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15th Feb 2011

So yesterday i worked at tottenham court rd next to habitat and then soho afterwards...I usually work two locations a day so i'm starting to get abit worn out easier..i lug a suitcase around where ever i go n that sucks!! Anyways i had a great day at work, everyone is so nice to me its abit overwhelming!!

After work i did have dinner plans with a friend...and whles waiting, i popped into topshop to visit the old gang up in there... i have worked in this store like 3 times leaving and coming bk... lol... so i made alot of friends here i guess.. ahhh it was so good to see everyone...and ha ha haaa they all wear pink tshirts now!! awhhh it was so good to see everyone that made workin there a pleasure!!
It was a nice atmosphere..

and i had the sushi's which were awesome and the calamari...which..i've had better to be honest!! but still..it was so nice..sushi is suppose to healthy but in my opinon, its white rice and that refined and not good for you...plus the rice vinegar has sugar...i guess its healthier than a lasagna but hey...it was the only food i ate for the day ( i was running on superfoods drinks and hemp protein drink given to me earlier) the apetite..im losing it and i really dnt want to :( like i said earlier...think its the mental block i have thats messing up my chi!)

So dinner!! i went to Capetown Fish Market.

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