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Dear Blog...

Dear Blog... I know i havent been talk to u much lately... kinda just been out n about randomly thinkin it aint worth tellin u about it coz u never seem to have an opinion anyways lol!!

But yea this week as u know, i've been workin 6days a week..kinda got me down right exhausted..but only when i wake up and finish work... right up from sat to monday after work i'd jam with my 2 home gurls B and D (D because u've always been a D rather than S to me :p) and i do have so much jokez with them...even one morning 1 of the kids stuck his foot in my neck..i was like.. O_o i so cant sleep with kids climbin n hittin me whiles i sleep...think i might be cool not to have children anytime soon...not ready for the sleepless nights n the crying O_O lol!

Monday i was at high st kensington, bumped into loadssa people i knew that day!! And i ended up chillin wid my rasta man nathan n hes boy who was actually obsessed with/..wait for it.... HELLO KITTY!! O_o anyways, it was odd but kinda cool...n no he was no homo.. :p

Tuesday i spent the whole day workin at fitness first in camden... i have to say...compared to Reebok Sports Club...this was soo not my idea place of work...but hey..smelly and odd people need love and nutrition aswell..n i actually bumped into an old colleague i used to work with there who actually tried to sign me up to the gym itself O_o no way!! haha... Had a jammage with sammi after at vinyl eatin sushi we got for free ;) and then anime night wid shinami kun... one piece is my favourite anime atm :)

Uno what blog..i got today off.. 4 days of a month is quite mad... n i shud do sumfin good today..but the weather is ewww...the only think i look forward to goin today is church later :) so yea..not much goin on wid me..but at least u'll never forget... or at least..the future me never forgets :) x

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