...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



YOOOO!! Uno what...my life isn't even that interesting right now to write about lol!! i was gna write bout yday, i worked at 2 different locations and then went to have dinner with a friend but how lame is tht to read right?!?!! like everyone works and eats afterwards!! And straight up today..im workin till 8 this evening and probably do sumfin random afterwards! lameeeee!! but hey..its saturday and i dont even think of it as party night anymore..coz i work both days on the weekend O_o

Saturday at high st kensington is sorta reuniting with the other reps day...i see alot of familar faces in this place...but at the same time..my company has done this big deal with this company so i have to be on point and bascially keep it sweet to the managers...greattt!! oh oh if u feel crappy today in london because its cold and drizzling... look at this pic..it'll make u feel better ;)

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