...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...




When life hits you hard, don't complain. Cry out loud, curse, but don't complain. You are not a victim snow...


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit, Jeniniooo ^.^
and Oh Goodness! Your hair!
I've been cutting my own hair for 5 years now and I never let anyone touch it. You're the first to actually make me think about getting my haircut from a professional >.<
Why you make me doubt myself :(

I know things will turn around soon, Jeniniooo (and I'm rarely that sure about anything). I also kind of said everything I wanted to say on your previous post so I'm trying not to repeat myself. Hehe ^.~

Unknown said...

i haven't taken a single picture since i got my haircut so don't doubt yourself rui...that pics a yr old..it just reflected my mood... i didn't do anything special or crazy to it, just got it cut and layered to grow healthly again... you're a boy, u never get split ends so cutting your own hair is a good thing...grows too fast anyways usually dont it??

why r u so sure things will turn around...because theres nowhere to go after u hit rock bottom but up?? O_o at times like these, i should stop bloggin huh? spreading some negative energy out there that i really dont want to inflict on peoples lives >_< sorry world!!

Anonymous said...

aahh >.<
I guess I just like your hair overall :) it's not like you post a picture of yourself everyday, so post any picture and, to me, it'll look like you just went through a physical metamorphosis.

I'm sure things will turn around not because you hit rock bottom, simply because you're far from rock bottom ^.~
I can walk down the street today and find a homeless person, she/he is closer to the bottom. Or go to Africa and find millions of families who has the bottom in their sight.
In your case, Jeninioo, something unfair has occurred, but you have so much left. A small object can easily block our entire view of the sun's light.
However, unfair is unfair and it will feel bad (you have to reach some serious nirvana for you to be robbed and wake up saying,"what beautiful weather". hehe :P
Anyways, the point is, all the things you have left is still waiting for you and if one day you decide to let go of what is lost and step from under that small object, you'll be in the sun again ^.^

i actually think a bit of luck hit during the event. He took your car keys but not your car. Am I the only one that thinks that's amazing?

Unknown said...

dnt think he had time to find out i had a car key in there.. it was in church afterall and that car key he stole cost me £800...dispite JUST paying for the damages that UNINSURED driver did to my actual car... and dispite being made unemployed recently....and recieving some letter from the tax man sayin i owe him half a grand of tax from 2008/09 time...O_O wth maynn....now u tell me!!!?!! BUTTTT....like u said "(you have to reach some serious nirvana for you to be robbed and wake up saying,"what beautiful weather"."its just fustrating Rui... :( i guess i should try to get over this quicker...at least i'm not dead, starving or have an incurable disease...my problems are no bigger than anyone elses...i honestly believe that...

come on the lottery!! >_<

marlocp said...

I like this just because your situation could always be worse.
Gorgeous picture :)

Anonymous said...

Your situation is a tough one to overcome Jeniniooo >.<
The stress from this alone could drive a person mad.
Yeah, I guess the lottery could help regain the lost.

And really? Back in 2008/09?? That's just greedy. They wait till it piles up before they ask for the due.

It's a lot to handle at a younger age. We all know that when we are laying in our death beds, our cars will be rusted, tax won't matter, and money can't buy more time; at that moment it's the people who are sitting next to us that matters. That's always made me feel better when something like this happens, but at our age, it's just too hard to think like that when everything around us is way too hectic. You're handling it a lot better than I if you can even find a moment to relax just enough to write about it.
Stay strong Jeniniooo ^.~
because what's more likely?
Your life takes this permanent turn and continues its path filled with unfortunate events and you constantly find yourself in debt and being robbed for the next decade.
The issues gets resolved one by one, slowly, and things settle down at one point and you find yourself able to finally relax because you overcame a few challenges of life and walked out stronger.

Unknown said...

@Marlocp- Thanks hun :)

@Rui- Thank u..ur so awesome, u should always always be my agony uncle!! :D