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Xmas season foods..

Here are jus a few snaps of the kinda foods i had around christmas that i didnt find time to upload..
Went for a 3 course fine dining dinner with my family and without even ordering any dessert..i got given this chocolate yule log..im so glad i did try it tho..it was so amazing!!
The is chinese hot pot... all the raw foods are places around a steel bowl of broth and whatever you want to eat..you put into the broth for a few minutes and then fish it out and eat it.. it's usually mainly seafood and fresh leafy greens and shitaki mushrooms...we had like silken tofu,seasoned tofu, different flavoured fish balls, squid, king prawns, vietnamese nom salad..
This is thinly sliced rolls of beef..same thing, u dip it into the broth to cook it abit and then eat it straight away...it was so tender and yummy.. ay.. food glorious food huh?!!

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Anonymous said...

I want 2 eat every single food u've posted!