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Best hot chocolate everrrrrr!!

This is really funny but after I left apple store, I forgot where I parked my car..I was like walkin around for like 30mins going everywhere!! I did loosely arrange to meet up with a friend this evening but figured its getting late n i'm all trampy n hooded up, i don't meet ppl up look like this-4real it was my day off from lookin polished n bang on point :p..but guess what..it was crazy wen i found out aswell but he called n we found out we was in the exact same area!! like 1 road away!! Apparently his new gym was here..actually i walked past it 5 times lookin for my car!! How crazy is that tho?!! Twas meant to beeee! Lol!!
So after I found my car, I dumped my mac n bags in it and went for a drink wid my mate..we went to this awesome place which is like a cinema/bar/cafe place in soho..and he introduced me to the most amazing hot chocolate ever!! It had baileys in it too!! :D
I would tell u where it is but I don't want overcrowding so msg me if u actually do wanna find this place :p

Anyways it was really nice catchin up wid my awesome friend..he's so awesome at everything, best of luck to him when he starts his boy group...hes overwhelmingly talented n everything he told me just made me go wow coz hes a hippy too! Had to say stop coz I wanna absorb all this spiritual knowledge like a student so I can remember everything... :p 

I had a cool day off today..at home now..gna really chill out with satisfaction for the rest of the night :D

Good night lovely peoples!! x

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