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The way Agnes feels is how i feeel today!! It's sooo flufffyyy i'm gonna dieeeeee!!! >_<

Morning guys and dolliezzz!! I've just got so many things to get all buzzed over, wel i had to express!!! :DDD

1stly...NYE!!! I dont even know what imma do after midnight, i just know im going to midnight mass at my church (I did it last yr and it was lovely to start the new yr spiritually inspired..) Still its 2012, reason to party!!!
i don't take pictures because it looks wild most of the time, not like this!!(that was right after i coloured it btw!!)
2ndly i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow!!!! :D It has been foreverrrr since i've been to a hair salon let alone pay for a haircut...but my lovely sister Di is treating me to a japanese haircut...she said they are really good so i can rest assure they dont cut whats unnesassary... It's still dark brown but still too difficult to mantain because it needs a cut!! my long shapeless lifeless hippy hair makes me so depressed!! >_<

3rdly someone awesomeeeeeeee is coming back from the far east today so i'm looking forward to my PRESENTS!! lol, im totally kidding,theres nothing i want that material other than a tv for my room so i can play my wii(gonna hustle one off my siblings for my bday son!lol|)What i really meant is I'm sooo lookin forward to seeing him again!! ^_^

4thly i'm going Dim Sum with my Fluffah Wifey tomo for lunch and a girly catch up!! Shes just cotton candy on a very tall stick, i love that girl to bits!!! ^_^
5thly... I'm feeling so much better today..i normally wake up to a horrible sharp stabbing headache since the crash but today i dont feel it!! :D and i am quite anti painkiller, i hate taking them so i try not to most of the time, i'm quite proud i soldiers alot of them pain without medication to hide the symptoms :D

5thly i recieved a call from the garage today giving me the estimated time of repairs to my baby paris..which is about 2 weeks and a half from now... but he said because my car is worth so much money, they will repair it as apose to writing it off... I"M SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THAT, I LOVEE MY CAR!!! ^_^

So yea i can go on why i feel so awesome today but girls got things to do!!! 
have an awesome day dudes and dudettes!! xoxo

Belated seasons greetings!!

I'm propa late with this post arent I?!! >_< solli!! As y'all know, I've been takin it real slow n easy since Christmas week because of the accident...I've just been resting in all honesty...I actually had alot of help from my siblings this year with cookin that beast of a Christmas dinner this yr half in pain, half dedicated!! :D although my family are completely non religious or Christian for that matter, it still meant alot to me that I spend it with them...I love them and pray for them...and even made sure that each of them got a card and present to open on Christmas day...just to show them I got way more love for them than I used to feel...a can of 'western affection' has opened up on me and somehow made me wanna turn away from the unkind fear and strict upbringing we all were conditioned to endure... I think I'll plant the seeds and water the prayers over them over the next new year...faith has gotta start somewhere right?!! :D
I really feel blessed to be well after a car crash, some may see it as bad luck, I'd say it good luck because I'm alive...I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families, no doubt I did! I spent Christmas eve at my 2nd moms house (besties family) it was so fun and the food was sooo goof and way too much...spent the midnight christmas day with my favourite cousin and co where we exchanged presents and guessed Christmas songs..and finally my perfect Christmas morning with my lovely family... we cooked, drank, played and even watched movies and live cookalong shows together...and for everyone to have had the brunch and dinner that I made and spend loadsa time with me...it couldn't have been more awesome for me!! so grateful to be THIS fortunate!!
Merry-Happy-Seasons-Greetings-and-New Years To You All!!! Xoxoxo


Paris got hurt...

I'm not gonna go into details but I had a crash yesterday...abit of whiplash, neck n head still hurts but lucky to be ok and so was my passenger...the guy who hit me...shouldn't even be on road, he had no insurance and couldn't even speak English... Thank God for side airbags and built in crumper zones in my doors...going to the emergency room now...really starting to hurt man!!


Marriage is Obsolete??

