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The Team Talk!

So today i went to church and i was really inspired by the talk given by Ben.. hes not a pastor or anything, just someone who is really passionate about God! And he was talking about recieving a team talk just before you go out into the game, the pitch, the world...  Like when you team leader gives you encouraging words and you get all pumped up to do your best when you break huddle! lol... he talk was sooo inspirational!! I loved it sooo much!! I won't go into it too much, because alot was based on scripture and examples lead by God talking to Joshua, Jesus talking to his diciples,  Paul speaking to the Ephesians... but he was pretty much telling us that if you want to make a difference in the world, what are you waiting for..why wait for others to do it... Be the movement and lead by being the example to everyone else!! I am pretty much the only Christian at my workplace.. in uni... i am 1 of 2 in my class of 90 odd people.. ( thank God i found a sister inmy class now... it has made life alot nicer knowing someone understands my way of life!) but i guess i am not making much of a movement in terms of preaching etc... I kinda don't want to be some bible basher to people because when i wasn't a christian.. i really hated those people lol!! But in my day to day life... there are things that i can do more to show that i am a child of God... to be a reflection of Christ.. Just things like serve others in your work, school and home life... show them what a real christian is suppose to be like when you life is filled with the love of the king of kings... :)

I really do try to be a nice person in general... and much of the time, i do it without realising... Sure i get taken advantaged of... and yeah people treat me bad because im too nice... but im finding the balance... i might justify cutting people out my life if after given a year, they still haven't changed their ways or have apologised or had any reflection or remorse... need i waste my energy on people like that... they drain me lol!!

So yeah.. this is my mini team talk... sharing is caring.... be the best that u can be and show the world how truely awesome you can be towards mankind.. and if ur actually some selfish, mean and bitter and negative bastard person naturally... CHANGE! That is all.

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