...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...




Yez I told u I was an angel! After my date, I drove to my friends house coz I promised I would colour her hair..this gurl has a whole lotta hair no joke..and it's actually reallllly bushy and afroish!! And I had to colour it, blow-dry and press it straight!

U can't really see the proper colour it came out to be but it was there really nice honey brown..I used bleach powder to lift the colour more since her hair is naturally very dark..

The pics kinda scary innit..looks like the ring!! Hahahaa...what I friend I am..I was doing her hair till 2.30am and I had work in the morning on top of that! But she has got the longest afro hair I have ever seen..it's gorgeous! All natural..when I see her hair..makes me not wanna cut mines..

Oh my battle scars..burnt my arm as I was pressing her hair with my gHDs :(

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