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Killin time in apple..

Hey guys.. I'm just in Apple store right now... actually.. i've had a few problems with my mac lately so i wanted to get it checked out in case my baby dies on me and all my life is lost for good!! Gosh i need to invest in a super terrabyte external harddrive!!

So it seems to be all good and workin now..the people in this store are sooo nice!! one guy carried my work suitcase for me whiles walkin me to my appointment at the genius bar!! :) 

So let me update on my day... I worked in wigmore st today, to be honest i'm pretty terrified of the manaer there because he is emotionless and quite hitler scary because he gives me the vibes that he hates me... :s but everyones says thats just him..and actually..he was quite nice to me today..maybe coz i didn't dare leave the shop floor coz he might get pissed or sumfin!! 

The weather was nice today...quite warm and sunny and i had my lunch in the park...finished early today so i walked to the apple store to get my mac fixed!  and ermm yea, thats it.. pretty boring huh? thats why i dnt blog about work or anyfin no more...my job isn't exciting other than if i meet an extraordinary character!!

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