...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...


About Me

Hey Guyz and Dolliezzz!!

Firstly.. Welcome to my Blog!! As the name suggests... It's about a girl named Snow... Me actually!! :D
I started this Blog during November 2010. At first.. it was just a way of documenting my life.. A sort of online journal of my day to day experiences. I've always loved writing as a way of expressing myself. When i was a younger, I used to write letters to my friends simply because it was pieces of me that i could reflect better on paper... So here i am..
"...My words fall as Snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on..."

So here is abit more about me.
  • I'm known as Snow..Mei Xue..Tuyet..Jen..Jeniniooo... O_o I know...depends who you are to me really... :p
  • I'm an 80's baby... 
  • I'm half/half of alot things... Born on Jan 16th 1988 so that makes me half Rabbit, half Dragon in chinese zodiacs... i'm half Chinese, half Vietnamese...I'm half Capricorn/half Aquarius (it was a 2010 discovery for me!) Half skinny/half fat!! (meaning i look slim upper half but i'm fat the waste down!! >_< i know i needa go to the gym!!)
  • My favourite colours are Green and purple!
  • I am a full hearted Christian since September 2011..(My journey was documented on this blog!:D) Yea..I found JC'z lurveee recently!!
  • My favourite food is Pho Ga... Bun Cuon... Salt and Chili Calamari...Bugogi and Sushi (I love awesome food!)
  • My favourite games of all time are the Final Fantasy series (esp 7,8 and 10).. Devil May Cry series.. Zelda... Bomberman...Super Mario Brothers and Time Crisis.. (I used to play..I don't because i grew up and turn into a girl lol!)
  • I love art and all things art and designy... I studied Product Design during uni.
  • Favourite chocolates are anything with nuts and nut praline...
  • What girl doesn't like flowers..i love the Cameilia, Jasmines and plum blossoms.. 
  • I love to travel and it is on my bucket list to travel to a list of countries beginning from A-Z...
  • I think i have a shoe fetish... O_o
    Im constantly learning and changing inside and out..So i don't like to be defined in alot of ways...All in all.. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoy writing on it! It's really quite random...Kinda like myself O_o
    Snow xoxo 


Vlado said...

Sviđa mi se tvoj pogled na svijet a i zbog toga što mi djeluješ vrlo iskreno,pročitao sam neke tvoje postove i mogu reći da su vrlo dobri, a ako je engleski loš to je zbog toga što koristim google prijevod ali to i nije jako bitno jer sam vrlo dobro razumio kako pišeš. Sve najbolje.Vlado

Unknown said...

YAY! I finally translated what you wrote using google translate also!! So you wrote

"I like your view of the world and because we are acting very frankly, I read some of your posts and I can say that they are very good, and if English is bad it is because I use google translation but it's very important because I very well understand how you write. All the best."Vlado

I am really glad that you can come to understand my posts even though it isnt written in your home language! :) I am greatful for google translate, it means many more people around the world have a chance to see my views of the world and share how they feel along with me too! :D I wish you love and light Vlado!! You made my day :)

love snow xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.