So i was having a skype convo with my good friend Jamilia yesterday who is currently living in Canada, who i met in Barbados... We were having the good old catch up convo when she brought up something she heard on the news or something she read where they were say marriage is obsolete.. Incase you're abit slow like me, it means that they think marriage is out dated and no longer of use in our generation... She was really stressing how ridiculous that sounds and honestly i have to agree with her... I mean.. call me old fashioned but i still and i think will always see marriage as sacred... Its funny how this subject came up because it has been on my mind in the recent months...
As some of you may know, i've recently been baptised as a follower of Christ, and had a confirmation service couple of sundays ago confirming my belief and faith in my decision.. It was a beautiful service but going off the subject, i've been learning alot about what the biblical views of dating and marriage is...
My eyes have certainly been opened by what i have learnt... I told you whiles i was in Prague, i was reading a book called 'I kissed dating goodbye' by Joshua Harris and on topic of many things, been reading blog posts from http://www.boundlessline.org/ which talk of marriage amongst other things, and i seriously have strengthened my views on marriage being an essential step we take to enrich our lives... I know our society and generation has come down to one night stands, long and short term relationships with no intention of tieing the knot.. dating is starting at a younger age, marriage is starting at an older age and divorce rates are sky rocketing up... Can i blame the people that made that statement of marriage becoming obsolete??!! Probably not.. But many of us forget that its the lack of knowledge of what the meaning of marriage is that allows us to completely walk all over that idea...
I've recently watched a talk by Timothy Keller ( i'll post a link to it beow if ur interested^_^) which my good friend Javiah emailed to me and i found it enlightening... It was on the top of his book ' The meaning of Marriage' and he discusses the topic in very easy to understand examples and analogies..
He mentions that if you are from an eastern background, your meaning of life is to find you place in the community and be complimentary to it, whereas if you are from the west, you have been affected by the enligtenment where the individuals fulfillment and needs comes first, therefore the individuals desires and likes has to come before those of the groups... Its just a view but you can see it affecting the way people view marriage as self fulfillment and not of a binding commitment 'through thick and thin'...
(my brother and his daughter)
There was this one example he gave that really made sense to me...The relationship of a person to their child and the relationship between a couple... During the years of bring up your child, you will go through love and hate, you love your daughter unconditionally but somethings she can really drive you up the wall ( i kinda know how that feels already having a niece..but i love her unconditionally) but your spouse's love becomes conditional more and more over time right??.. When you have a fight, a dispute, a falling out and your needs and desires become stronger than theirs, what would happen when the child grows up goes off the uni and its just you and your partner?? He said in one case, the couple gets a divorce and the marriage is over... As the child grows up, you might fall out and bond again, but no matter what, you will always love her... and that of your spouse?? will you love him just as much and work throught the ruff edges like that of a parent child relationship or try to find the love and needs from someone else?? I feel kinda sad just thinking about that... :(

I admit, marriage isn't easy, i think it needs alot of work to make it work!! Marriage is a long term binding commitment,thats essentially the meaning of it, not the passion and feelings a person makes you feel, that comes and goes and if you base your marriage on that first and foremost, what do you think the outcome of that marriage after 5 years??..

Timothy Keller gives the example of 2 types of relationships.. Consumer and Covenant... Consumer is that of your relationship with your local supermarket, if Asda has a better deal on strawberries than Tescos then its off to Asda i go, it a relationship based on your individual needs because they are more important than that of the relationship (with Tescos in this example!).. A Covenant relationship for example is of the parent and child one i explained earlier.. If you've had enough of that wild childs antics, you can't just leave that child on someone elses door step, you'll go to prison!! You need to work at it and fulfill your duties as a parent to love and care for your child through the good, the bad and the ugly times...

BF and GF relationships are still consumer relationships
(when i get bored of tigger, hes in the corner of the bed again!! >_<)
Whats beautiful about marriage is that it can turn a consumer relationship into one of intimacy and security, of freedom and beauty. You can be more of yourself just because its no longer about promoting yourself and performing...its that stability that makes your life richer. Anything that is born due to the creation of time and will; like a marriage in this case- is more interesting and more satisfying than one relationship of fleeting emotions.. Do we want to become slave to 'the moment' forever? Slaves to you feelings, the impulses, the adrenaline and rush of 'something new and excting'??  
(half a face representing half flawless and half flawed? or a half to be completed by someone else?? I'm trying to be abstract but still personal guys... >_<")

I think within the ideas of relationships, people want to look for a soul mate, someone who accepts them for who they are and vice versa... complimenting each others personalities, a perfect fit... unfortunately we all change constantly, we all have those great qualities and flaws that come with it, if our idea of the perfect relationship to bring towards marriage has to fulfill many of our own personal needs and criterias, will there one at all? because i don't believe i am any better than that person with flaws..
Here are some of the examples Keller gave in his talk about qualities and flaws in people in general:-
-a fearful with a tendancy to great anxiety
-a proud person with the tendancy to be selfish
-an inflexible person with a tendancy to be very demanding
-a perfectionist who tends to be too critical of others
-a displined person with a tendancy to be unreliable
-a cowardly person who tends to twist the truth to look good..
-irritable person who tends to hold grudges

I think everyone is cappable of being someone like that wether it was past present or future due to your lifestyle choices and experiences... I think an eternal bond to love one another and accept that things might change within both parties and really make you change into a better person, you become free of all the chains bad past relationship experiences have moulded you to hold on to... If you wanna have a look at the talk;- Click Here...
Though i've pretty much summed it all up in this post :D
If u can't keep a promise...It means you can't keep your identity.. If u can't keep a promise, it becomes quite lonely... If you CAN rise above the conditioning of your past and making a promise and keep it...Well it makes you free..sets you free rather.. :) Marriage isn't just a piece of paper... I know i'm not married yet or anywhere near that chapter but i understand that it is something deep and more than just feelings and 'I love you's'...When you find that person to share your life with...you can experience deep character change through a deep and loving friendship...

