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catch up with SHABBAA!!

I got to catch up with my really good friend sabrina today after work!! gosh its been ages since we met up n spent time together!! This girl is propa down to earth and in alot of ways, just like me!! I've always gotten along better with guy friends than girls because dudes r just more chilled n laid bk...and this girl is like a dude hahaha!! well..excepts shes very pretty!! I am so happy for her and her new love in her life, i love knowing that everything is all working out for the people i care about... We jus had some wine and watched some 'how i met your mother'-which as i mentioned b4, is awesome!! and although it wasn't for hours, it was really nice just to catch up and share the jokes we used to have with eachother xD
This isn't a great picture to show how pretty she is but hey, it's just to show how much fun i have when im with her!! :D x

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