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Update/ Deadline over for the term!

After an intensive 2 months of project work, i finally submitted it and got to sleep like normal hours!!! but its weird, i haven't gotten back to normal.. its been two months of working day and night and staying awake as much as i can just to do my best in this project... and even then i don't think i actually did my best... the best ideas come to me towards the end of the project so rush rush rush as usual!! I am just so happy to have finished... i didn't do the project to the extent that i aimed to for myself but apparently i hid it well and it wasn't too noticeable during my presentation of the project!! I can probably say that i definitely didn't do as well as i did in my last two projects but honestly this was a much harder, technical project that i challenged myself with so as long as i pass and don't have to fail... i'm happy!! ( well... not really.. i aim high so nothing lower than a B then i'm really happy lol! if i did get lower than a B, i will work harder next term for sure!)

So what am i doing now? I really lack a proper social life!! Like i remember an ex boyfriend never having time because of his studies and its so true!! Especially if you are not dragging your feet in this course and actually want to do your best... I literally have no time for a relationship even if it presented itself to me.. just the wrong timing for my lifestyle now... I remember back when i really did mess up with my studies because of relationships and it just proves to me now its not worth the hassle, i don't have enough skills to balance even my good friendships now :( since i submitted my major project, i've only met up 1 friend, spent a whole day at church, went to one gathering and one sleepover! and even through all that i'm still doing assignment work and worrying about what i need to complete... workaholic much right??

OMG SOOO TIRED!!! zzzzzzzz goodnight beautiful people xxx

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