...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



"yezzzz i like it..i lika juizeee.."

Nothing exciting happened today... alot of rude and miserable people today..

1 woman was jus non stop sayin " its juice yes? juice..for drinkin.. juice..yes i like juice..i drink..yes..what is this...yes..juice... O_o"
and i was like... tryna explain that it was superfoods juice powder..did she care?? noooo!! she jus kept saying "juice!!" to the point when she took her 2nd sample and not lookin at me...i said to her " you're really not listening to me are u? like, you're just here to tke free samples..i could be giving you poison and you wouldn't care because its free" and uno what... she wasn't even listening to me...just.... yep you've guessed it.. "yezzz..i like juiceee.." O_o 

another was like.."what iz thiz ..yes i'm listening" and then pickin up and readin other products staring at the floor..n i felt to say..."..and also madam..i'm a mouse..i'll shit in your tea!!" because i know she wasn't even listening to me yet she asked me bout my products O_o people r weird these days!!

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