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Bungee jumping? shall i?

I was talkin wid my gurlz the other day...sayin i wanna go bungee jumping...i just wanna try the propa thing...  yea its scary n dangerous but so is walkin down the street alone at night in my endz!!

Anyways....i got exciting news... I AM GOING TO DO IT!!! and very soon too!! In March to be precise :D It's a one woman experience...and my gurlz B and D are coming with..just for the moral support..even tho Di already told me shes gna be tryna put me off all the ay there, ever min and second tellin me not to do it... hahhaaa!!

Life is full of risks...every day is a blessing...I'm the kinda gurl that wants to have a fully lived life... in a positive and fun perspective... I've already done a load of things i've always wanted to do...

quad biking
scuba diving
sea walking
jet skiing
indoor sky diving
indoor snowboarding
drive a speed boat
ab seiling
rock climbing
zip wiring
go karting
Parachute Desending

Bungee is gna be...awesome!! Ultimately i wanna do a sky dive above the clouds... That space between the sky and the clouds is my favourite place of this earth... I could just live in it :D

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