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Partyin 1 random night

i just did a random drive around town in the evening on sunday... i was learning where the cool and the lame hung out... where the scabicals hide... where was cool to be at... and for some reason... i was watching ALOT of bootys... its like the only thing to look at on the chicks around here... especially when they wear what they wear and their style, body and face does not make up for themselves...my gy told me its perfectly fine to think that because its the truth... the ass was all i was lookin at and i felt like a pervert!!! Some how, i ended up at st lawrence gap drinkin beer and in Mcbrides partyin on a casual level... because iw as so not dressed for it...Saw some funnnnnnnnyyy dancing!1 and some crazy people!! I got some food after and then went home... overall...its was a PEAK sunday night!! because sunday in london doesnt shout party to me... :)

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