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One of those Sex and the City lunches!!

This is probably the most legendary of lunches for me, I gather with these two manyaks like once a year for this epic lunch together and it is just soo awesome I don't want it to end!! :D Just like sex and the city, we just eat,talk and have non stop comedy between us till our jaws are hurting from all the laughing!! :D I've gone all vegan on my lunch dates with my friends because I'm fasting for lent but that really didn't stop me from going for veggies during dim sum lunch and having herbal tea whiles they pig out on Patisserie Valerie and enjoy this rich foods :p We even rocked it out playin some pool and fuzball... I have learnt how to play better now so i wooped ass today too :p I was just too happy we finally all got together!! :D friendships are the best aren't they!!?! I have so many circles of friends and each and so awesome in their own way...because I'm in those circles innit :p hahahahha


Stanwong said...

Oh that is cool...My previous girlfriend was vegan and I used to go vegan for the day whenever I saw her :) it was good but I think the waiters/waitresses get a bit frustrating when you ask whats in each dish on the menu lol :/.....but then some people are really nice.....once the chef specifically made us something vegan cause there wasnt much vegan food in buffet and it ended up tasted even better knowing how kind he was :p

Unknown said...

yea its actually not that hard for me so far!! I love my fruit and veg so i have no problems there and i've actually had really yummy vegan lunches and dinners this week!! abit tricky at home tho,i have to cook for one...and my mom made PHO today and i can't have any.. thats like my kryptonite >>_<<" lol!