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My CNY eve ^_^

OMG it was so fun today!! probably the most fun i've had since i was young!! I didn't expect any family to show up but 1 family did and we shared our pre new years dinner with them.. Man it was a feast!!! There was so much food and we had like 6 lobsters... Wish i took a pic, it was so epic lol! After the dinner, we played loadsa games of Big Two... If you're Viet/Chino i'm sure you must know this card game... but yea, i was taught at  very young age how to play and the rules is whoever wins gets to draw on the losers face!! :D I got to draw loadsa times because i was winning but then again i ended up looking like a Goompa with Think angry eyebrows draw on me, a mustache and a tongue hangin off my bottom lip!! O_o try to picture it!! xD It was so funny, i made my sisters look like a Hitler and a easter bunny!! :D and i got to draw on my auntys face..one big black eye!! :D

We went to a buddist temple just before midnight to cross over to the new year with all the blessings and luck oriental people like cling onto when we celebrate CNY... To be honest, it was a first experience for me... i have never done anything like this before, and i didnt even believe in all the supersticious stuff but i did it for fun because everyone thinks i'm so bad luck that this is the cure to all my problems...so i went with it :) but it really was fun!!!

we were giving a raffle ticket at entrance... people were standing and praying...then they called out the prize numbers... my cousin won one.. i didn't win anything :(..but having said that, i was getting awesome luck instead!! :D We basically got fed and watered very very well there... we had to collect a blessed piece of paper thats suppose to protect me, i got a bag with a mandarin and a bag of rice that said "luck" on it then we had to walk out of the temple to leave the old year and walk in a circle round the whole building touching signs with the luck characters on them... my aunt was stressing that i had to rub myself on them so i literally rubbed them like a lamp!! :D when we finished rubbing the gold characters (there was 18 and we had to rub them all!!O_O) we had to light incense, go back into the temple and ask for blessings for all the individual big statues like buddha and all the other 'Monkey Magic' characters ( i donno their names, i just used to watch the movies as a kid) and then back outside to leave the incense outside with the Mushu guardian dragon thing... then go back in for a red envelope and loads of food as we celebrated!! i even got a Cantaloupe melon!!! :D sorry for no pictures..i'm using a crappy old phone where picture sending is impossible at the moment O_o

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