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Summer tunes 2011 for sure!!

Hey you guys must know that im not a huge party animal but i must try to party at least once a month just to balance out the energy i needa shook it out when i hear awesome tune!! haha!! I so wanna battle my friend Sam on the dance game on her kinetic xbox 360... soo fun and shes had practiceee!!

Anyways uno when summer comes, there are always a few hits that sorta become that song that makes you think of that time, and that years... well i bet you any money these 3 song will be ones of them... When i hear them, i just wanna skank it out and thats weird coz i already feel too old to party!! lol jkz!! i have so much antioxidants in me i dont think i'll ever feel like i cant keep up with the kids of this day and age!! haha!!

So check out what i'm gonna be putting on repeat if you ever sit in my car or see my drive past this summer :D

Its abit of a dirty song actually...one of them 'hungry boys' songs for them horny dudes :D but i really love the whole tune!!its says jump n party like its the end of the world to me!! :D

You guys know i loveeeeeeeee Nicki Minaj!!! She is sooo awesome, her flow is ridiculous and i just think shes so iconic..like the female eminiem.. and i've never really liked female rappers untill she stepped up the game :D If you're new to Nickis music, youtube Monsters by kanye west and fast forward to her verses..she just makes everyone of of them big named rappers look stupid!! :D

I just love the beats fast and my basss down lowww!! haha...

Guys if you don't like my music taste... Errmmmm.. So what??! haha!! I love all kinds of music and these are the ultimate party tunes this summer trust me...and i don't watch the music scene religiously!! enjoy xxx

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