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Scabicals and Cups (models and bottles part 2!)

So my friend Rene convinced me to go out n party, uno... let my hair down and get abit wasted some what... My 1st time partyin here wasn't the best coz i was new to everyone here and abit shy...and uno... didn't know what to expect... 2nd time around now... we go to models and bottles again.. this time.. i can't acually call it that no more... more like ( and this is rene's and ryans sayin) Scabicals and Cups!! loool!! Scabicals is another Bajan slang for skets and junges and Cups because everyone drinks from plastic cups..we aint seein people poppin champagne here!! O_o lol!!

I wanted to get drunk at least once- that was the idea so rene and ryan second me on that n partied with me n made sure i had fun!! lol OMG!!! I got alil wasted!!
At the bar, we started the drinks.. rum, rose bottles.. the lot... I knew my limit...don't worry guys...
This pic s soooo funny!! like i saw startin at everyone how everyone of my friend was glowing in clothes and i wasn't :( ... n Tara was like... dude ur hair is glowing!! My whole outfit wasn't glowing but my hair... how funny is that..u walk into a bar and sum random chick has glowing hair!! lol!!

Me and my gurl Tara... We both wore something out of the box!! Ths was so unusual for me too.. I don't wear see thru tops... i don't wear tight skirts unless its for work!! look at all my pics.. i jus dnt do it coz i'd feel self conscience... But what the hell..nonoby knows me here and i wanted to feel different.. so my outfit was ermmm... too much for me to handle... 

u can see my bra in the pic but u couldnt in the dark... plus the top was open back.. O_o OHHH and i made Tara wear my big rose skirt which is is hiding in the pic but its totally awesome and popping out of the skirt!! :D

This time round, we partied right up and next to the DJs... it was more fun since rene and ryan knew them all... so in this pic was probably where i was at last week... but this spot was better... i actually danced it out n fought off the embarasssing grindin dudes hovering around me..and whats worst...some were friends O_O all in all.. it was fun!! Totally not my scene but twas a bajan experience... and Tara being the only sober one...RACEEEEDDD us all back home wid her speedin skills :D

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