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Adventure Time!!!

Ello readers! It's been awhile!! :) The last you heard from me was that i was swamped with studied to even continue blogging daily like i used to.. and.. it hasn't changed lol! Well after i went to italy to visit loads of design studios and factories but also have fun and enjoy florence and rome too, i did my last term for the year and actually did quite well for my expectations! I ended the year on a high note...

Then during july, august and september, i decided to take 3 months off work ( for those who don't know, i'm a part time receptionist at virgin) to work in design and do some traveliling to get inspired for my final dissertation topic!

So i worked in concert halls and arenas, building stage and making props for the events.. i would staple stuff till my hands blistered, feet blistered from walking.. painting, drilling, sanding, glue gun burns, u name it.. it was hard work! but i did enjoy it alot! i had a good team with me :)

then came to travelling, i decided to travel south east asia and i am sooo glad i did! :) I had the most amazing experiences, the most amazing people and food, cultures and stories!! i made alot of friends that i can call for life... and my very own adventure time buddy for life!! we always had the best times!! i can cross off alot of things on my bucket list just because of this summer! :)

I would reccommend to anyone to go to cambodia, vietnam, laos and thailand!! it will be the most amaazing thing u ever did for yourself. :p

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