...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...



I love these guys

i've known these guys since i was 16!! My 1st retail job was at GAME in croydon and although there were many that came and left this work place.. Daniel, Sekky and Sabrina ( and Georgeous whos not in the pic :( ) were the ones that i stayed really good friends with..each one was special and awesome!! Out of the lil group..i was the 1st to leave the job but i did stay in touch as much as possible.. Unique and ridiculously cool people like them don't grow on trees..and to meet them all in 1 place whiles i grew to be the person i am today...i feel so grateful these people value my friendship too :)
Azlan-Sekky-Mimi Panda-Georgous...Nothing but love for you all xxx

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