyone about it, i don't want people to worry about me, there was always this one line back in 2008 that my bestfriend from uni said to me.. "everyone has problems, and yours shouldn't be more important than anyone elses.." sounds alil harsh but i love him for saying that to me because it make me think of all the worst off things people everywhere in the world are suffering with, why should my problems be bigger than anyone elses?? After that day in Malaysia, i never wanted people to worry about me, feel sorry for me, or make out like my problems are bigger..they really aren't! I picture children in Africa starving and fighting poverty and still smiling and singing because they live the simple and humble life they were given day by day... So you know what i do to make myself happier??
Babysitting newborn Daniyal 2 weeks ago (apparently i'm the 1st person he doesn't cry with!)
1. Well i try to up my good deeds a day...giving my bus seat, helping people carry their prams down the stairs, giving people my time to listen to them and offering the best advice i possibly can are all lil things that make me feel i contribute to my community and am influencing someone out there in the right way...
I went to my childhood park and put on my favourite relax music :)
2. If you feel emotionally upset, listen to music you want to listen to...be it happy or sad, chilled or heavy metal...close your eyes..visualize a memory of peace and really put yourself in the music as if you were reading a book and imagining the whole story...

3. Reading is a great escape too... anything you are interested in, pick up that book even if you're not a reader...I am currently reading a book given to me called "The mystery of the crystal skulls" and i love it so far! :)

4. You do know that i am a person that doesn't spend much money on myself...but making the inner Jeniniooo happy... maybe i will buy something i've always wanted..spend alittle hard earned cash on yourself if u don't already... I recently bought myself a few hoodies from SuperDry...and i don't normally spend that much on myself... i'm a real cheapskate when it comes to clothes... :p and i also bought myself some WeSC headphones!! ( i'll show u guys later, i love them!) and do you know how i KNOW its unusual for me to spend that much money on myself?? *drum roll...* My bank locked my card because they thought someone had stolen it and using it fraudulently!! LOL!! like there is minimal cash movement in my bank statements i tell ya...most goes to rent and essential expenses!!!
5. I have my days when i feel uglyyyyy! we all have alil crash like i said... when you do, try to pamper yourself... take a bath..wash your hair, use all the expensive stuff you have...buy expensive stuff you know your skin will love, put some make up on etc etc etc... I put on a homemade mask, research on new beauty tricks, products, regimes and advice and it really does make you feel better...

5.5. Eat energizing and healthy foods.. makin a super power smoothie, go on a detox and exercise!! everyones knows that happy hormones are released when you are active and nourishing your body with good, wholesome, nutrient dense foods :)
love love loveee.. hey dudes..don't deny it...you love it too!! lol!!
6. Oh and this is the most important one... :p watch your favorite sitcoms ahahaa :D I'm a 'How i met your mother' fan and a 'Sex and the City' fan too!! currently my favorite guilty pleasures... And i am a number one friends fan, but my box set is useless with a laptop what doesn't wanna play dvds... :s need take it to apple to get it fixed :(

ok so i hope this has helped...if it didn't help you, then it certainly helped me..even just writing it down so with my terrible memory at 60- i'll know what i did in my 20's to keep my stress wrinkles at bay and slap on some expensive old lady products n pull out my friends box set :D Oh and i hope you know that when i hit menopause..it will be the end...i have the gift of youth for now... but menopause is my Mr Hyde transformations... observe...
see what i mean \(>_<)"/


good luck and plz leave comments of what you would like me to write next xxx

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