...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



Ostrich eggs!

Ok I know this is over random but I have never ever ever seen an ostrich egg! I'm even more surprised people eat them! It's just so much bigger of a potential bird ur killing! :S and it being equivalent to 24 chicken eggs is amazing!! I dno... Looks dinosaur like..teradactal like :p
Ok I've finished ranting on about eggs!! But if it's new to me, could be new to u too :p


I was recently on a 10day detox..and I had sucessfully completed it and am now eating normally again.. However one of the most hardest parts was going out to eat when I can't eat any of the food there...this particular night..10 people with 10 plates of food where stuffing their faces down whilst I had a cup of water...O_o so glad it is over now..:D

Me and Senderos

Just one random day at work and I only realised later that I was talking to Senderos the ex Arsenal centre back!! How random! He now plays for fulham I think! I never really do this but he was so cool mayn..snapped one with him :p I'm such a noob >_<

Dim sum heaven!

This is what I love about being half Chinese..growing up with the tradition of eating dim sum with the family on a Sunday afternoon.. We've literally have been going to china town to do that since we were toddlers!!
China town is just full of memories of my childhood here..oh how Chinese new year and autumn festivals used to be so exciting! Going here for Chinese Chinese on Sunday's and buying a ridculous amount of stationary, star papers, toys, stickers and takin photobooth stickers!! Gosh! The good ol days :D

Thank you Carolina!!

I had made a very sweet friend from the alpha weekend a couple of months back... And I usually only go to the evening services of church with her... And they did this mini competition to win tickets to the next worship concert called Pentecost 2011 and she won them!! And she gave me the other ticket :) I can't wait to go with her! It will be very cool because I've never been to the o2 arena concert hall before! Thank u Carolina! Xxxx
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Creams is heaven!

My home gurl took me here! Boy was we hungry and even tho the queue was long, the wait was worth it! It was amazing!! I don't regret a single calorie!! :D
This was my waffle.. choco banana!!mmm!!
This was the banoffie waffle..it was very good!
The chocolate and strawberry one was amazing aswell...gosh jus remembering the taste makes me hungry!! oh and to top it off..we all had a thick creamy hot chocolate italian style afterwards..it was soo the creme de la creme of hot chocolates!! :D

A Positive Jeniniooo makes a Positive world.. :)

A positive minded person believes they'll experience more sucess in the future. Their belief system is greater than any fear. Their positive attitude & energy is stronger than a sea of negativity. They're certain about their success which out weights any doubt. Their passion & drive exceed their challenges. In spite of their situation a positive thinkier believes their best days are ahead of them, not behind them...

Hey man!

I can't believe i have slightly left my blog alone for awhile... i've been mad busy working long hours and 6days a week to be honest... and of my few hours after work, i really jus chill with the dudes or dudettes till i get tired... yep same times everyday...but to be honest, i do see and do pretty cool stuff...i've just gotten lazy to post it up now! editing pics is longggg and my stupid phones are having sucky reception lately that it just puts me off using them all together other than to send and recieve calls and txts! I promise i'll post some stuff i've been up to in the last couple of weeks :)


"R U still bloggin?"

Hey guys n dollz! Yea I've really been lazy with the bloggin since I came back from Barbados haven't I?! I dno why!!! It's like that trip was something real new to write about and now I'm back...all I do is work and meet up with friends..thing is I still do tak pics everywhere I go..but I jus dnt blog right there n then :s alot of people recently told me they've read my blog n it does surprise me because they dnt interact with me.. I haven't made it hard to comment at all..u jus comment n put ur name n press post..no moderation or security letters to type in involved...I would appreciate comments and feedback left here rather than on Facebook ^_^


"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Melon & Grape reunited!!

So today was a bank holiday...I still worked tho!! N the only thing that I was looking forward to about today...was meeting my girl after work for dinner...
Went our favourite Italian place Vapianos n both had a calzone..basically a folded pizza..it was so good n after 2 glasses of red wine...we caught up on so much we both missed out on in our lives... If u've ever read my blog from the start..u'll know that I started blogging because of this gurls encouragement...I love this chick so much..n wen 2 bloggera come together..this is the kinda picture u'd expect lol!! I had alot of fun this evening..non stop talk n laughter is what we both are all about!! Love u melon xxx



I'm just parked up outside my friends house n I saw this car that's been blown up!! Wth man!! That musta been 1 big explosion or some evil person set it on fire!! That's jus mad!! I hope no one got hurt!! :( pains me to see that happen to a car...