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Milano... Firenze and Venice... Here i come..

I going to ITALY next week!! I am soooo excited!!! Its a trip organised by my school... we will be in milan for a week visiting the various design studios we all so admire in the world. Some of the biggest icons of design originated from Milan such as Lambohgini, Masaratti, Beretta, Alessi, Balatti etc and its an honor to get to see them on the inside for the first time in my life! I actually am pretty lucky, i entered a competition to get some of the costs for the trip funded and i was one of the winners! so its even better! :) After Milan, me and some of my friends will be going to visit Firenze and Venice also... just to make the most of this beautiful country... I have been to italy before.. and it was so lovely i know i will love every moment of it! The best part is that now... I loveeeeeee coffeee!! I've become quite a connoisseur about coffee too lol... so i can't wait to enjoy the coffee in italy... ahh the little things in life can make us so joyful.. amazing coffee!! :)

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