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Avoiding HOME!

I've been keep myself away and busy.. away from all the drama at home for the past 2 days... I've AKF (away from keyboard - thank Sheldon for that term!) for 2 days to keep updated here... I don't know why, seems like coming back to resolve the conflict that is my parents... is so not appealing..O_O I've stayed at 2 different peoples houses and just filled my day giving my time and help to their families... Gosh it makes me envy what more westernised families have... See i got so upset with the fight (yea puffy eyes and all the day after)i had with my mom (even if some may think its petty! >_<) i found myself reaching for freedom even just for a couple of nights... walks along the river at night...drinking tea to myself... sleeping for hours longer than usual... picking up a guitar and playing old melodies to myself again... lame i'd tried cheering myself up huh >_<...If i did any of that at home i'd get an earful again for just not doing anything constructive...

I went to a Othodox Christmas mass till midnight during my time away (besties an othodox) went shopping, went for coffee, shared breakfast around a table of people who really do love as i am... and love eachother as a family in so many ways i wish i grew up with... (my besties mom even checked my blood pressure and blood sugar levels just because she cares about me like her daughter..) I guess i should be greatful for everyone in my life..even my own family... they'll come around... I'll find out soon... i'm off to bed now... Leading my cafe team tomo morning at church and i'm short staffed so i gotta be up early making sure everyone gets their brunch on!!

goodnight guys and dollz... i hope you have a lovelier day or night than i!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Well, Jeniniooo, obviously I don't know you on a personal level. I can't see your outrageous flaws or prodigious charms.

From what I do know, from the little things you choose to share with all of us, I honestly think you are pretty awesome t(^.^t)

Thank you for your humble generosities, your support for your community, for tumbling through the turbulence of an Asian-European house hold and walking out of it standing up.
The clash of the strong Asian culture with any other culture is a war that hits hardest in its collateral damage.

And finally on behalf of all the people who you will meet in the future, Thanks ^.^ for the smile you will surely bring unto their faces with your affability and kindness.

Eh, I sound like a fanboy. Hehe :)
but who wouldn't?

Sorry I comment on your posts in the strangest order. I just can't seem to comment on them in the order they come >.<

Unknown said...

:) i know you're trying to cheer me up Rui....and really...i appreciate your effort alot... i'm really glad you enjoy reading my blog....and in many ways, this blog helps my friend get to know me better...my family to see me beyond just a cousin etc... so if u've read alot of it, there won't be much suprise to the real thing..i wirte when im angry and depressed too..as u can see O_o

I feel really honoured that u would engage into my posts with your comments... and fanboy?!! wow i've never had a fan before!! but i don't deserve one really...I don't even have a talent to account for having a fan! >_< i wish there were more people like you really tho, my made my day abit more brighter...thank you Rui... stay awesome ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hah, silly Jeniniooo. Whether you deserve a fan or not is purely up to the fans themselves. And I think you deserve it ^.^
I'm definitely a fan of you and what you do for the community.
I tried to help you lighten up with comments on the upper two posts, but not this one. In these comments, I am just trying to show my appreciation for your character.

I forgot to do this for a while now, but I'll finally be joining your blog (following just sounds weird. "I'll be following you, yay!" just sounds like a really happy stalker)
If you're curious, you've been on my reading list for the past month or so ^.~