I'm pro marriage guys and dolls,in the most sacred way possible.. and i hope many of you can/do or will feel the same (someday!).

Adios amigos!?! Forreall?? :D

 Because i wrote:-
"Jeninioo Snow Vuongy
I am going to go Mexico for 16 months! Adios amigos!
This was my friends and families responses publicly on facebook, i haven't even mentioned the amount of inboxed private messages and text messages, bbm and whatsapp alerts i got that day... 
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    The email reads "Copied & pasted for a good cause - because we can't grow mustaches
    Okay pretty ladies, it's that time of year again...support of Breast Cancer Awareness!! So we all remember last year's
    ganme of writing your bra color as your status? Or the way we like to have our handbag handy?
    Last year, so many people took part that it made national news and the constant updating of status reminded everyone why we're doing this and helped raise awareness!!
    Do NOT tell any males what the statuses mean...keep them guessing!!
    And please copy and paste (in a message) this to all your female friends! It's time to confuse the men again (not that it's really that hard to do ;])
    The idea is to choose the month you were born and the day you were born. Pass this on to the GIRLS ONLY and lets see how far it reaches around. The last one about the bra went around all over the world.
    Your status should say:
    "I am going to________________for___________ months."

    February-- London
    April--Dominican Republic
    June-- St Petersburg
    September--New York
    November-- Las Vegas
    December-- Columbia

    Use the day you were born for how many months you will live there."
    So sorry to dissapoint.. but maybe one day ay? ^_^ it was fun :p


The Answer...

If you must know what is going to happen next
Or where you are going next
Or when you are going
Or why things happen
Then you are not living a Christian life
Because in fact you only need to know who you are going with
And that should be only our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
He alone should be our guide and lead us at all times
Do not worry about what will happen next, Jesus will show you
Do not worry about where you are going, Jesus will guide you
Do not worry about when you are going, Jesus knows the time
Do not worry about why things happen, Jesus has a plan just for you
Do not worry about who you are going with if Jesus dwells in your heart
The answer my friend is really quite simple
Forget the what
Forget the where
Forget the when
Forget the why
And just remember the who
If you always remember the Who is Jesus then you find the answers
Let Jesus rule your heart
Remember that the Who promises to take care of the what, where, when and why
The Who does not need our help
So as you start the day ask yourself this
What do you really need to know about the very next thing you do?


Little red riding hood...

I've been looking after my niece quite abit lately and one of our tips were running around and playing in ikea! Now I know I love playing in there, and if a 2yr old feels the same way, we don't have a problem!! :p I took missy madam here to have her lunch 1st then let her play and admire all things colourful and shiny!! Lol it was soooo funny when she almost got blown away by the wind as soon as we got outside!! And the endless name game in the car journey back..I really got abit worn out by her, this time- without the mind numbing torture of watching teletubbies for 6hrs straight O_o oh yea and I tell ya when its love..when she cries for chips and i hand-peel, cut and fry potatoes just for her (I've never made hand cut fries for anyone before!)..let her torture and pinch my hands for hours on end because it comforts her..change nappies and watch my niece poo for an agonising 20mins and give her a propa bum wash O_o, something I've not done in the past guys!! But it's all worth it when I tell her I love her and she says back to me 'I love u too' :) x



Uno when I'm bored, I bake..made a carrot cake today, have like no idea who's gonna eat it!! I altered my recipe abit for this one...who wants a slice?


When snow feels chilly...

she gets ugly!!! X_X


I'm at Backyard right now with a party of friends..it's this awesome chill out shisha lounge place in wembley park..1st time here but I'm the atmosphere is really lively at the moment and there's quite alot of people here!(feel like im in Egypt or somewhere hot in north africa!) anyways there's quite a big group of us so we havin 3 shishas-apple and mint, watermelon and mint, and orange and mint! I only like the watermelon one! I haven't been out with my friend in ages so it's really nice to catch up like this.. Look at these awesome massive lamps!! There have millions of lamps in this place but these 3 are the biggest!! Im in love with them lol!
Yea random post I know, but sharing the info if anyone wants to try out a new shisha lounge :)



I'm at shoredich high St at the moment, there's this new shopping units called boxpark and it's got the coolest stores here! To name a few-lacose live, boxfresh, onepiece and D&C and upstairs of the units is food and drinks! One of my favourite places to lunch- Foxcroft and Ginger..they do the most amazing sandwiches!! This place has just opened 3days ago and today is the official press launch day so I received an invite to check it out! I love that it's right next to bricklane Market...finally this place has a tube station!! :D xxx