...My words fall as snowflakes... you are my paper that they land on...




They were so yummy but i still can't finish them all!!

And the card was so cute..my only card but it was awesome!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA!! xD p.s i can't believe bez wrote chinese for me!! awww..u got it right but ur handwriting is terrible xP haha. sa'll love really xx

Elvira's so sweet, she let me choose what i wanted..i got this natural perfume of tunisian jasmines coz its my favourite flower scent.. its actually amamzing..i wud go bk to tunisia, jus for the jasmines!!

My friend margret who takes me the church with her got me these books..the fragrant pharmacy because she knew how much i loved jasmines LOL!! thoughtful and awesome still :)

What birthday would it be without a lucky red pocket from the D and the M..

guess it wwas lucky money...it never allowed me to spend it!! :D

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