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The Best D.i.Y Face mask!!

One of my favourite mottos is "Sharing is Caring!!" :D that why i felt to tell all my dudes and dudettes about my favourite homemade mask remedy!

1stly, one thing u gotta know about me... I quite passionate about skincare and natural beauty products.. i dunno, I've worked in the natural health industry for about 6 years now so you can imagine right!! Anyways, one thing i was always really good at was giving people advice on what to use for their skin types and what foods and active ingredients help with what... Customers would remember me and thank me later about how my advice has benefitted them! :D makes me happy :D

So i wanna share one of my favourite masks that i love and so should you once you tried it! And its retty inexpensive!!
drum rolll plz.....


Thats right, make ur breakfast and put a tablespoon of it on your face whiles you're at it!! LOL! Jus leave it to dry and when it has, wash off... it does calm redness, moisturise, re hydrates and is very soothing and healing!! 

Whiles at work, i'm always recommending my home beauty tips to customers and its been lovely to see them come back and thanking me for my lil random tips!! I take no credit for it tho, what i learn from others, i pass on if i think its awesome n this mask was one of them!! One girl had acne n rosacea n she tried it with added porridge oats n she was amazed!! :D acne went n redness went down n her skin was so soft!!

I STILL solely believe true skincare comes from within... Healing foods, water and quality supplementation will help you more n the long run! so don't just eat crap n buy expensive creams!!

Good Luck!! :) x

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